Does Ace Hardware Make Keys?

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You might be faced with the need of making duplicates for your keys or even cut them. There are different reasons for getting your key cut. Whatever the reason is to make sure you are using one of the best brands that offer great key cutting or key copying services. If you are looking for a good brand that you want to cut your key or get your key duplicated, then Ace Hardware offers even more than that. Have you misplaced your key to your wardrobe or a safe for your valuable and you need to cut get a key quickly to open it up, then this FAQ will help you learn more about Ace Hardware Key?

Ace Hardware is one of the largest retail companies in America that offer hardware items and offer all kinds of DIY needs, from tools for plumbing to painting. One significant aspect of the items this brand offer is cutting and duplicating of keys. So if you require that, you can reach out to the brand for help.

There are some questions you might have in your mind about this brand that you don’t have the answer to. However, you have been finding a way to get the right answers to all your questions, you don’t need to worry yourself too much now. We have highlighted the right answers to frequently asked questions about this brand.

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Does Ace Hardware Make Keys in 2022?

You can get any kind of key by requesting the service of Ace hardware key in 2022. Another exciting feature you can get with this brand is their prices for cutting standard keys. Unlike other brands, their price tags for cutting your key are less expensive. You can get your key cut within the range of $1.5 to $5 depending on the key you want to cut. The brand offers already-made keys that you might be willing to choose from, they also offer covers for your keys if you want.

This brand does not stop at cutting your key alone, they can help duplicate your keys so you can have enough spare keys for future purposes. There are a lot of fantastic things to learn about this brand, you just need to keep reading to learn more.

How Does Ace Hardware Charge to Cut Keys?

First of all, the brand offers a less expensive price tag for cutting keys. You can even pay as low as $1.5 to get your key cut. They are one of the cheapest if not the cheapest. However, there are reasons why they charge differently when you come to cut your key.

If you want to cut one side of the key, then it will be less expensive than when you are planning to cut a double-sided key. You should also know that this company has stores across the country, so the price might not be stable. Expect to get a higher price for a key that is very complex. You can even pay as high as $7 due to complexities. Cutting house keys are cheaper while cutting FOBs tends to be higher than cutting home keys.

Can I Get a Locksmith at Ace Hardware?

One of the added services of this brand is the feature of having locksmiths in all of their store locations. Are you looking at replacing your keys because you have been locked out of your house or car? Then this brand will come to your rescue because they offer re-keying services.

What you can expect is for the locksmith to provide an exact key like the former one. They will do this even without passing through stress. There are price tags for this service depending on the kind of key you want to require the service of a locksmith for.

Can I Get My Mailbox Keys Replaced Using Ace Hardware Key?

The service of a mailbox key replacement is quite different from the regular key replacement. The brand mostly offers a new lock for your mailbox. This new mailbox lock comes with its keys so you don’t need to replace the old one but change the entire lock. You will get a lock that will fit into your mailbox perfectly.

It is easy to fit the keys into your mailbox, you can quickly follow the instruction from the website. However, if you require a duplicate for your mailbox key that is simple, you can get it done when you visit the store even at a good price. They offer new locks too. You just need to select the one you want from their website.

What Types of Keys Can I Cut with Ace Hardware?

Ace hardware key offers simple and advanced key cutting services. Whatever kind of key you want to cut, they will cut it for you. Standard keys, FOBs, mailbox keys, car keys, etc are examples of some of the keys they cut. If you want to cut your house key, keys to a safety lock, or even complex keys, you don’t have to think twice because you can get it done in no time.

This brand serves as one of the approved companies in the US where you can duplicate your keys including even car keys after giving good reasons. This is for security purposes. You might want to duplicate FOBs or auto chip car keys, you don’t need to worry because Ace hardware copy is licensed to do it.

Does Ace Hardware Duplicate “A Do Not Duplicate” Key?

As tricky as it sounds, the brand can help you make a copy of the “A Do Not Duplicate” key. The main idea behind this kind of key is just a recommendation. This does not mean it cannot be copied. The store you go to can decide not to duplicate such keys. It is mostly advised you keep one copy of the Do Not Duplicate key for security purposes.

Can I Make My Car Key in Ace Hardware?

We are happy to tell you that this brand offers car key making of different models and makes. They have experts in the key making in each store that will get your key programmed and produced in little or no time. They offer both replacement or duplicate car keys. One easy step you can take to avoid disappointment, waste of time, and energy is for you to check out their website first to know if your car model is there.

On the brand’s official website, you can find a search tool where you can easily locate your local Ace store to know if they offer your car model’s key. It is easy to find out. Another amazing thing is that your car dealership might even partner with Ace Hardware to offer this service.

How Good Are the Keys Made from Ace Hardware?

It is not an easy achievement to be ranked as one of the best key-making brands in the US among numerous companies. Their prices might look fair to you but this brand offers very wide key-making services compared to other companies. There is a higher success rate of getting any key service when you come to Ace hardware.

If you are looking at the price and the value comparison, then you should know that the value of the service you get is higher than the price tag for each service. The brand offers valuable keys.

Can I Get Accessories for My Keys at Ace Hardware?

Key accessories always make keys look very stylish and beautiful. Sometimes they are used for storage. This brand offers key chains and key accessories such as rubber covers. Whatever print and color you want, you can get it with Ace Hardware key. The reason why this brand offers a very wide selection of key accessories is that they know keys are personal items to people.

How Long Will I Have to Wait to Get My Keys Copied?

Cutting and making duplicates for your keys are two different things and require different time frames. When you use the service of Ace Hardware key, you will get the service of a professional locksmith who will use an average time of 5 minutes to get the accurate duplicate for your standard keys. However, complicated keys require more attention and skills. When you want to duplicate a complex key, the locksmith can take an average time of 25 minutes to carry out this perfect job.

Can I Get Restricted Keys When I Buy from Ace Hardware?

The main feature of a restricted key is to provide ultra-strong protection and control to your lock. Ace hardware keys also offer restricted keys. You can find the available types of locks and keys on their website.

How Much to Program Special Keys Like FOB with Ace Hardware Key?

It is more expensive to program special keys such as FOBs. So when you contact this brand to know how much they are likely to charge, you should put in mind that it cost more to program FOB keys. The typical range of programming such keys is between $55 and above. This depends on the kind of FOB you want to program.

Can I Re-key the Normal Lock with Ace Hardware Key?

Unlike the mailbox lock, you can get your regular lock re-keyed with Ace Hardware Key. Before you start the process, you should try to contact their store closet you via their website to know if they offer the lock re-key service.

After making confirmation that your local Ace Hardware store offers the re-key service, you will need to take the lock along with you. don’t forget to carry the keys too because the locksmith will request them before the process can be started. If you are bringing a lock from your doors, you will need to remove the lock from your door.

Simple re-keying of your lock will take about $10 after the locksmith must have examined your lock at the local Ace Hardware store when you bring it. There are different brands of key locks that can be re-keyed by Ace Hardware key. Some of them are Kwikset, Ace brand, Schlage, etc.

Does Ace Hardware Key Offer Accessories to Help Customers Re-key at Home?

Aside from the services of key cutting, duplicating, re-keying, etc. The brand also offers accessories that can help their customers re-key their locks even at home. These accessories come in form of kits. You can get these kits on their website at different prices because some key brands are tagged top-rated. Some of them are Kwikset metal re-keying kit 1 pack, Kwikset metal smart re-keying kit 1 pack, etc.

Can I Buy Locks from Ace Hardware?

There are situations when you don’t want to duplicate, cut, or even re-key your lock and you require a new lock. You can shop for the new lock with Ace Hardware Key. You can order online from their website or take a walk to any of their stores and buy a new one. There are some familiar brands of locks you can get from Ace Hardware Key. They are generally not expensive.


Not all companies offer a very wide variety of key services. From key cutting to key duplicating, and even lock re-keying are all offered by this brand. One good thing about the brand is that their prices are very fair yet they offer fantastic services to their customers. If you have issues with your lock, you are already sure to get the solution to your key within a very short period.

From standard house keys and locks to complex such as car keys, FOB, and many more kinds of keys are programmed, cut, duplicated, and re-keyed. They are licensed by the government. With the answers provided to all the questions asked about this brand, you don’t need to do much because you know more about this brand. You can just locate an Ace Hardware store around you and get all the key services you require.

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