The Best MAP Monitoring Software 2023: Comprehensive Review & Comparison

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Are you a product manufacturer battling with retailers violating your Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy? In this article, we have come up with the Top 11 Best MAP Monitoring Software to help you step up your game and have effective pricing control.

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Overview of Top 11 Best MAP Monitoring Software

In this extremely competitive world of business today, having central control over product pricing is key for manufacturers. Therefore, why Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policies are implemented to maintain product prices and ensure consistent brand value. However, even with the implementation of these policies, retailers have still found ways to strategize when it comes to violating this set price to arose a discomforting issue in the marketplace.

What is MAP Monitoring?

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) monitoring is the process of tracking online product prices across digital channels to identify fluctuations in the market and ensure compliance with a brand's MAP policy. MAP policies are set by manufacturers to maintain a consistent price for their products across different retailers and protect their brand image. MAP monitoring can be done manually or automatically using specialized software. MAP monitoring refers to Minimum Advertised Pricing monitoring. It is the process of tracking a brand's products online to ensure compliance with Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policies.

Now the question frequently asked is, are there ways to combat this price corrosion and lack of uniformity? Is there any tool that can be used to monitor and have a third eye on the selling price of retailers and platforms that displays your brand products? Well, of course, yes, that’s what MAP monitoring software unraveled. MAP monitoring software plays a vital role in protecting manufacturers' image.

These tools enable businesses to monitor the Minimum Advertised Price enforced across several online and physical stores. This is to make sure there is nonstop monitoring of retailers, identifying any price violations, the retailer that commits them, and alerting the brands. Fishing out repricing and even showing retailers' current price algorithms are yet some benefits among several others the software can look into.

Top 11 Best MAP Monitoring Software

Automated MAP monitoring software tracks product prices across various online stores and marketplaces, identifies price violations, and helps brands enforce their pricing policies. These tools can provide real-time notifications, capture full-page screenshots as evidence of violations, and integrate with existing systems through APIs.

Some of the top MAP monitoring software solutions include PriceManager, IntelligenceNode, Prisync, WiserSolutions, TradeVitality, Price2Spy, DataWeave, PriceSpider, OmniaRetail, PriceRest, and Netrivals. Each software has its unique features and is suitable for different types of businesses, such as retailers, manufacturers, and e-commerce companies.

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Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Monitoring Software Compared

This comparison gives an overview of each software's key features and who they're suitable for. The features listed encompass functionalities such as real-time price monitoring, competitor tracking, identifying MAP violators, providing analytics on merchandising and promotions, and many more.

Software Key Features Suitable For
PriceManager Real-time price monitoring, competitor tracking, customizable alerts Retailers, manufacturers, and other interested parties
IntelligenceNode Tracks variants, similar & exact products, daily monitoring Retailers and brands looking for comprehensive and accurate competitive insights
Prisync User-friendly dashboard, price change alerts, competitor insights E-commerce businesses looking to optimize prices and maximize revenue
WiserSolutions Identifies MAP violators, automated email alerts, custom reporting Retailers and brands looking to enforce MAP policies and gain market intelligence
TradeVitality Instantly identifies unauthorized resellers, scheduled reports Brands looking to monitor and enforce their MAP policies
Price2Spy Screenshot evidence of violations, tracks global sources Retailers and brands seeking a comprehensive solution for monitoring competitor prices and enforcing MAP policies
DataWeave Analytics on merchandising, promotions, assortment Retailers and brands looking for data-driven insights and analytics to optimize pricing strategies
PriceSpider AI-based price monitoring, market share analysis Retailers and brands seeking a technology-driven solution for monitoring and enforcing MAP policies
OmniaRetail Tracks pricing changes, promotions, availability Retailers and brands looking for a flexible and customizable solution for monitoring and enforcing MAP policies
PriceRest Repricing algorithms, competitive insights, promotions tracking Retailers and brands seeking an automated solution for monitoring competitor prices and adjusting their own prices accordingly
Netrivals Similar functionalities to PriceRest, competitor price tracking, global price monitoring Retailers and brands looking for an alternative to PriceRest with similar features and capabilities

With the above highlights on what MAP monitoring software is, in this article, we would walk you through a well-vetted list of the top 11 best MAP monitoring software based on their features, capabilities, users’ reviews, popularity, and most of all brand benefits. Let’s get going.

1. PriceManager — Overall Best MAP Monitoring Software

Foremost is PriceManager. An AI-powered retail analytics. This tool has been proven to work well as a growth-driven solution for both brands and retailers. It is an easy-to-use tool with a flexible interface to help set a metric above your competitors. As a brand, it will assist you in monitoring and tracking your MAP pricing policy across all of your product retailers.

Also, as a retailer, it can keep you abreast of the product pricing of your competitors. This will in turn boost brands and retailers’ credibility, image, and brand value. What keeps PriceManager above other MAP monitoring software is its cutting-edge technology that helps you keep up with your competitors. On top of that streamline and maintain superiority over others.

It is reliable, convenient, accurate and integrates data into your business to double your profit and increase your bottom line. Amazingly, regardless of your business, be it clothing, footwear, health, apparel, beauty, toys, electronics, drugs, or food, just name it, the software can track thousands of products with just a click. PriceManager is always a good pick.

2. IntelligenceNode — Best MAP Monitoring Software to Track Variant, Exact and Similar Products

Next in line is IntelligenceNode. Are you a brand looking to maximize your profit with MAP monitoring software? Then you’re just where you should be. Likened to PriceManager, IntelligenceNode has 99% accuracy to further optimize prices and convert shoppers into loyal customers. What you will come to like with this software are its fine attributes that are not limited to only monitoring.

It adjusts price faster; has a plug-and-play monitoring API which helps in accessing competitors' price strength and data exportation. These features by credibility are what made the software to be trusted by top brands like Nestle, Lenovo, TraqLine, and PRADA to mention a few. Additionally, the ability to compare and track how competitors are pricing similar and matching products is another thing to be appreciated.

What’s more, is the unlimited violation alerts and notifications by email. Nevertheless, if what you are worried about is the country and currency barrier, IntelligenceNode is both language agnostic and category agnostic, hence, tracks and monitors prices in over 100 languages.

3. Prisync — Best MAP Monitoring Software with Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Prisync is another one to look out for. This software renders real-time monitoring and automates the current selling price of retailers and brand competitors. It helps you to collect and track every competitor’s product price and obtainable stock details. And all this information is gathered in a single and proven easy to use dashboard.

Prisync unlike IntelligenceNode has proactive customer service which sees you through 24/7 support when need be. With its timely and reliable data gathering capability, the software can help you walk your way up from a small business to a Fortune 500 brand, all thanks to its accuracy. Though Prisync is not free, the subscribing plans are quite pocket-friendly.

With its professional plan, $99 can monitor, optimize and track 100 products, in its premium, $199 for 1000 products and platinum goes on $399 for 5000 products. Understand that, all packages are monthly basis.

4. WiserSolutions — Best MAP Monitoring Software to Track MAP Policy Violators

Are you a brand or manufacturer looking for ways to pull back the drape of your MAP violator? WiserSolutions is right here for you. Now, why should you trust this software? WiserSolutions among other software will give you a viable coverage of your violators. This is coupled with evidentiary support on who and when the pricing policy was violated.

More importantly, it will help you specify your retailers’ websites, and give you the list of resellers' products you want to monitor. As a result, it shows you how retailers display your product, thus unlacing out both authorized and unauthorized sellers.

Above all that, you can easily review and monitor your MAP compliance policy, selling prices, and violations to know what is going on in the marketplace. This tool has always been a catch. Therefore, try it if you’re looking to get MAP monitoring software to help safeguard your product price.

5. TradeVitality — Best MAP Monitoring Software with Automated and Instant Identifier

If you are looking for how to monitor your MAP agreement while still protecting your brand and seller's profit margin, then, TradeVitaity is the perfect software. This tool has been on the frontlines since 2015 and so far, has uncovered over two million price violations. Compared to WiserSolutions, it automatically finds violators and instantly contacts them about their actions.

As such, they can stop trying to outsmart your brand’s rules. Top brands have leveraged this software due to its efficiency. The fact that you can use the software by yourself or outsource its management to experts defines its flexibility. It is easy to set up, takes a screenshot, streamlines MAP monitoring, and monitors sellers' and competitors’ activities daily. With this tool, you can protect your product profit margin while on the other hand building your brand.

6. Price2Spy — Best MAP Monitoring Software with In-built Screenshot Functionalities

Price2Spy just as the name implies is a highly comprehensive MAP monitoring software that often checks for price, violation alerts, and report for data-driven decisions. As a brand, sourcing this tool will give you an edge to allow you to take control over your brand’s value.

Likened to TradeVitality, besides price monitoring, e-mail alerts, and product listing, Price2Spy can be set to take screenshots anytime your brand product is traded below the threshold of your minimum advertised price. Therefore, why it is seen to be the best MAP software with the best screenshot functionalities. The tool monitors in any currency and any language.

Additionally, it has both basic and premium plan. While the basic plan checks only one product per day, the premium plan checks eight products per day. However, there is a 30-day free trial at the initial stage for every subscribed plan.

7. DataWeave — Best MAP Monitoring Software with Merchant Analytics

Are you a manufacturer struggling to safeguard your brand equity, DataWeave is the best tool to be considered here. Assessing the number of products in the marketplace, a brand can have several retailers trading its product. With that, have diverse sellers and resellers to deal with. What is often difficult to keep going in a situation such is the policy of the brand.

Enforcing MAP policy is crucial if you are a brand, so using DataWeave will let you monitor your products across different channels. This will further enable you to improve equality in price and detect violators across all your product types and categories. Essentially, what toss this tool above others, is the power it has in spotting counterfeit products.

By so doing, it roots and boosts consumers’ confidence, withers and fishes out illegal merchants, and prevent unauthorized seller and items from lurking in the marketplace. When it comes to tracking merchant analytics, this software is sure the choice to pick.

8. PriceSpider — Best MAP Monitoring Software with Cutting-Edge Technology

PriceSpider is a MAP monitoring software that helps brands to protect their pricing integrity, optimize profitability and increase revenue growth. In comparison to TradeVitality, PriceSpider can identify more than 500,000 minimum advertised price policy violations daily. With its cutting-edge Prowl software, you will get the most out of your MAP enforced policy.

This will lead to an effective and efficient pricing solution. The Prowl software discovers sellers by searching and surfing the internet as a buyer would do, monitors price to capture data every three hours inclusion to night and weekends, and investigate unauthorized sellers so to find out who the unknown sellers of your product are in the market and enforce MAP policy to integrate with your retailers' emails and domain to drive brand value. Top brands like LG Adidas, SMITH, Nintendo, MOEN SAMSUNG, Nestle, and more leverage this software.

9. OmniaRetail — Best MAP Monitoring Software for Tracking Retailer and Brand Price Dynamics

If you are a brand trying to make retailers adherent to your MAP policy and a retailer wanting to keep a third eye on fellow product competitors, Omnia is the best fit. Now, what’s the uniqueness of this tool? OmniaRetail has dynamic pricing to help automate and control the brand's product price in every shop. A pricewatch feature that will compare and track competitors’ prices.

Multiple data sources is another pros to pull data from competitors’ website. Plus, automated data collection, pricing calculation, and price updates so to enable you pay attention to strategize and improve your business. What’s more, distinct from Price2Spy, OmniaRetail has 14 days free trial and complete flexibility across all pricing rules.

Looking by its brand's acceptance over the years, this software has been in existence for some time now and with that has gained good credibility from over 100 thousand top retailers and brands like hp, PHILIPS, m SIGNA SPORTS UNITED, ASICS, and more. If you have an interest in this tool, do not worry about how to get by as the customer service team prioritizes your success.

10. PriceRest — Best MAP Monitoring Software with Repricing Algorithm

PriceRest is another fine MAP monitoring software that has global tracking capabilities for over 35 countries. It monitors your competitor’s price and it's suitable for dynamic pricing just like OmniaRetail. What set PriceRest above other tools is the ability to reprice your prices automatically on several e-commerce sites to stop MAP violations.

Furthermore, this software is user-friendly, and the fact that it gives room for price suggestions differentiates its inbuilt attributes. For as easy as just providing the URL of products and retailers you want to monitor, you are heading for a successful ride.

With its matching modules, you can effortlessly compare and see the similarities in the exactness of your brand products to that of your competitors. Oftentimes, you can know your competitor’s sales volume daily, and keep up with their price changes to evaluate your price, all thanks to its stock monitoring and notification features. These benefits to mention a few are what is packed in PriceRest.

11. Netrivals — Best MAP Monitoring Software with Similar Functionalities to PriceRest

Netrivals is both a MAP price software and MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) monitoring tool. Having a functionality similar to PriceRest can help you see the price at which the retailers are selling your brand products. Get you to know the exact prices and the sellers’ stock available right from their direct website.

With that, you can easily see and analyze the evolution of the prices of your product in different stores and platforms across countries. Also, you are an advantage of the global attitude of your products to know how they evolve in the marketplace compared to your competitors.

Using Netrivals, there is a clear display of the algorithm showing you the complete view of distribution channels, revealing unauthorized distributors and spotting inconsistency in MAP agreement between you and your retailers in any country. The software further displays sellers above and below MAP for you to see the pricing catalog. Different from others, this tool has a browser extension to allow you to add products and easily navigate through the retailer’s link with your catalog.

Key aspects of MAP monitoring:

In summary, MAP monitoring is essential for brands adopting Minimum Advertised Pricing policies to control their online product pricing and brand reputation.


Q. Why Should I Use MAP Monitoring Software?

Implementing effective and efficient MAP monitoring software is important. As a brand having full control of your product pricing is paramount to help protect and uplift your brand’s image and value. MAP monitoring software is a big deal because it’s the only way you can get to streamline your product's minimum advertised price and have the price uniformity you want.

Also, with the software, you can have an edge up on your sleeve always on what your competitors are up to as well as keep your profit margin on track. The pros of the ‘why’ sure outweighs the cons.

Q. Is It Illegal for Brands to Use MAP Monitoring Software?

No, MAP monitoring software is not illegal. It’s never a crime as a brand to want to step up and take control of your policy to make sure retailers keep to their agreement. It is often seen that some retailers sell below or above cost to make more sales or generate more revenue. This in turn is never good or profitable to the manufacturers, as their profit margin will be jeopardized. Above that, stir up price competition.

However, with MAP monitoring software, all retail and competitor product pricing details can be put on autopilot for monitoring and tracking. This will enable both the brands and retailers to get their fair share of value.

Q. What is the Best MAP Monitoring Software?

The above-mentioned and discussed in this article are the top 11 best MAP monitoring software that has been tested and proven to be productively effective. With their different attributes and functionalities, they offer solutions to several brands and manufacturers in the way they choose to protect and increase their profit margin.

By using this software, brands can proactively, timely, and accurately monitor the compliance of the MAP policy they enforced. Most importantly, they can be able to instantly identify the retailers that are violating their agreement via simple notifications, alerts, or emails. if you are debating on which MAP software to settle for, anyone choosing from the list here will do just fine.

Q. What is the Penalty for Violating MAP Policy?

MAP is a direction set by the manufacturers. It is done to prevent price erosion on products and allows you to take control of your product and protect others in the distribution channel. You can as well enforce your trademark on violators or unauthorized retailers. But, even with this right manufacturers have over their retailers, it does not stop resellers from violating the minimum advertised price policy set to be agreed upon. Therefore, to avoid this, some product manufacturer has penalties imposed on violators.


With the competitiveness in the world of businesses, having retailers or resellers keep up with the MAP policy is often a struggle. However, with the advent of MAP monitoring software, you can easily incorporate all your products' retailers’ selling prices and monitor their activities from afar while you still build and improve your brand. In this article, we have listed out the top 11 best MAP monitoring software, proven and vetted by top brands. Do not hesitate to give anyone a try to bring out your brand’s A-game to protect your profit margin.

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