1972 Silver Dollar Value (Here's The Truth!)

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The 1972 silver dollar was the second version of Eisenhower dollars. These coins have value as both numismatic and silver bullion making them highly prized by collectors. If you have a 1972 silver dollar, you may ask yourself, how much is it worth?

Typically, the 1972 silver dollar value ranges from anywhere between a few cents over face value to thousands of dollars. Before determining its value, you'll be required to know the type of 1972 Eisenhower dollar you have, its grade, and rarity, among other factors. Keep reading to learn more about the 1972 silver dollar coins and their possible value on the market.

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History of the 1972 Silver Dollar

The Eisenhower dollars, also known as the Ike dollar, were released by the US mint from 1971 to 1978 in honor of the late former President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The 1972 silver coins were produced as uncirculated and proof coins. However, not every 1972 Eisenhower dollar is a silver coin.

Of the 170 million Eisenhower dollars in 1972, only 2 million were silver, with the rest being copper-nickel clad. It is quite easy to differentiate between the two as the silver coins look shinier and weigh more. While the 1972 silver dollar coins were not released for general circulation, some were used in the casinos on the west coast of the United States.

Since most of the 1972 silver dollar coins are available in uncirculated condition, collectors consider them unique and interesting, making them even more precious.

How to Identify the 1972 Silver Dollar

Designed by Frank Gasparro, the 1972 silver dollar is one of the most desirable coins. Here are the features to help you identify 1972 Silver Dollar coins.

The Obverse of the 1972 Silver Dollar

The obverse (heads) of the 1972 Silver Dollar features a portrait of former president Dwight D. Eisenhower. Apart from coins minted in Philadelphia which don't have a mint mark, the obverse side also carries a mint mark. Coins minted in Denver have a D mint mark, while those from San Francisco have an S. You'll also see the word 'Liberty' and the motto 'In God we trust' inscribed into the coin.

The coin's obverse side can also have various variations depending on the type of 1972 dollar coin you have. For example, the Type 3 coins have stronger furrows on Eisenhower's neck and crisper detail on his hair. It also has a Peg Leg on the R in Liberty.

The Reverse Side of the 1972 Silver Dollar

The reverse side of the coin features the image of an eagle landing on the moon. The eagle carries an olive branch in its claws, conveying its peaceful intentions. Behind it, looms a small image of the planet Earth. This symbolizes its role as a protector and guardian of our world.

The image is surrounded by stars and the words "United States of America" above it and "One dollar" below it. You'll also see the Latin motto "E pluribus unum," which means "From the many, one."

By analyzing the reverse side of your coin, you can determine the type of 1972 silver dollar you have. These differences include the following:

Factors Influencing the Value of the 1972 Silver Dollar

There are various factors that can influence the value of a 1972 Silver Dollar. They include:


The rarity of a 1972 silver dollar significantly influences its value. Typically, the US government decided on the number of coins that remained uncirculated. These coins are rarer and in excellent condition, which makes them more valuable. Additionally, there are some coins that are highly sought after by collectors but scarce in supply. Coins with errors are also highly valuable due to their errors and uniqueness. Typically, the value of circulated 1972 silver dollar coins may range from $8 to $20.

The coin's weight in silver

Different 1972 Silver Dollars have different silver content. Therefore, the coin's weight in silver could determine its value. This means that a coin with more silver content is more valuable. For example, in 2005, the auction for a 1972 silver dollar was $5750.This coin has both a center with silver content and is clad in silver. Its outer layers have 80% silver and 20% copper, while the center of the coin has 79% copper and 21% silver. Its high silver content makes it more valuable.

Coin stickers

It's also important to note that the presence of stickers can increase the overall value of a coin. Therefore, coins with stickers like CAC and MAC can be more valuable to collectors.


The grade of a coin that defines its condition plays an important role in determining the 1972 silver dollar's value. Depending on the condition of the coin, a 1972 coin can be graded as follows:

1972 Eisenhower Dollar Errors

Since there are only a few 1972 silver dollars with errors, this makes them unique and rare hence more valuable. Some of the errors on 1972 Silver Dollar coins include:

Generally, if you have a coin with a specific rare error, then you are in for a fortune. For example, a 1972 silver dollar graded MS66 by the NGC, and with a double die error on the reverse, can be worth $100, while those with doubling on both sides, but graded MS65, have a value of $55.

If you have a proof coin graded PR69DCAM (deep cameo) with doubling on the obverse side, you may sell it for $500. Additionally, a 1972 silver dollar with clipped planchets can have a value ranging from $31 to $100.

1972 Silver Dollar Value

The US mint produces various types of 1972 silver dollars whose value varies among collectors. Here is a summary of the value of the different 1972 silver dollar coins.

1972 Eisenhower Silver Dollar Value Chart

Type Circulated MS 63 MS 65 PR 65 PR 67
Type 1 1972 $5 $16 $95 N/A N/A
Type 2 1972 $40 $125 $1920 N/A N/A
Type 3 1972 $6.65 $23 $153 N/A N/A
1972-D $2.49 $13 $20 N/A N/A
1972-S - - $25 $24 $35

1972 Silver Dollar, Type 1 Value

Many of the coins minted in Philadelphia were the Type 1 variety designed for regular circulation. Most of these coins are worth a little more than their face value. However, this changes if you have uncirculated coins which are in excellent condition. If graded as MS 66, it could be worth as high as $7745.

1972 Silver Dollar, Type 2 Value

Type 2 coins are quite rare, and if you find one in any condition, it will be worth a fortune. In circulated conditions, Type 2 coins can go for about $40. Those graded as MS63 can be worth between $75 and $150, while those graded as MS65 can be worth more than $1900.

1972 Silver Dollar, Type 3 Value

Type 3 silver dollars in circulated condition can be worth a little more than their face value. However, if you find those in the finest condition, they can be worth more than $150. The PCGS has graded the best-known Type 3 coin in MS66+ condition, which sold at auction in July 2022 for $5,880 - setting a new benchmark for this particular type of coin.

1972 D Silver Dollar Value

These are coins that were minted in Denver. In circulated conditions, they aren't worth more than their face value. They can go for under $20 even if they are MS63 graded. Though very rare, 1972 D coins graded MS66 are more valuable and can be between $50 and $550.

1972 S Silver Dollar Value

While these coins were never intended for circulation, they are not worth as much as you think. These coins were destined for collectors and therefore stored carefully. This makes it easy to find them in the highest quality possible with a price range of less than $50. But, an amazing bid of $5,750 was made for a 1972 S silver dollar in 2005.


The 1972 Eisenhower dollar coins, even when in circulated condition, can be worth a fortune. By this point, we hope you have learned everything you need to know about the 1972 silver dollar value. These coins are worth adding to your collection as their value is expected to keep rising with the ever-increasing demand for Eisenhower dollars.

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