What Is Amazon’s Slogan 2022? The Retail Giant’s Catchphrase

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Creating a Catchphrase is a daunting task. This is because the mission and objectives of a company are crammed into a few words that make an indelible meaning. A tagline gives one a general idea of a company’s brand. This is why it is vital to have one. Nearly all average to large scale businesses have at least one slogan – Amazon has several. Catchphrases reinforce and highlight a brand's identity and company's reputation. In this post, we’ll discuss more on what is Amazon’s Slogan in 2022? Keep reading to find out…..

Work Hard, Have Fun, Make history. Can you guess which company’s slogan this is? It is Amazon’s business tagline. The slogan is impressive because it perfectly resonates with the brand's excellence. Among the American top-rated retailers, Amazon is number one; this achievement can only be earned through hard work. In this article, we shall be exploring Amazon's slogan, mission statement, and all that makes Amazon a giant among giant online retailers. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details of what is Amazon Slogan in 2022?

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What is Amazon's slogan in 2022?

Official Amazon's slogan is “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History”

Amazons tagline has remained the same for quite some time now. It is simple, catchy, and memorable. The catchphrase that has defined this American retail giant is "Work Hard, Have Fun, Make history". Amazon’s massive and extensive success is captured in its catchphrase. It, therefore, shows that company slogans guide them in achieving their objectives and mission statements.

What Amazon's slogan mean?

The Catchphrase Work Hard, Have Fun, Make history showcases Amazon as an organization that is driven by ambitious labor force that has fun in whatever they do. Ultimately, all these lead towards a single goal of making history. The be all and end all of it is that employees can do great things while working in conducive surrounding.

What does the Amazon slogan from A to Z means?

Amazon has more than one catchphrase. The A to Z slogan is one of them. It sounds like a mission to display products of all kinds on their website. They use the slogan in one of their ads to emphasize various categories of items. Simply put, the slogan of A to Z implies that Amazon stocks all products categories.

What was Amazon’s original slogan?

The original slogan was Earth's biggest bookstore.’ This tagline was created in 1995 when Jeff Bezos established Amazon as a bookstore. The digital book shop improved immensely and became an extraordinary bookstore displaying the most uncommon books in the world. From back then, the platform has had a couple of other slogans in between before finally settling on the current one.

So far we have established Work Hard, Have Fun, and Make history as their official slogan, but it does not end there. Earth’s Centric Company’ is Amazon’s customer motto, including A to Z. These taglines were created to boost the Company’s brand and growth. There could have been others that were proposed, many of which didn’t see the light of day.

What is Amazon’s customer promise?

Amazon has different catchphrases for its customer promise. Some of these include Secured Shipping, managing vendor’s price increase, effective product delivery, 30- days return guarantee, and privacy protection.

What is Amazon's mission statement?

Like every company or organization for that matter, Amazon has a mission statement which is to become the world’s most client-centric company. Meaning, the retail giant is bent on meeting the needs of its customers by offering affordable products. They intend to make tech work and make it much easier for clients to access products.

What are Amazon’s 4- core guiding principles?

The company has 4-core principles that direct them in achieving their goals. These include:

What is the Amazon Alexa slogan?

Amazon Alexa, like the parent company, also has its own slogan. As it is currently, the platform’s Alexa slogan is ‘empower your organization with Alexa.’ It is important to note that the slogan of Amazon Alexa is different from that of Amazon, the retail giant.

What is the Amazon Prime slogan?

The slogan for Amazon Prime is ' see where it takes you.' Amazon Prime is a paid subscription with multiple perks like prime videos. Like is the case with Amazon Alexa, the slogan of Amazon Prime is also different from that of Amazon, the parent company.

What is the AmazonSmile slogan?

The slogan for AmazonSmile is ‘you shop, Amazon gives.’ Again, like other Amazon slogans, this one defines the mission statement; and it is giving to charity 0.5% of all the proceeds made on their website.

Amazon Slogan History

Amazon has several slogans, the first one was created in 1995, which is the world’s largest bookstore. The next is A to Z or a Smile. Amazon's logo depicts this slogan perfectly. The arrow below the wood sign forms a smile. The A to Z tagline shows the extensive range of items on their website and the joy shoppers feel when they see the product or service. This satisfaction is displayed by another Amazon's tagline, earth's most customer-centric company.' It was changed to “You're done”, You Shop, Amazon Gives. Today, the official one is Work Hard, Have Fun, Make history. Amazon's taglines are simple, classic, memorable, relevant, honest, attractive, powerful, and match the brand's value and mission.


A well-crafted slogan grabs your brand's essence and promises clients goodies in catchy few words. Many companies have one or many business taglines. Amazon, for instance, has several slogans like, Work hard, Have Fun, make History. A business tagline or slogan aims to create brand awareness and ultimately the company's growth. With that said, we wrap this post on “What is Amazon Slogan in 2022?” Hope you found the post very insightful. If you have any questions or suggestions, be sure to drop them in the comments section below.  

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