Family Dollar Complaints: Common Types and How to Make One

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Explore Family Dollar complaints, common issues customers face, and effective methods to address your concerns with the company. Learn how to navigate their customer service for optimal resolution

Family Dollar is one of the popular low-price retailers most shoppers prefer to shop at. The retailer offers a wide range of household essentials, electronic appliances, toys, gifts, and holiday decorations at affordable prices. The company is known for providing quality products that are not only affordable but also reliable.

However, like any other retailer, Family Dollar receives a fair share of customer complaints. From faulty products to poor customer service, Family Dollar is not immune to such problems. Here are some of the common Family Dollar complaints and how to file one should you have a complaint against any of their products.

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Common Types of Complaints at Family Dollar

When shopping at Family Dollar, you might experience different problems depending on whether you are shopping in-store or online. Here are some of the common complaints:

In-store Shoppers

Online Shoppers

Online shoppers have not been spared from the various types of complaints that plague Family Dollar stores. Some customers have experienced problems while shopping online, such as:

Even though complaints are there, Family Dollar addresses the problems as soon as they come up to guarantee their customers a smooth shopping experience.

How to File a Complaint Against Family Dollar?

There are several ways to make a complaint against Family Dollar;

What You Need to Know About Family Dollar Company

Family Dollar is a discount retailer offering a wide range of products and services. Here's what you need to know about this retailer;

Ownership and Management

The Family Dollar company started operations in 1959 under Leon Levine as the founder. Currently, Dollar Tree organization owns the company. At the helm of leadership is Howard Levine, the current CEO/president leading a labor force of about 60,000 employees.


Family Dollar has an online store making it easy to shop from the comfort of your home. You can also find Family Dollar in malls, gas stations, and convenience stores. The company operates in over 8,000 stores across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Competitors and Pricing

This chain store faces stiff competition from other retail stores, including Walmart, Dollar General, and E-mart. Even with the tough competition, Family Dollar still offers the best prices for non-food items like health and beauty products, apparel, and household goods compared to Walmart and other stores.

Return Policy

Family Dollar offers a customer satisfaction guarantee and in-store exchange within 30 days of purchase. To get a full refund, customers must present the original receipt. Otherwise, the refund will be based on the lowest advertised price of the returned item. Food items returned without a receipt will only be exchanged with other food products; no refund!

Overall Customer Reviews

The retailer has an average consumer rating of 2.1 from 66 customer reviews. In a nutshell, most customers are not happy with Family Dollar.


Just like any other retailer, Family Dollar receives numerous complaints. To maintain a positive reputation and customer base, Family Dollar constantly seeks ways to resolve genuine customer complaints. And to make it easy for customers to complain, the retailer is reachable through 1-877-530-TREE (8733), social media pages, or by filling out an online contact form. You can raise your complaint through the floor supervisor or store manager when shopping in-store.

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