What is Amazon.de? (A Full Guide)

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Amazon.de is the German localized version of Amazon, one of the world's largest online retailers. If you are not familiar with it, then definitely check out this article.

Amazon is the leading online market largely recognized for its wide range of shopping opportunities and worldwide services. It serves more than 100 countries worldwide, making it a great place to buy items in a different county if unavailable locally.

Amazon’s global scale is seen in its various online stores, including Amazon de which is an extension of Amazon. So, what is Amazon.de? In this article, we’ll look at what Amazon.de entails and how it operates.

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What is Amazon.de?

Amazon.de, short form for Amazon Deutschland, is an extension of Amazon in European countries that use the German language. You’re probably familiar with the primary Amazon site that offers its marketplace in English. Amazon.de is a dedicated Amazon website that offers Amazon services in German.

It uses the German language for communication, product display, order processing, and other Amazon services. It is not only a marketplace for German sellers but also offers more affordable deals and fast shipping throughout Europe. Typically, Amazon.de makes it easier for German talking countries or people to get involved in the Amazon shopping area.

Do I Have to Create a Ne Amazon.de Account?

If you already have an Amazon account, there is no need to create a new one. You can use the same login details to access Amazon.de irrespective of whether you created your account on Amazon.com, Amazon Spain, Amazon UK, Amazon France, or any other Amazon platform. You’ll only create a new account if you don’t have an Amazon account at all.

What Products Can You Buy on Amazon.de?

Like any other leading Amazon site, Amazon.de is a large marketplace with a wide variety of products. You’ll find virtually anything from electronics and office products to home and beauty products. In addition to having the most popular items, you’ll also find a large selection of German goods, including locally-made beauty products. Generally, Amazon.de has a wide range of products across its various departments.

Other significant products on Amazon.de include electrical appliances and adapters. Since it has all the categories, you’ll need, browsing Amazon.de will just feel the same as browsing the other Amazon websites. It also offers reliable international shipping options, making it an excellent platform for international shopping. Customers can effortlessly order goods from other European countries without many limitations.

How Does Shipping Work on Amazon.de?

Amazon.de allows you to navigate through its website to find the best product for shipping or delivery to your destination. You can pay for the products and the shipping costs in various currencies, including Euros and pounds. While shipping and delivery vary from one Amazon.de user to another, this platform has the best shipping options. You’ll enjoy free delivery when your order shipping to Germany is above EUR 29.00.

In addition, Amazon.de also offers free shipping for books shipped to Germany, irrespective of your expenditure. This makes it the best place to order if you want your items delivered to Germany. In addition, orders fulfilled by Amazon.de to nearby Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Finland are also eligible for free shipping. Before buying a product on Amazon.de, you can learn more about the shipping options on Amazon.de by visiting its dedicated shipping information page.

After placing an order, Amazon.de allows you to track your order. This option will enable you to follow updates regarding where your item is and its estimated delivery time. Depending on your product and where it’s coming from, delivery on Amaon.de could take anywhere between one day to several weeks. Regardless, Amazon.de offers the best quality products at a lower price and free delivery.

Is Amazon Prime Available on Amazon.de?

Amazon Prime membership is available on Amazon.de and comes with many benefits. It offers a 30-day free trial period, after which users can pay EUR 8.99 monthly. Amazon.de Prime members enjoy a wide range of benefits, from fast and free delivery to reading and streaming benefits. With Amazon Prime, you’ll not only get free premium shipping but also enjoy evening express or same-day delivery on orders above EUR 20 to eligible German metropolitan regions.

You’ll be given a specific timeline within which you have to confirm your purchase to receive them on the same day. It also comes with two-day express delivery and premium delivery for eligible products to Austria. When shopping on Amazon.de, you should look for the Amazon Prime logo so that you can order Prime-eligible products and enjoy its many benefits.

Amazon.de Prime members also get exclusive access to a wide selection of comics, eBooks, eMagazines, and many more without spending an extra dime. Other benefits of Amazon.de Prime include access to Amazon Original Series, exclusively on Prime Video, exclusive early-access sales, huge discounts, and free streaming and download of movies and TV exclusives.

Is Amazon.de Available in English?

While Amazon.de is a Germany-based website, it allows users to switch between English, German, and other supported languages. It is also the only European Amazon site that supports English. This makes it more convenient for many users, including both English and German speakers. It also supports other languages like Turkish, Dutch, and Polish. Its ultra-fast translations ensure that you have a seamless shopping experience.

Amazon.de Prime members will access thousands of free books and magazines offered in Germany and other languages. You’ll also manage to stream millions of songs on the platform without any limitations. This platform’s diverse language support makes it possible for users in Germany who cannot communicate in German to shop, read reviews, and understand products on Amazon.


As a global company, the Amaon.de platform caters to German speakers. This makes it an ideal platform for people living in Germany or those in countries that speak German. It also supports multiple languages, including English making it suitable for any shopper. To benefit further from Amazon.de, customers can also subscribe to Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon.de Prime members will benefit from the free delivery and shipping options, same-day delivery, and free books. Therefore, if you live or are considering delivering a package to Germany, Amazon.de is something you should consider choosing. Unlike other Amazon platforms, Amazon.de can be used by both German and non-German speakers making it ideal for local and international shopping.

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