Top 15 Price Scraping Tools to Extract Prices from eCommerce Websites

Justin Shin

Are you looking for the best deals on your purchases online? Take a look at our list of the top price scrapers. In order to help you save time and money when buying online, we've analyzed and tested the best price scrapers currently available and have provided them for you below.

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Overview of Top Price Scraping Tools

Top 15 Price Scraping Tools Compared

Businesses must closely monitor their rivals in the fast-paced digital era of today if they want to stay on top of the game. Purely because consumers are looking for the best products at the lowest prices. Using price scraping tools is one way to achieve it. These technologies enable companies to acquire pricing data from the websites of their rivals and decide intelligently on their own pricing tactics.

Similarly to that, a person can learn the typical cost of the things they require. Hence, the urgent need to reduce prices. However, choosing the finest price-scraping tool might be overwhelming given the abundance of options on the market. The greatest price-scraping tools that can help you find the best bargains, keep an eye on your competition, and boost your bottom line will be covered in this post.

These tools can provide you with the competitive advantage you need to succeed in your field, whether you're an individual, a small business owner, or a huge corporation. So, let's get started and investigate the top-price scraping tools available.

1. Data Collector (Bright Data) – Best Price Scraper for Non-Coders

Let me introduce you to Bright Data Collector if you're looking for an easy-to-use pricing scraping solution. This tool, which comes from one of the best proxy companies, collects price data with a high level of anonymity. It uses a proxy to operate, of course. Given that using it doesn't require any prior coding skills, it is the ideal tool for those who lack in-depth coding knowledge.

Bright Data Collector scrapes accurate and trustworthy price data, much like Prisync. It makes use of sophisticated algorithms to guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of the data it collects. This implies that you will be able to base your company judgments on reliable information. As a result, you may have a competitive edge based on market price.

Bright Data Collector is also very easy to use. You may quickly and easily set up scraping projects because of the user-friendly UI. This is excellent if you need access to data quickly and are short on time.

2. Prisync – Overall Best Price Scraping Tool

The pricing for Prisync is based on a URL-based, channel-based, or hybrid model. The URL-based competitor monitoring allows store owners to add competitor URLs one by one or in bulk per product. This is recommended for store owners with less dynamic competitor listings. API access is charged an extra 20% on top of the monthly subscription fee.

Prisync is a comprehensive rival pricing tracking and monitoring solution that you simply cannot do without. We have used it to monitor competitors' pricing across various web platforms. Websites, markets, and social media platforms are examples of these. You may view real-time pricing information with Prisync. It will afterwards assist you in making defensible choices regarding your own price strategy.

It is by far the most effective tool for price monitoring. Prisync is typically regarded as the top price scraper because of the accuracy of its data. Since the program can monitor price changes in real time, you'll always have the most recent knowledge about what your competitors are charging. When it comes to altering your prices to remain competitive, this can be a tremendous advantage.

Additionally, Prisync offers an intuitive user interface. It is simple to use and offers intuitive dashboards that provide you a rapid overview of prices from rival companies. Intriguingly, you can configure notifications to inform you whenever prices change. And maybe most crucially, this service won't cost the earth.

3. SmartProxy (No-Code Scraper) – Data Collector Alternative

Consequently, Bright Data is one of the most widely used programs for price scraping. However, SmartProxy is a different program that is gaining popularity as a clever substitute. Similar to Bright Data, Smart Proxy is a well-known residential proxy network that gives users access to a pool of millions of household IPs to browse the internet.

This implies that when you use SmartProxy, you can access the internet as though you were a human being and not a robot. As many websites may reject queries from bots or non-residential IP addresses, this can be useful for price scraping. Smart Proxy provides a more adaptable price structure than Bright Data in terms of pricing.

SmartProxy offers pay-as-you-go pricing, letting you only pay for the data you use, in contrast to Bright Data, which needs users to sign up for a monthly membership. Furthermore, SmartProxy provides a free trial so consumers can evaluate the service before, if at all, subscribing to a premium plan. Raw HTML or JSON can be used to format the results.

4. Camelizer – Best Amazon Price Scraping Tool

Do you desire Amazon to be scrapped? Check out Camelizer. Camelizer is a handy tool for anyone scouring Amazon for the greatest deals on goods. It collects Amazon price information better than any other tool. It just crawls Amazon's website to acquire information on the costs of various goods, which it then displays in a straightforward interface. Your sales could significantly increase if you use Camelizer and have competitive pricing.

However, as a buyer, you stand to gain more. By providing you with up-to-date information on the lowest pricing for the things you're interested in, we help you make wise purchases and save a ton of money. Camelizer differs significantly from other price-scraping tools in terms of accuracy. You can be sure you're receiving the greatest bargain because it makes use of sophisticated algorithms to make sure the data it gathers is as accurate and current as possible. And finally, Camelizer is simple to use.

5. Pricefy – Best for Monitoring Competitor’s Pricing

Pricefy offers a free trial for up to 50 SKUs and 3 competitors with daily price updates. Paid plans start from $49/month for up to 100 SKUs with unlimited competitors and additional features like marketplace analysis, price change notification, Excel/email reports, dynamic repricing, stock spying, and multi-currency support.

You cannot afford to not use Pricefy if you want to monitor the prices of your rivals. In fact, it is the most effective instrument available for the job. It has shown to be an excellent price monitoring tool throughout time, assisting companies in keeping a watch on the pricing of their rivals. Fortunately, Pricefy's user-friendly and effective design enables businesses to easily track the costs of their rivals.

It keeps track of prices on numerous e-commerce websites and platforms. giving accurate and current data as a result. If you use Pricefy, it's simple to set up alerts for price changes and receive notifications when a rival adjusts its pricing policy.

This is a trait that it has in common with Prisync. The program also offers information on the pricing practices of your rivals and how they affect your company. With this information, you can decide on prices intelligently and modify your plan as necessary. It prevents you, the buyer, from having to pay more for something you can obtain for less.

6. ScrapingBee – Best Scraping API for Price Scraping

ScrapingBee offers a free trial with 1000 free API calls. Paid plans start from $49/month for 150,000 API credits and 5 concurrent requests. Higher plans offer more credits, concurrent requests, and additional features like geotargeting, screenshots, extraction rules, and Google Search API.

A great online scraping API called ScrapingBee makes it simple, quick, and unhindered to scrape data from websites. Regardless of whether you're a developer, marketing, or data analyst, it's the ideal solution for anyone who wants to extract data from the web. It is by far the best API on the market that can be used to scrape prices.

Despite having use cases that span a variety of scraping jobs, ScrapingBee is affordably priced. With options starting at just $29 per month, it is without a doubt the most affordable scraping API available. This makes it a perfect choice for companies and people that want to gather data from the web without spending a fortune. But make sure its low cost is not your only draw.

Despite this, ScrapingBee is a strong tool that can tackle even the trickiest scraping tasks with ease. To guarantee that your requests are always served, it makes use of a pool of tens of thousands of residential proxies. It provides this via a new IP address, which aids in preventing you from being identified and blocked by websites.

7. ScraperAPI – Undetectable Scraping API for All e-commerce Targets

ScrapingBee offers a free trial with 1000 free API calls. Paid plans start from $49/month for 150,000 API credits and 5 concurrent requests. Higher plans offer more credits, concurrent requests, and additional features like geotargeting, screenshots, extraction rules, and Google Search API.

Undoubtedly, it is well known that many page owners forbid bots from crawling their websites. To achieve this, ScraperAPI gathers data, including price information, using covert proxies. Despite being comparable to ScrapingBee, this program is more anonymous and virtually invisible.  For your e-commerce business, ScrapingAPI is unquestionably worthwhile checking out if you're searching for a trustworthy and covert pricing scraping API.

You can quickly and effectively collect pricing information from numerous e-commerce websites with ScrapingAPI without having to worry about being seen or prohibited. Modern technologies and sophisticated algorithms guarantee that actual browsers are used to route your requests. This gives them the appearance of real human traffic rather than robotic traffic.

Several different e-commerce websites, like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, to name a few, support the use of ScrapingAPI. With simple instructions and a user interface that makes it easy to configure your scraping queries, this API is remarkably simple to use. Finally, ScrapingAPI effortlessly gets over CAPTCHAs. This greatly streamlines and simplifies the scraping process.

8. Keepa – Best Browser Extension for Price Scraping

I wholeheartedly endorse Keepa if you're looking for a dependable and successful browser plugin for price scraping. First of all, Keepa is really simple to use. It stores all records of price changes for your consumption, as the name would imply. It interacts effortlessly with your browser and knows when you're on a product page.

The product's pricing and any other pertinent information are then promptly and precisely scraped. But Keepa's adaptability is what makes it unique. It supports a variety of e-commerce platforms and marketplaces, including those from Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and other retailers. It is therefore ideal for anyone who wants to track costs across many websites.

You can also set up alerts and notifications based on particular pricing thresholds or product criteria thanks to Keepa's extensive customization capabilities. Additionally, if you're a data-driven customer, Keepa's in-depth reporting and analytics tools will appeal to you. I appreciate this tool more because switching between the browser and the scraping program is unnecessary. Keepa only performs the scraping within your browser.

9. PriceLab - Best for Dynamic Pricing for e-commerce

PriceLab can automatically change prices in e-stores, depending on the market situation and competitors’ activities. It's designed for online producers and sellers, providing data and analytics from the e-commerce market.

Here's another top-notch price scraper.  The incredible dynamic pricing scraping tool Pricelab was created for e-commerce companies. It has a variety of features that set it apart from competitors in the market. First of all, Pricelab is very user-friendly and simple to use. The program is simple to set up and use, and the UI is user-friendly. Pricelab is also quite customisable, letting companies pick which websites to scrape and what information to retrieve.

This implies that firms can obtain the precise information they desire, customized to meet their particular needs. Additionally, Pricelab provides real-time pricing information, which is essential for companies that want to keep one step ahead of the competition.

With the help of this function, you may quickly and wisely decide on a price based on the most recent information available. Without question, Pricelab is a potent tool that may aid e-commerce companies in remaining competitive in a market that is changing quickly. Our Pricelab experiment demonstrates the tool's adaptability to a variety of e-commerce platforms. As a result, it can be viewed as Prisync's twin.

10. Skuudle – Best All-Round Price Scraping Tool

Let me begin by mentioning that Skuudle is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to monitor prices across several Internet marketplaces. Skuudle has everything you need to keep up with the most recent prices, whether you're an e-commerce business, a manufacturer, or just someone who enjoys shopping online. Skuudle's ability to scrape pricing from a variety of various websites and marketplaces is one of the things that makes it so remarkable.

Skuudle can gather pricing data from almost any place, including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and eBay, providing you with a thorough understanding of the state of the market. Skuudle isn't simply a price gouger, though. For anyone who wants to maintain their internet presence, it also provides a variety of additional capabilities, making it a complete tool.

You may use Skuudle, for instance, to keep tabs on the prices of your rivals, keep track of changes in the availability of your products, and even set up automatic price modifications depending on your own criteria and preferences.

11. PriceSpy – Best for Comparing Product Prices

PriceSpy is a comprehensive price & product comparison service used by millions of consumers every month. It helps you find, discover, research and compare products.

Do you wish to keep tabs on the competition and compare product prices? I'll guide you through PriceSpy now. PriceSpy is an excellent tool for comparing product costs across different internet stores. It resembles a retail search engine. On PriceSpy, you can buy practically anything, including groceries, apparel, and electronics.

The program makes it simple for you to locate the best bargain by collecting prices from several online retailers and displaying them all in one location. The user-friendly interface of PriceSpy is another fantastic feature. Your search results can be filtered based on a number of factors, including brand, store location, and price range. This makes it simple and quick for you to locate the item that best meets your requirements and price range.

Additionally, PriceSpy offers you useful details like product reviews, details, and availability. This might assist you in choosing wisely before making a purchase. In conclusion, PriceSpy is a great tool for anyone trying to cut costs on their purchases.

12. Octoparse – Best Point-and-Click

Octoparse offers a free version that allows you to scrape unlimited pages and run at least 10 scraping tasks at a time. For more advanced features, you can opt for their paid plans, but the pricing details are not provided on the website.

Octoparse is a fantastic tool for online pricing scraping. It is a user-friendly point-and-click web scraping program that is recognized as one of the best on the market. The program offers several capabilities that may be used to scrape data from numerous websites and is simple to use, even for beginners.

Just as easy as dropping a document onto your computer. Octoparse's capacity to extract information from e-commerce sites with complicated data structures is what makes it so effective for price scraping. It is the ideal tool for scraping pricing from any online retailer because it can handle both straightforward and complex websites.

Additionally, Octoparse lets you save your scraping jobs for later use and can export data in a number of formats, including Excel, CSV, and JSON. Sorting is a breeze because you may select the data you want to scrape. Its capabilities and features make it a vital tool for companies that must track and analyze internet prices.

13. ScrapeStorm – Octoparse Alternative

ScrapeStorm is an AI-powered visual web scraping tool that can be used to extract data from almost any website without writing any code. It's designed to handle all kinds of websites and offers a point-and-click interface for easy data extraction.

Are Octoparse alternatives on your list of potential price-scraping tools? Allow me to introduce you to ScrapeStorm; it's a fantastic alternative! With the help of the user-friendly, effective, and reasonably priced online scraping application ScrapeStorm, you may extract information from websites, including pricing information. Even if you have no prior coding skills, you may easily construct scraping tasks using its visual editor.

It allows you to point and click your selected data, just like its twin tool, Octoparse. It supports a number of different data types, including CSV, Excel, HTML, and JSON. This makes later data analysis and market research simple. Additionally, ScrapeStorm has capabilities like scheduling, anti-blocking, and automated IP rotation.

The cost-effectiveness of ScrapeStorm contrasts with Octoparse in some ways. You may extract up to 10,000 data points every month using its free edition, and its subscription plans are also reasonably priced. This makes it a desirable choice for companies of all sizes.

14. ParseHub – Free Price Scraper for Non-Coder

ParseHub is a free and powerful web scraping tool that allows you to extract data from websites without any coding. It's designed to handle all kinds of websites, including those with JavaScript and AJAX.

Have you wanted to use Bright Data's data collector but you don't have any money to pay for it? Here is an exit. Users who don't yet have coding skills can use ParseHub's free pricing scraping service. It is an excellent free price scraping tool that can help you save time and effort while collecting pricing information from different websites. It is an intuitive and adaptable web scraper that is ideal for both novice and expert users.

Fortunately, we could extract data from dynamic websites, including those that contained JavaScript-generated content, using ParseHub. This implies that ParseHub can also extract pricing data from well-known e-commerce websites like Amazon, eBay, and others. Additionally, this program can handle massive data volumes, allowing you to scrape pricing from numerous products and websites simultaneously.

Additionally, ParseHub's point-and-click interface enables you to personalize the data extraction method. The elements you want to extract can be readily chosen, and ParseHub will build the necessary code automatically. Additionally, you can build your own code to further personalize your scraping procedure if you have programming experience.

15. Helium Scraper – One-Time-Payment

Helium Scraper is what you need if you want to make a single payment and scrape prices indefinitely.  No matter how complex the website is, you can quickly extract data with the robust and user-friendly web scraping application Helium Scraper. It's a price-scraping tool with a one-time fee. Therefore, it offers a cost-effective option for companies and people who want to collect data without going broke.

One of Helium Scraper's major features is its simple visual editor, which makes it simple to move about and interact with the page you're scraping. By utilizing the editor to pick specific webpage components, you may construct scraping rules, and Helium Scraper will automatically extract the data.

Amazingly, we were able to scrape prices from JavaScript using Helium Scraper. This indicates that it can easily handle even the most dynamic web pages. As a result, it may be used to scrape pricing from any kind of website, be it a straightforward blog or a sophisticated e-commerce site.


Q. Are Price Scrapers Legals?

Price scrapers may or may not be legal depending on their intended usage and adherence to all relevant rules and laws. There are some restrictions and best practices that must be observed, but generally speaking, scraping publicly accessible data from websites is not prohibited.

Whether the website being scraped contains terms of service or other usage guidelines that forbid scraping or the use of automated tools is an important factor to take into account. If such terms are present, employing a scraper to take data from the website can be viewed as a breach of those terms and subject the user to legal action.

Q. Why Should I Use a Price Scraper?

A price scraper might assist you in monitoring the pricing tactics of your rivals if you own an online store. To stay competitive in the market, you can use this information to assist you modify your own pricing. A price scraper can also aid consumers in locating the best offers on goods they are interested in purchasing.

You may make wise selections about your purchases and save money by comparing costs on several websites. Finally, market research can benefit from the usage of a price scraper. You can learn more about consumer demand, market saturation, and other factors that can influence your company's decisions by examining price changes over time.

Q. What Features Make an Excellent Price Scraper?

A top-notch price scraper should successfully gather pricing information from several internet sources. It must meet certain criteria for this to happen. Therefore, a good price scraper needs to be precise in gathering and presenting pricing information. Additionally, the scraper's speed is crucial. Therefore, it is essential to quickly gather and deliver price data results from internet sources.

A good scraper should also be adaptable enough to use a range of websites and sources. Users should also be able to tailor their searches so they may acquire the precise data they require. Finally, it should accommodate a range of document types and be user-friendly and safe.


In order for companies of all sizes to remain competitive in the dynamic and quick-paced e-commerce environment of today, price-scraping solutions are crucial. Utilizing these tools will enable you to spot market trends, analyze market pricing methods, and improve your own price strategies to draw in and keep clients. Nevertheless, having firsthand knowledge like this will be very helpful to you in selecting the best price-scraping tool. Last but not least, price scraping tools are a valuable resource for companies looking to keep one step ahead of the competition and implement data-driven pricing strategies.

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