When Does Amazon Restock? (Some Useful Tips)

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Get the latest information on restock dates and availability for in-demand items on Amazon! Find out when Amazon restocks its popular products. Learn how to get notified of restocks and how to increase your chances of getting the item you want. 

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms, with close to 50% in the market today. However, the large market share is sometimes a disadvantage because fast-moving products can get sold out in minutes or seconds. It is common for products to sell out on Amazon, but it is an issue that usually gets resolved as fast as possible to minimize customer inconvenience.

To start with, Amazon has grown to be a trusted e-commerce platform because they sell quality products and offer exemplary customer service to its members. It is common to experience instances when items run out of stock while shopping on Amazon. When does Amazon Restock? The article below attempts to answer everything you need to know about the restocking process on Amazon.

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When Does Amazon Restock?


You can expect Amazon products to run out of stock just like an ordinary brick-and-mortar store. Amazon attempts to restock products that are out of stock as fast as possible. The restocking period can take a few hours to a couple of weeks, depending on the type of item. There is no static restocking period because Amazon relies on vendors to deliver products to their warehouses before they ship out to customers.

What Factors Influence the Amazon Restocking Period?

Factors like the Stock up Inventory tool also help determine how often Amazon needs to restock a product on its listing. The Stock Inventory tool directly influences how frequently, when, and what quantity of items require delivery inventory to Amazon warehouses.

How Does the Amazon Stock Inventory Tool Work?

The Amazon Stock-up Inventory tool is present in the Amazon e-commerce platform to help predict how often an item needs restocking on Amazon. The Amazon Stock Inventory tool works by factoring demand prediction, sales history, seasonality, and restocking preferences of items on Amazon.

You can use the restocking preferences on the Stock-up to tweak the case pack amount, replenishment frequency, lead time, and distribution network specifications on Amazon.

How You Can Adjust Your Restock Settings On Amazon?

It is frustrating to get an out-of-stock notification whenever you are trying to purchase an item on Amazon. You can set your inventory settings to notify you via mail or app whenever your preferred items are in stock.

The restocking period for most products on Amazon takes up to 30 days, but the turnaround time can be short, depending on the delivery from the supplier. However, it is also important to note that you will get a refund on the out-of-stock item if it reflects on your checkout total to your Amazon account.

How to Sign-Up for The Alert Notifications?

Signing up for the out-stock alert on Amazon is easy. You can follow the steps below to sign-up for the Amazon notification.

  1. Visit the Amazon official webpage and sign in to your account.
  2. Scroll until you locate your desired item on Amazon.
  3. Locate the Alert Me box on the far right side of the out-of-stock item.
  4. Click the Alert Me box on the far right of your desired item.
  5. Enter the email address where you want to get the alert once the product is in stock.
  6. Click the Amazon notification Sign-up option to complete the process.

Policy On Ordering Out-of-Stock Amazon Items

The market share of Amazon is still on a steady rise ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. It is logical for products to run out of stock on Amazon due to the frequent online shoppers visiting Amazon. You can expect a refund for out-of-stock products if the charge for the product reflects in your account. You can also contact Amazon customer service if you are having trouble with fees on out-of-stock products.

Reasons Amazon Shows Items As Out-Of-Stock?

Several reasons can make an item listed as out-of-stock on Amazon. Below are reasons why an item listed on Amazon is out-of-stock

  1. Generating goods on Amazon without specifying the quantity.
  2. There is an order with a similar specification placed on your Amazon account.
  3. Failing to repair inaccuracies on your recent Amazon inventory file.
  4. Ordering similar products within less than 24 hours on your Amazon account.

Amazon Restocking Fees

The Amazon restocking fees apply to goods that are returned and do not apply to goods that are out of stock. You can avoid Amazon restocking fees by following a few guidelines.

How to Avoid the Amazon Restocking Fees?

You can follow the steps below to avoid attracting the Amazon restocking fee on your (return) items.

  1. Do your due diligence before purchasing items to avoid returning fully-functional goods on Amazon.
  2. Avoid removing tags on products that you intend to return on Amazon.

How Much Is the Amazon Restocking Fee?

There is no standard restocking fee on (return) items on Amazon. However, you can use a formula to calculate the restocking fees on Amazon. The Amazon restocking fee varies depending on the products and is calculated based on the cost of the item. Most restocking fees will attract anywhere between 20%-100%.


Amazon remains the trusted e-commerce platform in the market today. Amazon is a trendsetter and influences the best practices in the e-commerce industry. One of the best ways to avoid getting out-of-stock items is using the notification feature on Amazon to help you stay ahead of the pack while hunting for fast-moving products.

Set the notifications early on seasonal products to be among the first ones to purchase them before they run out of stock. You can also try to utilize the inventory timely management system on your Amazon store to help Amazon restock your Amazon products before they run out of stock.

You can also try to avoid the Amazon restocking fee on (return) goods by avoiding returning fully-functional products and removing the tags from the product. The restocking fees on (return) items help cover the logistical and facilitation inconveniences on the Amazon team.

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