Does Amazon deliver on Sunday in 2024?

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Amazon is one of the leading online shopping stores with a range of accessories including household goods, books, electronics, and fresh groceries. Like other online stores, Amazon has a delivery service that guarantees that your goods will be delivered to you safely and as fast as possible. You have probably wondered if Amazon delivery service is available on Sunday. This article will give you a clear answer to the question, “Does Amazon deliver on Sunday 2024?” Keep reading for the details……

Amazon is one of the most trusted and reliable online stores in the market today. You can be guaranteed that you will get unique and quality products on their online platform. Amazon offers other services like Amazon Prime and their reliable delivery service. Services like Amazon Prime give new users benefits like a free 30-day try-out experience. If you have ever used their delivery service, you can attest to their impeccable turnaround time. There are a few questions that may pop into your mind, and a good example is “Does Amazon deliver on Sunday 2024?” Here are a few highlights of all the things you need to know about Amazon’s delivery service.

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Does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

Yes, you can get your Amazon package delivered to you on a Sunday. Your package can be delivered to you even on a Sunday when most online stores remain closed.

How does Amazon Sunday delivery work?

The Sunday delivery service is made possible by a partnership between three companies. Amazon has partnered with UPS and USPS to deliver your package on any given Sunday. Your package will be delivered from the Amazon office to a UPS or USPS office, where it will be delivered directly to your address.

What time does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

Amazon deliveries are made anytime between 9 AM to 8 PM. However, this only applies to deliveries made between Mondays to Saturdays. Sunday deliveries are dependent on UPS and USPS delivery schedules. USPS deliveries are made between 9 AM to 7 PM, whereas USP deliveries are made not later than 6 PM.

How early does Amazon deliver on Sunday?

The earliest you can expect your deliveries on Sunday is anytime past 9 AM.

What time do Amazon Prime deliveries come on Sunday?

The exact delivery time will depend on the schedule of your Amazon logistic driver. You can expect Amazon Prime to deliver your package anytime between 9 AM to 8 PM on Sunday.

Does Amazon regularly deliver on Sundays?

Yes, the Amazon delivery service is functional even on Sundays. You can expect regular Sunday deliveries because the service is available to all Amazon members.

What days does Amazon not deliver?

Amazon has a robust delivery system with an impressive delivery rate throughout the year. There are a few days in a year when Amazon delivery service is unavailable. Amazon does not offer delivery services during international holidays like New Year’s Day, Labor Day, and Christmas Day. Other holidays affecting Amazon delivery service include Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Amazon Sunday delivery zip codes: which locations are covered?

There are lots of locations covered by the Amazon Sunday delivery service. The availability of this service is pegged on the availability of UPS and USPS delivery services in your area. You can log on to Amazon’s web page and use their search link to find out if the ZIP code for your area is covered.

Does Amazon deliver on Sundays in the UK?

Amazon's Sunday delivery service has recently expanded to the United Kingdom. However, this delivery service is exceptional for Amazon Prime members who enjoy a one-day free shipping benefit package. UK customers with an Amazon Prime subscription can enjoy the Sunday delivery service for free, whereas non-members are expected to pay an additional charge of £7.99.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday Australia?

Amazon Sunday delivery service is not available for customers residing in Australia. This is because Amazon hasn’t partnered with a reliable third-party delivery service in Australia. This situation may be expected to change soon thanks to Amazon’s plans to expand into territories outside the USA.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday in Canada?

You can get your Amazon package delivered on Sundays if you reside in Canada. You can utilize Amazon Prime one-day free shipping offer to get your package delivered to you on a Sunday.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday in India?

Yes, the Amazon Sunday delivery service is available in India. This service is available to you if you opt for the one-day or two-day delivery option while making your purchase. Amazon Sunday service is available in over 100 cities in India.

Does Amazon deliver on weekends?

Yes, Amazon offers delivery services even during the weekends. The delivery service is available to Amazon Prime subscribers and customers residing within designated areas. You can find a list of all the designated areas where weekend delivery services are available on Amazon’s webpage.

Does Amazon Prime deliver on Sunday?

It is possible to get your deliveries made on Sundays if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. However, Sunday deliveries are available in selected areas across the world. You can use the one-day free delivery benefit that is available to Prime account holders, and get your package delivered free of charge on Sunday.

Does Amazon deliver on Sunday during a lockdown?

Amazon has complied with all the required precautions to ensure that you get your package without exposing yourself to the risk of contracting COVID-19. Deliveries to a lockdown area on a Sunday can be challenging due to restrictions of movement. To avoid any inconvenience, ensure your delivery address is not under lockdown.

Where in the US is Amazon Prime Sunday delivery available?

The vast majority of regions within the continental US enjoy the benefit of having Amazon Prime Sunday delivery. Amazon uses logistics partners like UPS and USPS to get packages delivered to remote areas where Amazon Prime Sunday delivery service is not available.

Is Sunday delivery free on Amazon Prime?

The Amazon Prime Sunday delivery service is available to you for free if you opt for the one-free delivery benefit. The one-day delivery service is available to Prime account holders and they can enjoy it for a limited period. One of the perks of having a Prime membership is getting expedient delivery options availed to you.

Which carriers handle Amazon Sunday deliveries?

Amazon has a delivery network that covers most parts of the US continent. However, there are some remote areas where Amazon is unable to cover. In such areas, Amazon partners with logistic partners to make sure your delivery gets to you in time even if you are in a remote location. Amazon uses logistic carriers such as UPS and USPS (United States Postal Service) to get your parcel delivered to you safely and on time.

What is Amazon Locker and how does it work?

Amazon Locker Hub is a delivery model that has been embraced by Amazon Prime and Non-prime users. The Amazon locker hub was developed to combat the rising cases of porch pirates. You can get your parcel delivered to your desired location, where it will be stored and secured in a self-service kiosk. You can then use the credentials forwarded to you to access your package any time of the day. This is a convenient way to get your goods delivered to you without worrying about porch pirates stealing your deliveries.

How do you choose Amazon Prime Sunday delivery?

Amazon Prime Sunday delivery service is only available to limited subscribers who reside within a prescribed geographical location. It is easy to use this option and all you need to do is browse and add your preferred items to your shopping cart. You can then head over to the checkout section and the availability of the Sunday delivery service option will appear alongside all the eligible items on your shopping cart. You can then choose the one-day or two-day expedient shipping option to complete the purchase process.

Will I be able to track my Amazon Sunday delivery?

Amazon has a tracking system for packages thus ensuring transparency between the company and all of its subscribers. Amazon is the most trusted online shopping and delivery service in the world because of its transparency policy. You can also track your Amazon Sunday deliveries just like standard delivery. You can track your delivery information in real-time if your package is delivered with Amazon or UPS delivery services. USPS offers updates on your package delivery periodically and this means you will not be able to get detailed and up-to-the-minute tracking information on your delivery.


Amazon is by far the best online shopping platform because of its extensive product base. You can get a wide variety of items ranging from personalized items to household goods just under one roof. Amazon's delivery service is easy to use and you can get one of the most affordable transaction rates in the market if you use it to get your package delivered to you. You can use the delivery service even on Sunday when other delivery services opt to remain closed. You can get your parcel delivered to you on Sunday without any added cost if you have an Amazon Premium subscription.

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