What is Walmart Plus? (Unlock Exclusive Advantages)

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Curious about Walmart Plus and its benefits? Discover what Walmart Plus is all about and how it can help you save time and money. Explore the perks of this membership program. Get the details on Walmart Plus and unlock exclusive advantages today.

Walmart Plus is one of the best subscription programs that Walmart offers to its clients. The plan allows you to enjoy free deliveries on products you shop from Walmart online and in-store outlets. When you sign up for the Walmart Plus program, you’ll earn bonuses when shopping at Walmart and Walmart -related organizations, including Bonobos, Jet.com, Moosejaw, and Sam’s Club.

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Types of Walmart Membership Plans

Walmart offers two types of membership plans monthly and annual. A Walmart Plus subscription costs $12.95 a month, or $98 a year, including taxes. For starters, you can enjoy a 30-day free trial package before you commit to a monthly or annual membership.

How to Become a Walmart Plus Member?

You can enroll for a Walmart Plus membership through the website or in the app. When subscribing to any plans, ensure you use a credible credit card. Sometimes, you'll need to add a credit card when subscribing to the free trial version.

At the end of your free trial, you'll receive a bill depending on the package you choose when signing up. After that, your plan will continue to function until you cancel your membership. Walmart's website allows members to change plans or cancel their membership anytime.

How Walmart Plus Works?

Walmart Plus is a payable plan that gives you free delivery of your orders. It's similar to Walmart's Delivery Unlimited grocery service, but it doesn't require you to place a minimum order or be a Prime member. However, with Walmart Plus, members must book a delivery slot when checking out.

But before booking a delivery slot, you must check if your delivery address is eligible for delivery.

Unlike Walmart's Delivery Unlimited of groceries, Walmart Plus includes a broader range of items. The future of this subscription plan looks excellent; Walmart is looking to have extra benefits on different services and offerings for Walmart Plus subscribers.

Benefits of Walmart Plus Membership

Some of the benefits of subscribing to Walmart Plus membership include;

Walmart Plus adds Rx Savings to Members

Walmart Plus members just received a new bonus. This latest gain of Walmart Plus is named Rx for Less. This package gives discounts on regularly prescribed medications across different health needs. Drugs for this program include heart health medication, mental health medication, allergies, antibiotics, and diabetes management.

Members of Walmart Plus can now choose medications at zero cost, while others will be up to 85% off. This package is available to paying members only. The discounts apply after the end of the 15-day trial period.

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime

Are you wondering if Walmart Plus is an excellent alternative to Amazon Prime? Here's a quick comparison of the two services:

Both subscription plans offer members extra options for saving on their grocery shopping, shipping, gas, and e-books. Even though these two retailers have some similarities, their offerings differ.

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime: Costs

The Walmart Plus subscription plan will cost you $98 annually or $12.95 monthly if you choose to pay monthly. If you are keen on spending, the annual subscription will save you about $57. On the other hand, an Amazon Prime subscription plan will cost you about $14.99 per month or $139 annually.

In terms of subscription costs, the Amazon Prime plan is slightly more expensive compared to the Walmart Plus plan. If you were to subscribe to Amazon Prime, you would incur about $41 more than when subscribing to Walmart Plus.

Before you commit to either of the plans, try their trial version first! The trial version for both programs lasts for 30 days. If you're not planning to extend the plan you are trying, remember to cancel the trial version before the expiry of the 30 days; otherwise, you'll be charged.

Walmart Vs. Amazon: Lower Prices

The two retailers have a competitive pricing strategy. Walmart's price matching policy ensures you will enjoy low prices on specific gear when shopping from Walmart. Even without price matching, Walmart offers lower prices than Amazon.


The annual membership fee can save you time and money if you repeatedly shop online or in-store at Walmart. For instance, if you buy 20 gallons of gas a week, you can get a discount of up to 10 cents per gallon, saving about $8 a month. Before you enroll, be practical about your purchasing patterns. If you shop at Walmart rarely, you may consider a free loyalty program at another chain store or retailers such as Burt P, Flickinger III, a retail consulting company, or the managing director at Strategic Resource Group.

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