Wild Alaskan Company Review: Is It The Best Seafood Delivery Box?

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If you're a seafood lover, don't miss Wild Alaskan Company, especially in this time of the epidemic. Wild Alaskan Company offers the best wild-caught seafood. So you can enjoy delicious food without leaving home.

The love for seafood has grown big over the years. Before now, seafood has not been a very common type of food enjoyed by a lot of people. As a result of the general acceptance of seafood in the world, a lot of people are beginning to place high demand for seafood. There are a lot of restaurants that specialize in offering seafood for their customers.

However, the problem with this option is the fact you will have to go to the restaurants for a treat. Unlike the usual food where you can sit in the comfort of your home and received your order. It is quite difficult with seafood. This review will bring to you one of the leading brands that can help you actualize your craving for seafood even in the comfort of your home.

Wild Alaskan Company is a start-up that offers sustainable seafood, and wild-caught seafood in the form of subscriptions. This means that customers have to subscribe before they can enjoy this service. You might find it difficult to go about with Wild Alaskan Company, this is why you need to read this review to get all the necessary information about this brand and it will help you know if the brand is true or not.

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Wild Alaskan Company Review

Wild Alaskan Company is a brand that offers subscriptions basically for sustainable and wild-caught seafood. Their services make it very easy for customers to eat seafood even in the comfort of their homes. They offer boxes where you can get seafood such as white fish, and salmon, they can mix the both, etc. The brand has gained a lot of popularity and recognition, this is as a result of its influence internationally.

Places like The Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest, Well Good and so many of them like that. This brand was founded in Alaska by Arron Kallenbrun, the year for the founding was not received by the review. He was moved to start up this firm because he has studied that most seafood was imported into the US, so he had to set up a company that will try to compete and also deliver quality.

This review has done research on the customer review and rating, the reasons why we like using this brand, the pros and cons of Wild Alaskan Company, the promos, discounts, how to go about with their subscription, and how to contact the brand for more information, etc.

Wild Alaskan Company Pros

Wild Alaskan Company Cons

Why We Like Wild Alaskan Company

You can get access to their seafood when you subscribe to a plan. You are either to receive your shipment on the 12 boxes plan or the 24 boxes plan. You can also get some special boxes called the wild salmon box, wild combo box, and wild white fish box. When you subscribe for the 12 boxes, you will have to pay for the shipping while free shipping for the 24 boxes. You can also mix the wild salmon box and the wild white fish box.

Customers Review

Just to give you a better knowledge of what happens behind the scenes of this brand and what customers are saying about this brand. We were able to come up with a tangible review of customers' ratings for this brand. The feedback documented for this brand is a result of successful research carried on for this brand. Their brand has good positive reviews from high-ranking review websites. If you check on the company’s Facebook page, you will see that the brand has been rated very high. However, the review was not pleased by only that place. Critical research was extended to the top review website.

I made use of the Trust pilot as my main review website to know the thoughts and feelings of a customer for this brand. There is a 3.8-star rating for this brand on the Trust pilot with over 70% excellent remarks. The review was based on the fish, seafood, the brand, return policy, exchange policy, and shipping policy. This brand was still judged using other factors.

When I came across this brand, my love of seafood increased because I could sit in the comfort of my home and still get my seafood delivered to me intact and very fresh. My husband has reserved some money for seafood.

Sign Up for Wild Alaskan Company

The way to access this brand’s product is to subscribe for their seafood, you can do so through these steps

Does Wild Alaskan Company sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found Wild Alaskan Company on Amazon.

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Is Wild Alaskan Company Worth It?

Knowing that customers are more than okay with this brand is a boost to your interest in this brand. I will recommend this brand for your patronage because of some nice features this brand possesses. Firstly, the brand has been able to offer service bringing seafood to your doorstep with little or no effort. You know how difficult it is to keep seafood fresh.

This brand has made it look like an easy task. You can enjoy the fact that the brand has a lot of positive reviews from its customers. They offer free shipping when you subscribe for the 24 packs. The brand is legit as far as I am concerned and I am recommending it.

Wild Alaskan Company Discounts

The brand has made use of discounts and promos are going on every time. Subscribe and enjoy

Wild Alaskan Company Contact

For more information and inquiry beyond this review, you can reach the brand through the following


Q. What is the return policy of Wild Alaskan Company?

If you are a first-time customer and because of one reason or the other you do not like the box, you can request a full return and you will get a full refund. However, if you have been a customer for a while, you can ask for a refund within 7 days. If you have been a customer the brand can either refund you, send a replacement, or credit you back. They will ask for a picture of why you want a refund which is a normal thing to do to avoid people just claiming wrongly. You will have to contact their customer care service.

Q. How do I ship with Wild Alaskan Company?

When you place an order to get your box from Wild Alaskan Company, you can receive your shipment after one week. Then after your first shipment, expect to get all your shipment to arrive on the same date. You will have the order packed with compostable insulation packs. Using this pack will always keep your box very fresh till it arrives. When you order the 12 packs, you will have to pay $10 and free shipping for 2 packs.

Q. Can I cancel my Wild Alaskan Company subscription?

One good thing with this Wild Alaskan Company subscription plan is that you can cancel it at any given time. Just make sure you do it before your next billing time is confirmed and shipped. You can send an email to the customer service team to help you cancel.


Not just ordering seafood alone, another problem you can encounter is how to make a great dish out of it. Wild Alaskan Company offers a lot of information on different recipes for you to use when cooking. They send your shipment in great packaging that maintains the freshness of your seafood. This review will help you make a nice decision.

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