What is Mic Monitoring? (Benefits, Disadvantages, and How to Enable on Xbox, PC, and More)

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If you are an Xbox gamer, you probably know how annoying it is for someone to raise their voice during the game. Luckily, a Mic Monitoring feature can help you manage this issue. But what is Mic Monitoring? Dig right into this post to find out!

What is Mic Monitoring? Mic Monitoring, also known as "Sidetone," is a feature in some headphones and headsets. It allows you to monitor the audio quality and volume by transmitting your voice to the headset. Some devices compatible with this feature are laptops, computers, PS4, and Xbox. This article will discuss the advantages of Mic Monitoring, Headphones with Mic Monitoring features, enabling Mic Monitoring on your PC, and more.

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Do All Headphones Have a Mic Monitoring Feature?

Unfortunately, most headphones don’t have the Mic Monitoring feature. Some of the headphones with this feature are:

The Benefits of Mic Monitoring.

Some of the advantages of Mic Monitoring are:

What are the Disadvantages of Mic Monitoring?

Can you use Mic Monitoring on Xbox?

Yes. You can use Mic Monitoring on Xbox, but first, you must ensure your headset is compatible with the Mic Monitoring feature. Most gaming devices, such as Xbox, don't have an internal Mic Monitoring feature, so you'll need some headsets to support it. Here is a simple process on how to use Mic Monitoring on Xbox.

Connecting Mic Monitoring on PC.

Windows has an inbuilt Mic Monitoring function that you can use with any headset on your PC. To connect Mic Monitoring on your PC,

Enabling Mic Monitoring Feature on Discord.

To enable Mic Monitoring on Discord, follow this guide:

Using the Mic Monitoring Feature on Mac.

Although Mac does not have an in-built option to help you with Mic Monitoring, there are some Apps you can use; Quick Time is the best option for you.

Does A Mic Monitoring Feature Cause An Echo?

Mic Monitoring is a vital feature that helps users improve their sound quality. But, sometimes, you may hear some echo when using it. The echo is because both the speaker and microphone pick the audio. If there is an echo, you can correct it by changing your headphone batteries, restarting your Xbox, or restarting your Xbox.

What Causes The Mic Monitoring To Grey Out on Xbox?

Two main reasons can cause your Xbox One to grey out. First, there may be a connection error with your wireless headset, and second, you may be using an adapter instead of a 3.5mm jack pin. To correct this error, you can try to:

If the Voice settings are also “Greyed out," just go to the settings, then audio, and adjust the settings.


A Mic Monitoring feature helps you monitor your audio quality during gaming or video conferencing. Most headphones lack this feature, so be careful when buying them. Some known headphone brands with Mic Monitoring are JBL Quantum 400, Logitech G633, and Turtle Beach XO One.

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