How to Buy Amazon Returns? (Your Ultimate Guide 2022)

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Being a customer-oriented company, Amazon allows you to return a product within 30 days of receipt. Amazon's return policy is even more favorable during the holidays. When you buy an item in November and December, you'll have until the end of January to return it for a full refund. Items returned are sold through the liquidation process in which items are sold at a rock bottom discount. With quality items being sold at a much lower price, how do you buy Amazon returns? Here are a few pointers to get you started in making the most out of Amazon returns in 2022.

Amazon has a fairly generous return policy to give their customers a better and safe shopping environment. You are required to return a product 30 days after receiving it. As long as you have not opened it, you can get a full refund in three weeks. If you would like to return a product, you'll package it, place it in the mail and wait for a refund. The question is, what happens to all the returned Items? Many of the returned items end up being sold at liquidation. Since more than 30% of all items purchased online are returned, you'll want to ensure that you get high-quality items at a reasonable price. When it comes to buying Amazon returns, let's help you understand how it works and how you can make the most value of your money.

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Does Amazon sell their returns?

Yes, Amazon sells their returns to e-commerce liquidation websites or on the Amazon Warehouse. Most Amazon returns combined into enormous pallets and sold to liquidation businesses like and Direct Liquidation. These sites can sell them to anyone, from consumers to other retailers.

Can I buy returned items on Amazon?

You can buy returned items on Amazon through a liquidation company. These platforms receive items sold on Amazon from sellers who would like to remove the excess stock. You can search and purchase Amazon returned products on these websites. In most cases, you will buy the items in bulk.

What is an Amazon return pallet?

An Amazon return pallet is a pallet of returned Amazon items sold at huge discounted prices. Customers return items because of various reasons. It could be that they are faulty or the customer was sent the wrong product. Amazon groups them in pallets before selling them off. For example, in a homeware pallet, you can get anything from irons, bins, kettles, kitchenware, and wall clocks.

Can you Purchase Amazon return pallets directly from Amazon?

Yes, you can buy Amazon return pallets directly from Amazon through the Amazon Liquidation Auctions. Amazon, in partnership with B-Stock, launched Amazon Liquidation Auctions. This is the official b2b platform that allows you to purchase overstocked items from Amazon.

How to buy Amazon returns pallet

The best way you can buy Amazon returns pallet is through a liquidation company. It saves you time and money by accepting Amazon returns and selling them to you at a lower price. To buy an Amazon returns pallet, you can browse through an online liquidation marketplace, place your bid or purchase them directly. You should also be ready with your reseller certificates and permits when buying Amazon returns pallets.

How to buy Amazon returns Canada

You can buy Amazon returns in Canada on their website through the Amazon Warehouse or liquidators. To buy Amazon returns in Canada, you will buy bulky pallets or single items through auctions.

How to buy Amazon returns pallets in the UK

You can buy Amazon return pallets in the UK through B-Stock. The most popular suppliers of Amazon returns pallets in the UK are  Mart Hill and Gem Wholesale. However, in most cases, you can purchase the best Amazon returns from the official Amazon liquidation marketplace in the UK. Here, you will find the best inventory that fits your business needs. If you would like to purchase Amazon return pallets in the UK, you should:

How to buy Amazon returns pallets in India

In India, customers have ten days to return Amazon products. After that, you can buy Amazon return pallets in India through liquidation companies. You should look for the most reputable seller by looking at the customer experience. This ensures that you get the best products of high quality.

How much does it cost to buy Amazon returns?

Amazon returns are usually sold in bulk pallets. Therefore, the price for Amazon returns varies with the liquidation company, quality, and pallet size. The costs also depend on whether the liquidation company offers free delivery or charges shipping costs. In most cases, the prices range from $1000 to $6999. However, they can be as much as $10000. Depending on the marketplace and the number of bids, you can pay more or less.

Why would I buy Amazon return pallets?

You'll enjoy several benefits when you buy Amazon return pallets. First, Amazon return pallets are a great way of stocking your business. Since Amazon return pallets include a wide range of products, you'll find anything that suits your business. It makes it easier for a business owner or entrepreneur to expand the inventory with clothing, electronics, and beauty products.

Secondly, Amazon return pallets allow you to get an insight into what your customers want. You are free to focus on a specific category or work across multiple categories of items. A retailer will see what their customers buy most by giving them a wide range of choices. This is why resale business is increasingly dominating the market. Therefore, you should consider buying Amazon returns to restock your business.

Where do Amazon returns go?

When you return your order to Amazon, it will either go back to the Amazon warehouses or sent in for returns if it is a physical shop. Amazon might find itself with too many goods in its warehouses.

They cost Amazon more money in terms of labor and space making it more convenient to unload them. Amazon will compile all their returns into large pallets and sell them to liquidation companies to recoup some of the money on the returned products. You can buy the items straight from the liquidation company websites. Customers can find Amazon products under the Marketplaces or By Sellers and buy them.

Where are Amazon returns sold?

You can buy Amazon returns from liquidation company websites. Many websites will list their entire vendors on the drop-down menus. This makes shopping for pallets much easier. All you have to do is choose Amazon under the Marketplaces or By Seller category. You can buy Amazon returns from different liquidation companies. Liquidation companies selling Amazon products include:





Amazon Liquidation Auctions

How much does Amazon return pallets cost?

How much you'll pay to buy Amazon returns varies depending on the liquidation company, size of the pallet, and bidding parties. With each pallet having its own retail value, you can bid higher or lower. Depending on the value and quality of items, a bulk pallet costs between $1000 and $6999. Some Amazon return pallets can cost as much as $10000. However, that does not mean you'll pay that amount. You might end up paying much less based how many bids and how long the auction takes.

Are all Amazon return pallets available for resale?

Most Amazon items are available for resale on liquidation sites. However, you'll have to search through different liquidation websites to find your desired products. This is because some sites only offer specific products. For example, you'll struggle to find beauty products on when 888 Lots has a lot of them. Therefore, if you plan on selling products from specific categories, you should research and find pallets that fit your stock needs.

Buying Amazon return pallets: is it worth it?

Yes, buying Amazon return pallets is worth it. It is convenient if your business needs a constant supply of items from a reliable source. Purchasing Amazon return pallets ensures that you get high-quality products from dependable liquidation companies. Pallets are also available at lower costs because they are somehow overstocked or used. This makes Amazon return pallets worth buying as they are reliably consistent and accelerate your business growth.

How to make money selling Amazon return pallets

You can make money by reselling items that people return on Amazon. Amazon return pellets are mostly untested. Therefore, the secret to making more money from Amazon return pallets is to refurbish the product to look brand new. Even though most liquidated items are sellable or retail-ready, some will need minor repairs. You should increase the value of your merchandise to boost its value.

How to increase the value of Amazon return pellets

After buying and receiving an Amazon return pallet, you will want to maximize your profits. There are various ways you can increase the value of Amazon return pallets to increase your earnings. They include:


Reselling Amazon returns is a great business model. You can purchase Amazon returns through bidding or utilizing the available liquidation companies. Many liquidation companies only allow certified sellers to buy Amazon return pallets.

Depending on the marketplace, it will cost you between $1000 to $10000. In addition, you should keep in mind that warranties are null and void for items that you resell. Ensure that you properly analyze the demand to find appropriate goods to resell. You can also achieve maximum profits by increasing the value of the Amazon return pallets.

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