Where Can You Use Target Gift Cards? (All You Need to Know)

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Gift cards are a fantastic way to send someone a gift without figuring out what they may like or want. Nowadays, gift cards can be purchased for nearly everything, including clothing, accessories, food, drinks, and experiences. So, where can you use Target gift cards? Read on to find out.

Target is a well-known American retail store that sells a wide variety of products ranging from groceries and electronics to clothing and home products. The firm has approximately 1,800 locations in the United States, making it one of the country's largest retailers. Target gift cards are available in values ranging from $5 to $500 and may be used to purchase products in-store and online. Target provides a variety of gift cards, including Mobile Target GiftCards, Target gift cards, and physical Target GiftCards, which make excellent presents for loved ones.

You may use up to 10 gift cards per order when shopping with a Target gift card. The cards do not expire and do not lose value over time, so you may wait for a good offer before using them. Continue reading to learn more about where Target gift cards can be used, including whether Amazon accepts target gift cards and much more.

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Where Can You Use Target Gift Cards

You can save money at your favorite store with Target GiftCards. But you might be curious about where else they can be used. As of 2022, Target GiftCards may be used at Target stores and on Target.com. However, Target GiftCards may also be used in a variety of locations outside Target stores. For instance, as long as the business is located within Target, you may use them at CVS, Target Optical, and Starbucks. Target GiftCards aren't accepted at Walgreens, Walmart, Home Depot, or Amazon.

Does Amazon Accept Target Gift Cards?

As of 2022, Target gift cards cannot be used to make Amazon purchases since gift cards may only be used at the store to which they are tied. Target gift cards are limited to Target, just as Amazon gift cards are exclusive to Amazon. You might try exchanging your Target gift card for one that would offer you an Amazon gift card or cash in exchange. Therefore, gift cards bought from Amazon and Target may only be used on the websites of the relevant retailers.

Why Is Target Gift Card Not Accepted On Amazon?

Amazon only accepts Amazon gift cards when checking out and placing an order. Gift cards from Visa and Mastercard may also be used, although they appear as credit cards. Since the gift card was specifically created for use on the Amazon website, its value cannot be transferred from Amazon to other stores like Target. If this happened, Amazon would not get the money it was owed. So, in the same way that you can only use Amazon gift cards on Amazon.com, you can only use Target gift cards on Target.com and in Target stores.

How Can I Buy A Target Gift Card?

It's simple to buy a Target gift card, whether you're shopping online, using the Target app, or at the checkout. Gift cards are usually sold near the checkout counters at most stores that sell them. You can usually find a rack of gift cards at the checkout counter at major retailers like Safeway and Kroger, making it simple to add to your purchase at the last moment. The following options may be used to purchase a Target GiftCard online:

Follow these steps to purchase a physical Target GiftCard, a mobile Target GiftCard, or a Target eGiftCard from Target.com:

Can A Target Gift Card Be Used Online?

Target eGift cards can be used both in-store and online. The physical Target gift card has a digital counterpart known as an eGift card, which may be used the same way as the physical gift card. You may use up to ten Target GiftCards or eGiftCards per purchase at Target.com's online checkout. Using a Target GiftCard to make online purchases is straightforward. Simply visit Target.com and choose the products you desire to buy. You will be required to input your gift card details during checkout. After the gift card amount has been added to your order, you may pay for any outstanding balance using another payment method. You must create a Target.com account in order to use email and mobile gift cards in-store and online.

What Can I Purchase Using My Target Gift Card?

Target Gift cards may be used in any Target store or online for purchases of any amount. Target Gift cards may be redeemed for the following, as listed on their website:

What Restrictions Apply To Target Gift Cards?

Target GiftCards cannot be used for the following:

Bottom Line

Target GiftCards are an excellent way to give the gift of shopping at one of America's most popular stores. Additionally, Target makes it simple for those who buy gift cards by enabling them to use both versions in-store and online and to add more funds as required. Target GiftCards may be purchased in-store at checkout, on Target.com, and via the Target app. They are also available at several stores, including Safeway, Kroger, and CVS. Amazon does not accept Target gift cards. Target gift cards can only be used at Target, much like Amazon gift cards can only be used at Amazon.

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