When Does Amazon Charge You? Here’s What you didn’t Know

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When you think of shopping online, you will mostly think of Amazon. Amazon is among the most popular online retail platforms with a vast array of products to choose from. Besides shopping, the retails giant also offer delivery services. However, the question is, when does Amazon charge you? It is important to know how you spend your money on the platform. That’s why we have compiled everything you need to know about Amazon charges. In this post, we’ll expound more on these and a couple more. keep reading to find out…..

Amazon is one of the best eCommerce platforms globally. You can shop for anything you want from wherever you are in the globe. With the store having several options for purchasing items, you will understand how they all work. When shopping on Amazon, you’ll use a credit/debit card. Knowing how Amazon charges you will help you plan your finances properly. Are you planning to, or do you shop on Amazon of? Like many shoppers, you may love to know when Amazon charges you. It is before, after, or upon delivery of the goods? Let’s find out.

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When does Amazon charge you for a purchase?

When you order items sold by Amazon with a credit or debit card, Amazon doesn’t charge right away, only when your order is shipping. Additionally, Amazon Marketplace third-party sellers may charge at the time of purchase or when it’s ready to ship, it just depends on the retailer.

Amazon offers a wide range of purchasing options to choose from. This makes it essential to understand how Amazon processes its payments to plan on your subsequent purchases. Whether you are a new or regular Amazon customer, let’s help you know how and when you will be charged so that you can avoid last-minute surprises.

Does amazon charge before shipping?

In most cases, no. Amazon charges you when your purchased items are released or shipped. However, you should keep in mind that Amazon might charge you a few days prior to shipping. Even though it is not illegal for companies to charge you before shipping, the items must be shipped within the stipulated time. If not, you should be notified and given a chance to either accept the changes or cancel your order. To avoid any inconveniences, Amazon will charge you when the shipping process begins. However, if you use a third-party seller, they might charge you before shipping when you are a new customer.

When are you charged for amazon orders?

Amazon has different ordering options that depend on the item you want and its availability. When you order a product from Amazon, it is not shipped immediately. Therefore, you are charged for Amazon orders when the order ships.

Does Amazon charge you right away?

Short answer, no. Amazon does not charge you immediately you place your order. Your card will be charged after your order enters the shipping phase. However, you should keep in mind that a third-party seller might charge you immediately after you place your order. Amazon does not charge you right away because:

How do you know if Amazon charges you yet?

Amazon allows its customers to check all their transactions to determine how much they have spent. You can use the available filters to filter your transactions based on the type of payment, sent or received, and debit or credit card transactions. This makes it easy for you to track all your transaction and understand when and how you were charged. Unfortunately, Amazon does not help you know whether your payment was successful or not. You will have the item’s unique tracking ID number to have details on your transactions. You can also check the status of your order to know if it was successful by:

You will find details on the transaction date, status of the order, the amount paid, and the vendor. To know whether it was successful, click on either ‘Successful’, ‘Declined’ or ‘Refunded’. You can further assess details on a single transaction by visiting the View Order Details pages. Sometimes the status on your Account activity can differ from that on the View Order Details page. But if they are Closed and Completed on the two pages, it shows that your payment was completed and the order is closed.

How long does it take to process the payment on Amazon?

It takes Amazon one to three days to process your payment. This is because of the various steps involved when money transfers from your bank to Amazon’s or vendor’s account. A new seller will have to wait for 30 days for their first payment to be processed. The waiting time also depends on your type of seller account. Sellers must also mark their orders as dispatched for Amazon to pay them.

When does Amazon charge you for prime?

If you would like to join the Amazon Prime Membership program, you will be charged either monthly or annually. It has two billing options which include:

After you successfully signup, you will choose your preferred plan, after which you pay by the stipulated date in the Prime Settings. While you will save on the yearly plan, some people prefer choosing the monthly option. Students can take advantage of the 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime. After the trial period elapses, a student will pay $6.49 per month or $59 yearly, half the regular membership fees. A student must provide information concerning their graduation year, after which they will pay for the regular membership program. However, you have the freedom to pause or terminate your Prime membership at any time. This entails losing access to any Prime privileges. Pausing your membership is preferred because it temporarily suspends your access to membership benefits if you do not need them. You will also use Amazon photos which gives you unlimited photo storage space. Pausing your membership allows you to continue from where you left off when you resume your membership.

How does Amazon backorder work?

Another purchase option is the backorder option, which allows you to order a temporarily out-of-stock item. You might find the product you want is sold out. However, as long as a retailer will ensure that the item is in stock within 30 days, Amazon allows them to list them. When you try buying that item, it will show you that it is a backorder. This assures a buyer that the item will be restocked soon, allowing them to place a backorder. However, out-of-stock items whose restocking date is unknown are not considered backorders. Therefore, you cannot order for them using the backorder option. Amazon keeps you in the loop on any rising changes and when they will deliver the back-ordered item.

When does Amazon charge for backorders?

Backordering offers the same purchase procedure only that the item is out of stock. It is similar to the preorder option, where Amazon emails you regular updates concerning your order. Amazon charges you once you confirm that you have received the item. Therefore, when you place a backorder, your card will be charged once the item ships.

How does Amazon Preorders work?

When you choose to preorder your items on Amazon, the process is just the same as any other Amazon purchase. It is different because you will not receive your items immediately. After all, it has not been stocked yet. Amazon keeps you updated about your preordered item so that you can know when it will be stocked and shipped to you. Amazon gives you the option to manage or cancel your preordered item in case of any changes in its release date. Ordering items on preorder makes it possible for you to take advantage of the lowest prices. Even if the price changes, Amazon ensures that you get the item at the lowest price possible as long as it is marked with a Preorder Guarantee. This applies even when the item’s price rises after its release.

When does Amazon charge you for preorders?

After you successfully preorder your items, Amazon will charge you once the item s released or shipped. Since preorder allows you to order a product in advance, it is delivered to you after it’s available in stock. Even though you will provide your payment details when preordering, you are not charged immediately. Amazon will store your card details and charge you after the item enters the shipping process. This option has become popular since it allows people to order items prior to their release. Once the item is released, you will be prioritized. This is important when you need high-demand goods to avoid the last-minute rush after their release.

When does Amazon charge you for Subscribe and Save?

If you plan on buying items that you need regularly, Amazon has you covered. Amazon has the Subscribe and Save option, which ensures that you schedule regular deliveries of the items to save on the costs. When placing your order, you will have the one-time order price and the Subscribe and Save price. The subscribe and save price can sometimes be lower than the one-time order price.

Generally, you will save from 5% to 15% on the purchased item. Before the item is delivered to you, you will be notified of the items in your subscription, their prices, and available discounts. You will have several days to change your order, after which the items will be shipped. After the shipping process begins, that’s when you will be charged for the items. You can cancel your Subscribe & Save at any time or delay the delivery to the next cycle if you find it unnecessary.

When does Amazon charge credit cards?

Credit cards currently accepted by Amazon are Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, American Express, and JCB. However, in some cases, you might be required only to use Visa and Mastercard credit cards. You will be informed of this during the checkout process. Amazon charges your credit card once the order reaches the shipping process. There is an exception for a third-party vendor who might charge you once you place the order or the shipping process begins.

When does amazon charge debit cards?

Debit cards take funds from your bank account, unlike credit cards that charge on your credit. The charging schedule of debit cards is similar to credit cards; therefore, you will not be charged until your item is shipped. Keep in mind that third-party sellers might charge you instantly.

When does amazon charge your checking account?

Amazon allows you to pay using a checking account if you do not have a credit card. You can add a checking account at the Shipping and Payment stage of the checkout process. You will also be required to provide the bank routing account. Your account must be an ACH-enabled account at a bank branch located in the US.

Like any other payment process, you will only pay after your product enters the shipping process. However, you cannot use your checking account when buying Amazon Prime memberships, subscribe and save orders, digital items, and purchases over a certain amount depending on your account’s history. This method is only available to personal accounts in US banks.

What happens if amazon products are out of stock?

It is normal for products to run out of stock at any marketplace. This is also the case in Amazon. If a product is out of stock, the seller should restock it to settle all pending orders. If not, they are required to offer a refund. You should regularly check your email because Amazon will notify you when the item is restocked.

When does Amazon charge you for out-of-stock items?

Amazon does not ask you to pay for out-of-stock products. However, you are allowed to place a backorder only if the item will be restocked soon. Since Amazon charges you during shipping, you will not pay anything until the item is restocked and delivered.

Amazon proceed to check out not working

If the proceed to checkout is not working, ensure that you have items in your cart and logged into your Amazon account. In most cases, the proceed-to-check-out does not work when you have Add-on items in your cart. Add-on items are those that have a light blue logo next to them. When you add them to your cart, you must meet the minimum $25 order amount. If not, you will notice that the proceed-to-check-out button is missing. To check out, you can remove the Add-on items or ensure they cost at least $25. The proceed to check out might also not work because of the payment method you chose. You can try another payment method.

When does Amazon charge you for ads?

Advertising on Amazon makes it easier for potential buyers to quickly notice your store and products. Amazon only charges you for ads when a shopper clicks on your ad. How much you will pay per click depends on your competition and budget. If your campaign has highly competitive keywords, you’ll pay more for it to stand out. In most cases, advertisers pay $0.81 for every click on their ad. Amazon sends you insights and reports on how your ads performed so that you can measure your expenditure and the success of the ads.


Amazon makes it easy to get anything you need. With different purchasing options come other payment charges that will suit your needs. For preorders and normal orders, Amazon will charge you after or before shipping. If you choose the Subscribe and Save and back ordered items, you will receive emails before the product ships and charges once it ships. You should select the perfect buying option to ensure that you spend the least possible amount of money on each order.

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