Amazon Brand Referral Bonus in 2022

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Amazon expanded its off-Amazon marketing efforts by introducing the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus program. It allows you to earn by recommending Amazon products to potential buyers. It is a way that Amazon appreciates the efforts of sellers to send them traffic.

That's why we are here to help you understand who can take advantage of it, how it works, and any relevant information you might need on this program.

Amazon's success is highly attributed to its effective strategies to drive traffic to the platform. This can be seen from the launch of the Amazon Associates program that allowed marketers to drive non-Amazon traffic into the platform. Amazon also launched the Amazon Brand referral Bonus Program to motivate brands to send people to the Amazon marketplace to buy their products. So, who is eligible for the program, and how does it work? In this article, let's answer all your questions and explain everything you need to know about the program.

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What is the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus program?

The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus program makes it possible for Amazon sellers to earn a bonus by running off-Amazon marketing advertisements that drives organic traffic to Amazon. A brand receives a percentage of the referral fees associated with the given sale.  Brands only need to drive people to Amazon and take a cut, mostly 10% credit when the brand sells on the platform. The bonus is not awarded in cash, but rather it will be a credit against their referral fees. Referral fees are the percentage that Amazon charges for every sale carried out on their website. Therefore, if a brand participates in the Amazon Brand Referral bonus program, for every sale that comes from an off-Amazon ad, Amazon reduces the referral fee.

How does the Amazon Referral Bonus work?

This program is available to Registered sellers who must enroll themselves to use it. After you enroll yourself in the program, the Amazon Attribution allows you can keep track of your sales from off-platform advertising. You will create an attribution tag that identifies a buyer from the time they click on it to when they place their order. A seller can send people to Amazon by placing the attribution tag on different platforms. These can be their own website or blog, social media platforms, a link in a newsletter, or run a paid advertisement. When it leads to a sale, a seller will receive a credit on their referral fees, usually 10% of the purchase price.

How is the Amazon brand referral bonus calculated?

How much you will receive as a bonus depends on the product's category. However, on average, you'll get a 10% bonus. You will receive a higher bonus on Amazon-related categories like Amazon Device Accessories. However, you will receive a lower bonus percentage when you promote more expensive items. Sellers also receive rewards on all additional purchases made from the brand's products. This is if the products sell within 14 days after the initial click.

Who can participate in the Amazon brand referral bonus program?

Only Brand Registered Merchants can participate in the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus program. Therefore, you must be a brand selling in the US to take advantage of this program. Other sellers can use the Amazon Associates program to redirect buyers to Amazon products.

Why should sellers join the Amazon brand referral bonus program?

The program is a great deal for sellers, given its benefits to your business. It significantly reduces the costs of selling on Amazon and helps brands grow fast. Through this program, selling on Amazon has become more attractive and profitable to sellers. You will also enjoy the following benefits:

How does the Amazon brand referral bonus affect your business?

Since amazon referral fees cost 15% of your sale, the Amazon Brand referral bonus will reduce the fees to 5%. This helps accelerate the growth of your business, making Amazon a profitable selling platform. This program is also a better advertising strategy for your business. Amazon's PPC advertising costs have increased by 50%, making it better to advertise on an external channel. Your business will get higher organic search rankings at a much lower price.

How much does Amazon award employees for referrals?

Amazon awards an employee $125 when their referral gets hired to a Tier 1 position. This is an entry-level position that includes package handling. Your referral is required to stay with Amazon for at least 60 days for you to be rewarded the referral bonus. Since Amazon does not have a referral limit, you can bring in as many referrals as you would like and earn as much bonus as possible.

Does Amazon offer a sign-on bonus for its referral program?

Amazon offers a sign-on bonus for its referral program. You should keep in mind that the sign-on rewards depend on how badly Amazon needs more workers. It also depends on the time of the year, making sign-on bonuses more seasonal and unreliable. However, sign-on bonuses can be extremely high. You should always be on the lookout to check whether an Amazon warehouse near you offers a sign-on bonus.

Do Amazon referrals get you an interview?

An Amazon referral can get you an interview, but that does not mean that you will automatically get the job. You will be required to meet the job qualifications. When someone refers you, you should be ready to put in more effort to get the job. A person should not think that they will be given priority over one with better qualifications. All in all, getting a good referral from a person always helps.

Does Amazon give its employees bonuses?

Short answer, yes. When you are an employee of Amazon, you'll receive different bonuses depending on your performance or the time of the year. This means that you will enjoy higher rewards during Amazon's busy times. As more people buy products, Amazon employees must keep up with the increased demand. Technically, a part-time worker can receive a $150 bonus or $300 for full-time workers during the busy holiday seasons. Employees who showcase prowess in fulfilling their duties can also earn extra bonuses.

Does Amazon offer its employees other financial benefits?

Yes, Amazon offers its employees more financial benefits. When you work at Amazon, you'll enjoy extra financial benefits that include:

1. Health Benefits

Amazon prioritizes the health of all its full-time employees regardless of their level, tenure, or position. It offers comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage to all its employees.

2. 10% discount on Amazon merchandise

An eligible employee will receive a discount code that gives them a 10% discount when they buy from Amazon.

3. Access to an employee discount program

Amazon also allows them to participate in discount programs that give them discounts on other services like event tickets and restaurants.

4. Family leave benefits

Amazon offers its employees different leave benefits, which include:

5. Family benefits

Amazon allows employees to choose benefits that fit their personal situations. You can receive discounts on specific daycare centers or adoption assistance to cover the adoption expenses like attorney fees and court costs.

Amazon referral bonus Canada

You can earn a referral bonus by directing visitors in Canada to the store. The Amazon Affiliate program in Canada is open to anyone who would like to participate. Since it targets only Canadian residents, you will use geo-targeting or link localization to target your website visitors in Canada. You'll need a website and sign up for a free Amazon Associate Canada account Amazon Associate Canada account. You can then monetize your web content and posts by adding your Amazon affiliate links. You will get an Amazon referral bonus Canada when a potential Canadian buyer clicks on your link and places their order.

Amazon referral bonus India

Amazon has the Associates program, which lets content creators earn by redirecting Indian customers to the store. It works like any other Amazon Associates program, where you earn a bonus after a customer clicks on your affiliate link and purchases items on Amazon. You can also take advantage of App Referral program that allows you to invite friends to use the app. You will receive a gift card worth RS. 200 after they sign up using your referral code and buy goods worth Rs. 300.

Amazon referral bonus UK

The UK's Amazon affiliate program allows you to share products and Amazon programs with a UK audience. You will earn a commission when a person buys products from Amazon or signs up for their programs. You can use customized linking tools to send traffic to the store.

Amazon Flex referral bonus

Amazon Flex allows drivers to earn by using their own vehicles to deliver Amazon packages. Amazon offers the Amazon Flex referral bonus to drivers who successfully refer other drivers to deliver Amazon products. Your referral must showcase competence in completing their deliveries for you to receive your reward.

Amazon credit card referral bonus

Amazon has the Amazon credit card referral program where you create a referral link for each eligible card. You can then share the link with anyone and encourage them to apply for the card. When a person clicks on the link, applies for the card, and gets approved, you'll receive a credit card referral bonus.

Can Amazon employees refer a friend?

Yes, an Amazon employee can refer a friend. Amazon has an employee referral program that allows them to refer anyone to a job listing in Amazon's internal referral system. You must be a full-time employee to refer your friend, and the job listing should allow referrals. Although referring your friend does not directly give them the Amazon job because they will have to be vetted like the other contestants. However, if your friend successfully gets the job, they will have to survive in the company for more than 60 days for you to be paid the referral bonus.

How do I refer a friend to Amazon?

You can refer your friend to Amazon through the Amazon A to Z portal. When your friend applies for the job, they will have to provide your Amazon ID to indicate that you invited them. For an employee referral to be valid, it must meet the following conditions:

1. The referrer should be a full-time Amazon employee

Only full-time Amazon employees are allowed to refer their friends to Amazon. Part-time and other contractual employees cannot take advantage of the employee referral program.

2. Find the job listing on Amazon’s internal referral site

You can refer a friend through Amazon’s internal referral site. Therefore, the job you refer your friend to should be listed on this site accessed by Amazon employees.

3. The job listing should allow referrals

You can only refer your friend if the job on the job finder platform allows external referrals

4. Your friend should work at Amazon for at least 60 days

You will have to wait for over 60 days to receive your referral bonus. Therefore, your referred friend should perform their duties as expected for this period so that you can earn your reward.


Given how extensive Amazon is, you will find many different ways to bring your success. The introduction of the Amazon Brand Referral Bonus has brought a significant difference in how businesses operate on Amazon. Even though it is not for every seller, its benefits make it worth enrolling in. The Amazon Brand Referral Bonus is the most aggressive incentive since the 10% difference could substantially positively impact your business.

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