Where Can I Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart? (Try This Instead)

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There are many places where you can buy a Walmart gift card besides Walmart. Choosing where you buy your card is important because different rules are associated with each purchase site. For example, certain online sites offer better deals than others and may have promotional pricing. Read on to find out.

Walmart gift cards are a great way to give someone something special that they want. They are great for birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions. These cards can be used at over 4,600 Walmart stores worldwide. There are many options for how you can use the Walmart gift card.

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Where Can I Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart?

Customers can buy Walmart gift cards from Sam's Club and PayPal only. This Club is owned by Walmart, the only non-Walmart store where you can purchase Walmart gift cards. Walmart E-gift cards are also available on Paypal.com, and customers can print off the card or send them via email. Sam's Club has a huge selection of products, including food, home decor, electronics, toys, and more.

You can also find apparel, furniture, accessories, and more at this Club. The Sam's Club website also offers easy shopping with their mobile app, making it possible to shop anytime, anywhere! The app allows you to browse items by category, price range, and size range and compare prices across all major retailers in one place.

Walmart gift cards are widely used to pay for purchases at the department store. Customers can purchase them in various denominations ranging from $10 to $500, depending on their choice of design and value.

Are Walmart Gift Card Resellers Safe? 

If you're looking for a way to give your friends and family members a gift card, you might have come across websites like Amazon, Gyft, or eBay that offer Walmart gift cards. These sites may seem appealing because they allow you to buy cards without fees. However, these sites are not safe. They host secondary gift card sellers who sell fake gift cards not accepted by the official Walmart website.

The main reason you should avoid these websites is that they sell cards that are not genuine. The cards could be better quality and may not work when you try to use them. You can also get scammed by paying more than the card's original value.

So, it's best to stick with the official seller of Walmart gift cards. The problem with buying and selling gift cards on third-party sites is that they need a verification process for their sellers. Anyone could use your information and card number to buy or sell gift cards on their site.

How Do I Buy A Walmart e-Gift Card Through PayPal?

You can buy a Walmart e-Gift Card through PayPal. The process is quite simple, and you can do it on your computer or smartphone.

How Do I Buy A Walmart Gift Card Online At Walmart Or Sam's Club? 

Customers have only two options when buying Walmart gift cards online. You can choose either a physical gift card or an e-gift card. Physical gift cards have an advantage over e-gift cards since they can be loaded with up to $1000, while e-gift cards have a limit of $500.

Customers can buy any amount of Walmart gift cards, but the best thing about this is that you don't need to worry about finding the perfect amount of money in your wallet. You can always go back and add more funds to your gift card later on if needed! To buy a Walmart gift card online, you need to go to the store's website, select the amount and then choose whether you want to buy a physical or electronic version.

The process is similar for both types of cards. Once you have chosen your preferred choice, enter your payment details and complete the purchase process. Physical gift cards are normal, while e-gifts can be delivered immediately.

Where Can You Buy Walmart Gift Cards Besides Walmart In Canada?

Walmart stores in Canada have a similar policy to their U.S. counterparts regarding using and selling Walmart gift cards. You can only buy these gift cards from Walmart or the company's website. You can also purchase them at Sam's Club locations, which have their policies for using gift cards. This means you can't use your Walmart gift card online at any other retailer or stores like Amazon, Best Buy, or Target — not even on eBay — or from a kiosk at another retailer's store.

Harris Teeter Gift Cards on Amazon

Harris Teeter is a well-known grocery store that sells a wide range of groceries and other products. They offer a variety of gift cards, including the Harris Teeter eGift Card and the Harris Teeter eGift Card Reloadable. Both are available on Amazon, making them an excellent choice for gift-giving this holiday season.

Does CVS Sell Walmart Gift Cards?

No. CVS does not sell Walmart gift cards. The CVS Pharmacy website says it is possible to buy gift cards online, but no Walmart gift cards are listed on the site.


Walmart gift cards can be an excellent choice when you want to give a gift but need to know what your loved one wants for the holidays. They are accepted in any Walmart store, which makes them convenient and easy to use.

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