What Is Amazon Flex In 2023?

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Amazon Flex is a delivery program in which independent driver contractors are hired to make deliveries from Amazon’s warehouse and fulfillment centers to the customer's house. Read on to know more!

Amazon’s colossal magnitude of operation has led to the development of a massive in-house logistic empire. As of 2023, Amazon uses enormous fulfillment centers, large fleets of trucks and cargo planes, local delivery companies, and independent driver contractors to make deliveries faster.

Keeping up with delivery demands is one of the biggest challenges retail companies face. Being the largest online retailer globally, Amazon is not an exception to this. Over the years, Amazon has come up with various solutions to reduce the shipping time. In addition to using large fulfillment centers and a large fleet of trucks and cargo planes, Amazon introduced the Amazon Flex program, which contracts independent drivers to make the deliveries.

If you have heard about Amazon Flex and are wondering about the job opportunity it brings, or you are just curious, read on.

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What Is Amazon Flex In 2023?

Amazon Flex is a delivery program in which independent driver contractors are hired to make deliveries from Amazon’s warehouse and fulfillment centers to the customer's house. By doing this, Amazon can drastically reduce the time it takes to deliver goods to the customers, resulting in a great shopping experience. 

The primary purpose of its introduction was to make the last mile deliveries more efficient and take a short time. The launch of Amazon Flex also meant that Amazon was less dependent on logistics companies such as FedEx and UPS and could have more control over how they ship the products.

How Does Amazon Flex Work?

Amazon Flex works similarly to Uber Rush. The driver contractors must first have a smartphone since Amazon Flex is app-based.  By using the app, drivers can schedule a block. A block is a specified amount of time the driver will make the deliveries. A push notification is then sent to the drivers when it is time to report to the Amazon warehouses or stores.

The driver then delivers the products to the customer's house. The drivers are also required to prove that they have made the delivery by scanning the package and taking a photo of the delivered package.

How Do Amazon Flex Shifts Work?

The driver contractors make their working schedules through the app. From the app, they can schedule blocks. Therefore, any deliveries that the drivers will have to make will be during the pre-selected time. In addition to the regular shifts, drivers can take on “instant offers,” which are not always available.

Who Delivers Amazon Prime Orders?

As an Amazon Flex driver, you will have to make Amazon Prime and regular Amazon deliveries. Since time is a significant factor in Prime deliveries, most drivers will be charged with delivering products to the Prime members.

What Types of Deliveries Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

As an Amazon Flex driver, you will be delivering a wide range of products from Amazon’s delivery stations. Some of the deliveries include.

Requirements to Be an Amazon Flex Driver

Like other job offerings at Amazon, you will have to meet some requirements to qualify to become an Amazon Flex driver. The following are some of the requirements.

In What Cities Is Amazon Flex In?

As of 2023, Amazon Flex is available in 50 US cities. There are, however, plans to introduce the service in more regions.

What Does Amazon Flex App Do?

The Amazon Flex app is at the core of the entire delivery operation. Through the app, drivers accept assignments and get to know the pickup and delivery locations. The drivers also get a push notification sent to them through the app when it is time to head to the pickup location. Drivers also get a route to the delivery location through the map in the app. Therefore, all flex drivers must get familiar with the app to work efficiently.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Be An Amazon Flex Driver?

As mentioned earlier, you must be at least 21 years old to qualify for the job. Nonetheless, you’ll still have to meet other requirements.

How Much Do Amazon Flex Drivers Make?

As an Amazon Flex driver, you can make anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour. Many factors affect the amount of money you will make—such factors include service demand, location, and the time taken to make the deliveries. Drivers can also take on instant offers and, at times, receive tips from customers, which help them make more money.

How to Maximize Earnings As An Amazon Flex Driver

The following are some tips that you can use to increase your earnings as a driver.

How Do You Know How Much A Delivery Pays?

You, as a driver, must know how much you will earn from a block to see if you can cover expenses such as gas. When you select an offer, the app will present you with information such as pick-up location, delivery location, and, most importantly, the amount you will get paid. For deliveries that do not offer tips, the amount presented is the guaranteed amount. On the other hand, the amount will be approximate for the deliveries that accept tips, and the total amount paid will depend on the tip given.  It is important to note that Amazon will always contribute $15 to $19 per scheduled hour, depending on your location and demand.

Is Amazon Flex Pay Worth It?

If you are looking forward to being an Amazon Flex driver as a side hustle, the pay is worth it. Therefore, you should take advantage of the opportunity if Amazon Flex is available in your location. A common concern about Amazon Flex is that it is relatively new and thus not widely available yet; this makes it less reliable than other similar lines of work.

Do Amazon Flex Drivers Get Tips?

Yes, drivers can receive tips from deliveries that give an option to the customer to give a tip.

Do Amazon Flex Pay For Driver's Gas Or Other Expenses?

Since Amazon Flex drivers are independent contractors, they pay for all their job expenses, including gas for the car and meals. Amazon does not pay for any job-related expenses.

Who Do Flex Drivers Talk To For Support?

Flex drivers can always contact customer service via phone or email for any inquiries. Additionally, they can use the help button in the flex app to contact support.

What Are The Vehicle Requirements For Amazon Flex?

The following are some of the requirements that a vehicle used to deliver the packages will have to pass.

Is There A Driving Experience Requirement For Amazon Flex Drivers?

Unlike companies such as Uber, Lyft, and via that require up to one year of driving experience, with Amazon Flex, you can start working with as less as one week of experience.

Does Amazon Flex Conduct Background Checks?

The products being delivered are often valuable. Therefore, a background check is essential as it proves that the driver can be trusted to deliver the products to the customers without damaging or stealing the products.

What Does Amazon Flex Background Check Cover?

The background check will go back seven years to check for any criminal offenses. Crimes such as violence and theft are what are mostly looked at. Additionally, drivers will have to undergo a driving background check to make sure they haven't made any driving violations on the regular.

How Long Does The Amazon Flex Background Check Process Last?

The background check typically takes 2-5 days to complete. In some cases, it might take up to 10 days. If it takes longer, you should contact the support team for an update.


Amazon Flex is a service that contracts independent drivers to deliver products from Amazon delivery stations to the customer's door. The entire process is centered on the app. Drivers can use the app to select blocks that they prefer. The app will present the driver with the expected pay for the selected block. Amazon Flex drivers must meet some requirements and pass a background check to get the job.

The driver’s vehicle also needs to pass some requirements, such as having a covered bed if it is a pickup truck. Amazon Flex drivers can make anywhere from $18 to $25 per hour, depending on various factors such as location and urgency. There are, however, various ways that the driver can use to maximize earnings. It is also important to note that drivers have to pay for all the work expenses.  

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