What is Amazon.ca? (Everything You Need to Know)

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If you live in Canada, you can take advantage of Amazon. CA's free shipping offer applies to millions of items. But which Amazon site is preferable, Amazon.com or Amazon.ca? Learn all about Amazon.ca by reading on!

Amazon.ca, the Canadian site of Amazon e-commerce Company, does function similarly to Amazon.com, but specific goods and pricing may differ. From necessities to athletic equipment, Amazon Canada offers you everything from Canadian businesses and sellers all around the globe. If you reside in Canada, you may take advantage of Amazon.ca's cheap shipping options.

What follows is everything you need to know about Amazon.ca, from the kind of items offered to the availability of different shipping options.

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What is Amazon.ca?

Buying from Amazon.ca is an excellent option if you want to do your grocery shopping and fill up on home necessities from the comfort of your couch. Just like Amazon, Amazon.ca offers a wide variety of products. Compared to other of the world's smallest countries, Amazon finds shipping to and from Canada simpler.

While doing your regular Amazon shopping or taking advantage of the offers on Amazon Prime Day, don't forget to check out the selection of Canadian small and medium-sized companies you can support right from your couch. Many well-known Canadian companies, like Champs Luggage, Karma Cultures, and The Cocktail Box Co., are also available on Amazon.ca.

Checking the Canadian homepage and the many product categories frequently is the best way to keep up with the ever-expanding selection that Amazon.ca offers.

Explain Amazon.ca's Shipping Process

There are a small number of Amazon fulfillment centers in Canada, even though most are in the United States. If you were wondering, Canada has 14 Amazon warehouses, with seven located in Ontario and one in British Columbia and Alberta.

Amazon can most cost-effectively and quickly ship goods to its Canadian fulfillment centers by air and cargo trucks. Amazon has considerably streamlined its operations in Canada due to its proximity to U.S. fulfillment centers and long land border with the country. Thanks to its extensive network, Amazon provides you with the same level of reliable delivery service in Canada as it does in the United States.

On the other hand, delivery times for products sent from the southern United States or overseas may sometimes be extended by a couple of days.

Amazon.ca's delivery times range from quick to slow, depending on your ultimate location and the selected shipping speed. Shipping costs are also order-specific but typically begin at $3.49 for small products like music or DVDs and $6.49 for books and other items.

To further inform you, Amazon.ca provides sellers with a shipping prices and timelines page.

Does Amazon.ca Charge in Canadian Dollars?

By using the Amazon Currency Converter at checkout, the total cost of your purchase will appear in the currency of your choice. Canadian Dollars (CAD) or your local currency (local) are both acceptable methods of payment (CAD).

Is It Possible to Join Amazon Prime from Canada?

Prime memberships are now accessible in Canada, which is excellent news for you if you want to purchase on Amazon.ca. Fast and free shipping on millions of items is just one perk of an Amazon Prime subscription; you also get access to Amazon Prime Instant Video, Prime Reading, and Amazon Music.

In addition, you may access exclusive discounts, such as Lightning Deals, thirty minutes before the general public if you are a prime member.

Amazon.ca, like Amazon.com in the United States, provides a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime, after which it will cost you CDN $7.99 a month plus taxes. As a resident of Quebec, however, you won’t be eligible for a free trial. Instead, you will get a two-month membership at a reduced rate of CDN $7.99.

Should You Buy from the U.S. or Canada Amazon?

Both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca will provide similar features and benefits to their customers, from enticing advertisements to a simple purchase process. Regarding product selection, speed, and adaptability in delivery, both sites can hold their own against Amazon.

However, product availability, shipment timeframes, and shipping costs might all vary by country. Moreover, Amazon works hard to maintain competitive pricing for customers in the United States and Canada. Overall, the simplicity and quickness of shipping from the Amazon site for your nation of residence make it the better option for online shopping.

Orders placed on Amazon.ca and sent to major cities in Canada often arrive within a week; however, this does vary by product. As an Amazon Prime member in Canada, you may save a lot of money on various products and access to a digital media library for both children and adults.


Amazon.ca is the best place to purchase when you are in Canada, have a Canadian mailing address, or are looking to send a present to someone in Canada. You may choose from hundreds of thousands of products. Still, some factors, such as availability, pricing, shipping speeds, rates, and taxes, may vary from those offered on the American Amazon site.  

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