All You Need to Know about Amazon Digital Charge!

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Some noticeable charges appear on your credit or debit card when doing shopping or accessing digital services on Amazon. If this keeps you wondering what Amazon digital charges are, this write-up will help answer your questions, including how to opt-in and out of these services and what fee, if any, is charged for these services.

Amazon Digital is a service that gives users access to a whole world of unrivaled entertainment. It is important to note that these services are not for free. Users pay a fee referred to as Amazon Digital Charge in order to gain access. In this post, we will walk you through all that you need to know regarding Amazon Digital Charge. Keep reading for the details…..

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What is Amazon Digital Charge?

Amazon Digital Services are subscription-based. To gain access, you will have to make some payments called Amazon Digital Charge. Typically that applies to services such as Kindle, Prime, and Amazon Audible. The fee often ranges between $0.99 and $119 and is wholly dependent on what service you are subscribed to. It’s also important to mention that the charge is auto-renewable monthly until when you will choose to cancel. Amazon levies it directly on your debit or credit card.

Where Do You Find an Amazon Digital Charge?

If you access your Amazon account on a web browser or via the Amazon App, the Amazon Digital Charge is found below “Payment and Transactions”. If you have an active subscription, the Amazon Digital Charge will appear below the orders or subscriptions in your account.

As you might suspect, Amazon does keep track of all charges levied on the user accounts. That way, you only get to pay for the service if you see a digital charge in your account. Thing is, only active users get to pay for Amazon Digital Services. If you only use Amazon Digital once in a while, you won’t incur a fee, especially if you do shop at Amazon.

Amazon Digital Service offers a free trial period during which users are not subject to any charges. This means, that you can continue to access all the products and services on Amazon Digital during the free trial period. However, after the lapse of that duration, you will be charged a fee – Amazon Digital Charge – if you continue to use the service.

If you are seeing a suspicious charge related to Amazon Digital on your debit or credit card, you may want to seek clarification from Amazon customer care.

What Are Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon Digital Service is a platform where you can access and order digital services offered. These services include the following;

1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a platform designed for streaming video content, which may include movies, sports, live events, and TV shows, among others. The contents can be viewed on smart devices like TV or phone.

To access this platform, you are required to subscribe. And you can get access to all content on the platform if you get a prime subscription with no extra charges.

Amazon Prime Video comprises 100+ Channels including HBO, Cinema, Starz, Hallmark Movies, Showtime, and many more.

2. Kindle Unlimited

For those that love reading digital books, Amazon Kindle Unlimited is the place. Kindle Unlimited gives users access to 2M+ eBooks, magazines, and thousands of audiobooks.

It offers a 30-day trial period and a monthly subscription fee for new users.

3. Amazon Audible

This platform offers audiobooks in various languages, audio tracks, such as ones that can help one sleep well, and podcasts.

It also gives you a 30- day trial period, and if you feel like opting for any of these plans, you must pay for membership.

4. Amazon music unlimited

Under this, you can access over 75M songs in HD and millions of podcasts and stations. Also, it contains a well-curated playlist.

You can access and download any content for offline listening for free because all content under it is ad-free.

It is supported by; Smart TVs, PCs, Android devices, Apple devices, Alexa –enabled devices and some cars.

5. Amazon Kids+

The platform is designed for kids under the age of 12. It contains age-appropriate content in the form of movies, books, games, TV shows, and many other children-friendly educational apps.

In addition, it is designed in a manner that parents can block any content they feel is not fit for their kids or set a screen time limit.

6. Amazon Drive

It is a cloud-based storage tool. Here, you can safely store your files, videos, and photos.

When you’re a first-time user, you are awarded 5GB of free space, but in case you want more, you will have to subscribe to it.

How Much is Amazon Digital Charge?

These charges vary depending on your membership level and the type of digital service you are subscribed to. Below are charges of some of the most common Amazon Digital Services.

Take note that there are a number of other digital services offered by Amazon which have not been included above. Some of them include video games and software downloads. Common software ordered on Amazon includes Turbo Tax Amazon, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, and publications. All these services may or may not attract Amazon's digital charge.

How Can You Prevent Amazon Digital Charge?

It is possible to avoid or prevent Amazon Digital charge altogether. Below are a few tips on how to do just that:

Cancelling Amazon Digital Services

You may need to cancel an Amazon Digital Service because you do not want to use it anymore or because you subscribed by mistake. You can do that in your account. Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Go to your Membership and Subscriptions

Step 2: Select Manage Subscriptions

Step 3: Under ‘Advance controls’, click on the link, and the subscriptions page will open.

Step 4: Identify the service you no longer need from the list of subscriptions and then cancel it.

Are There Free Amazon Digital Services?

Unfortunately, there are none. If you were looking for free Amazon Digital Services, you won’t get any. However, all of Amazon’s digital services come with a 30-day free trial option. The main use of that free trial period is to give you time to get a feel of how the platform works and what to expect. During this period, you may choose to cancel or continue the subscription.

What If I Disagree with an Amazon Digital Charge?

At times, you may not agree with certain charges on your account. If you disagree with them, counter-check the terms and conditions to check the details you might have missed at the time of subscription. If that does not clear up your confusion, contact Amazon Customer Service for help.

In addition, when charged for services that you are no longer using, pause or cancel them to avoid unnecessary charges in the future.


The fees you pay to access Amazon Digital Services depend on your membership, whether you are a prime member or the kind of subscription chosen. These charges are designed to best suit you and appear on your credit or debit card report as AMZN DIGITAL. Therefore if you see these charges on your card, they should make sense.

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