Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards? (It Is Incredible!)

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Costco is an excellent site to get gift cards, particularly if you want to save money. It is a popular option for companies and organizations that want to provide discounts to their clients. This post will explain where to buy Costco gift cards and if Amazon offers them.

Costco warehouses are well-known for their unbelievable discounts on bulk food and personal items, furniture, jewelry, electronics, and other items. However, unless you buy a yearly Costco membership, it can be difficult to reap these benefits. Where can you buy Costco gift cards? Does Amazon sell Costco gift cards? Read on to find out more.

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Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards Now?

As of 2022, Costco no longer allows the sale of Costco gift cards at any other retailer. Those without a Costco membership won't be able to buy Costco gift cards, so the company can't distribute them to third-party retailers.

Gift cards are available for purchase only by Costco members in warehouses and on the website. Costco gift Cards are only available at Costco. The gift cards can be used by anyone, even those who aren't members of Costco, and they never expire.

Can Costco Gift Cards Be Used Without a Membership?

Yes, a Costco Gift Card may be used without a membership. A Costco Gift Card allows a non-member to make purchases at any physical or online Costco warehouse. If you don't have a membership but still want to use your Costco Gift Card inside the warehouse, all you have to do is present it to the entrance attendant verifying member IDs.

Instead of purchasing a membership, parents may purchase a gift card that can be reloaded as required. Students whose parents are Costco members will benefit from purchasing a Costco Gift Card for a non-member. You can also buy a membership, goods, gas at Costco Gas Stations, and food from the Costco Food Court.

Does Amazon Sell Costco Gift Cards As Of 2022?

As of 2022, Amazon no longer sells Costco gift cards for purchase. Costco does not keep or sell these gift cards in either of its locations because Amazon is a direct competitor. Customers can instead purchase Costo gift cards from the store's warehouses and online.

Which Gift Cards Are Available To Purchase At Costco?

Even though Costco doesn't sell Amazon gift cards, there are a lot of other gift cards to choose from. Gift cards may be purchased online or in-store, with the selection changing by location and value. Costco is a store that offers a wide variety of gift cards for various categories, such as food, entertainment, and automotive services. These gift cards include the following:

At Costco, you can also purchase digital codes for game downloads and purchases, gift cards for streaming services, and app store gift cards for both the Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Can I Cash In My Costco Gift Card?

No, you cannot cash in your Costco gift card. The gift card must be used to purchase goods. Supervisors may sometimes enable you to cash out your outstanding gift card amount after purchasing something. Doing this every time you buy a Costco Gift Card is not allowed.

Can I Use My Costco Gift Card to Buy Gas?

The Costco gas station accepts gift cards, and you may use yours to pay for gas. You would replace your membership card with the gift card at the pump. Non-members may now use the Costco gas station provided they have a Costco gift card.

Do Costco Gift Cards Have An Expiration Date?

Costco Gift Cards have no expiration date and may be reloaded with cash at any Costco warehouse store. You may be entitled to a cashback when your account balance falls below a certain threshold. Costco's website allows you to check the balance on your gift card.

How Do I Check My Costco Shop Card Balance?

Costco.com allows members to check their balances. Follow these steps:

The same method may be used to check the balance of a Costco Digital Shop Card! Enter the Shop Card number and pin that you received in your email.

How Much Can I Load Onto A Costco Gift Card?

Costco gift cards are available in denominations ranging from $25 to $2,000. They may be used to buy any item in the shop or to renew a membership.

Can I Offer A Costco Membership As A Gift?

Yes. You can buy a Gift of Membership at your local Costco warehouse's register. You may also buy it online. Gold Star Membership cards may be renewed annually by the cardholder for $60. Costco memberships may be renewed or upgraded to an Executive Membership with a Gift of Membership, even if the recipient is already a current member.

Costco members may gift exclusive Memberships for $120, the cost of which is split between two "Gift of Membership" cards. The recipient can use the two gift cards to buy an Exclusive Membership. Your recipient must present their Gift of Membership card to any Costco location's membership counter. Once it's redeemed, their membership will officially begin.

Bottom Line

Gift cards from Costco are always a good choice. You may buy them in whatever quantity you choose, and they won't break the bank. They're also great at keeping track of your purchases so you can see how much of your money is available at any time.

You must be a member and physically present to buy Costco gift cards at a Costco location. The only drawback is even the Costco credit card is no longer accepted. But don't worry; you can still get what you want from their warehouse shops by purchasing gift cards online or using the eGifter or PayPal mobile apps.

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