Amazon Renewed in 2022? Everything You Need to Know

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Amazon’s Renewed Refurbished Program is a great way to get excellent deals on products. If you are on a budget but are still keen to get the best products on this online retail platform, Amazon Renewed is certainly the way to go. If you have ever dreamt of owning the otherwise pricey electronics among other items that usually cost a fortune, Amazon Renewed gives you a chance to own such products and many more, all at discounted prices. Read on to discover how…..

Just as the name suggests, Amazon Renewed is a consumer centric program that seeks to offer quality refurbished items at the best prices. All products on the program are pre-owned or used but have been improved to look and work like new to ensure the end user finds value in their purchase. In this post, we have discussed Amazon Renewed in details so that you can fully understand the program. With that being said, let’s dive right in.

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What Does Renewed Mean on Amazon Products?

Amazon Renewed is a program that deals in certified refurbished products. These products cut across several categories; from mobile devices, to computer accessories, among other electronics. Amazon Renewed is based on a complex quality enhancement system to enhance the value of the items. The program has been around for quite some time and each of the products come with a warranty.

How Does Amazon Renewed Work?

The Amazon Renewed program offers a broad selection of certified refurbished items across categories such as electronics, computers, smartphones, and consumer goods such as home appliances, kitchen tools, toys, books, movies, and much more. Before being listed on the site, Amazon Renewed items go through a rigorous refurbishment process to make sure they meet Amazon's high-quality standards. Qualified suppliers inspect and test products and ensure the quality is top notch. And as aforementioned, these products on Amazon Renewed come with the same limited warranty offered by the original manufacturer. Meaning, you are guaranteed of product quality and usability. You can buy with peace of mind. What’s more, Amazon Renewed product packaging is eco-friendly; a show of the retail giant’s commitment towards reducing environmental pollution. Moreover, all products sold via this program come with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.

What Does Renewed Mean on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Renewed gives you the opportunity to buy refurbished items at a fraction of the price of new ones. The items sold on the program all undergo thorough quality and performance tests before being availed to the end consumer. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can also access the Amazon Refurbished program, besides other privileges.

What Does Renewed Mean on Amazon Trade-in?

Amazon Renewed is part of the trade-in program offered by the retail giant. The program lets you exchange your used electronics for a gift card you can use on Amazon. Amazon then refurbishes and resells your used electronics on its website as under the “Certified Refurbished” product category.

What Does Renewed Premium Mean on Amazon?

Amazon Renewed Premium is a new category of used products guaranteed to look and work like new ones. The program was announced in December 2019 and was launched in 2020. To qualify for Amazon Renewed Premium, the product must be tested and certified by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you can also provide proof of product certification by a verifiable and qualified third-party refurbishing company. In addition, Amazon Renewed Premium products must include all original accessories and feature either a generic or manufacturer's warranty. What’s more, all products sold through Amazon Renewed Premium are eligible for Amazon's standard 30-day return policy.

What is the Difference between Amazon Renewed and Refurbished?

While the Amazon Renewed and refurbished may sound one and the same, the two are actually different. Here are some noteworthy differences between Amazon renewed and refurbished:

Does Renewed Mean Used on Amazon?

Amazon Renewed program includes returned items from the original buyer which are then inspected and tested by Amazon technicians. And because most of the products under this category are returned by the buyer or are brought to Amazon through a third party seller, these products are, without a doubt, already used or pre-owned. After undergoing the quality and usability tests, they are available on the Amazon Renewed program where users can access them at discounted prices.

What Are Some Amazon Renewed Items You Can Buy?

Whether you are a seller or buyer, Amazon Renewed program provides you an opportunity to sell or buy high quality used products at discounted prices. Popular product categories here include Automotive parts, Television sets, tablets, Video game consoles, Outdoor & Sports, laptops & computers, kitchen appliances, office equipment, home & industrial tools, cameras, watches, among others. You can find like-new items in any of these product categories for a fraction of the price.

Are Amazon Renewed Products Second Hand?

Amazon Renewed products are pre-owned products that undergo a rigorous inspection process by Amazon-qualified suppliers to ensure that they meet the same high standards as new products. In that regard, these like-new products may also be considered second hand. However, unlike your ordinary second hand purchases, Amazon Refurbished products also come with a refund or product replacement option within 90 days of receipt if the product does not work as expected or is otherwise not as described.

Can You Save Money with Amazon Renewed?

Amazon Renewed is a program that offers customers great discounts on items that have been “refurbished, tested, and certified to work and look like new.” By opting to make you purchases via Amazon Renewed, you will not only get good quality pre-owned items, but also save quite a lot of money. In part, this is because of the large discounts that come with refurbished like-new products sold on Amazon.

Amazon Renewed Guarantee

The Amazon Renewed Guarantee is a limited warranty for Renewed Products sold by sellers on Amazon. The Amazon Renewed Guarantee is applicable to applies to customers who are unhappy with their purchases or if the product isn’t working accordingly. You can access the satisfaction guarantee within 90 days after the date of purchase of the product or within 1 year or receipt of your Renewed Premium product. Amazon Renewed Guarantee offers full refunds or product replacements, depending on the customers’ preference.

What are the Requirements to Join Amazon Renewed?

To become an Amazon Renewed seller, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

Is it Safe to Buy Refurbished or Renewed Products on Amazon?

Yes, it is safe to buy refurbished or renewed items on Amazon. In part, this is because most of the items in this program are covered by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee which provides for refunds or replacements within 90 days (1 year for Amazon Renewed premium products) from the date of the original purchase. However, there’s a caveat. Some product – factory refurbished items – are not covered by the Amazon Guarantee. That means that buyers won’t be eligible for refunds or product replacements in case the ordered product fails to work or simply doesn’t impress the end user. Such purchases are at the buyer’s own risk.

What Does Certified Refurbished Mean on Amazon?

Certified Refurbished products are pre-owned products which are sold on Amazon Renewed. Such accessories are sold by third party sellers, but have to undergo a rigorous quality and usability test procedures before being availed for sale on the platform. Certified refurbished Amazon products come with all the accessories (original or generic) all of which are fully functional.

Is Renewed on Amazon Trustworthy?

Amazon's rigorous certification process ensures that end users get the best product quality for all the like-new products on the renewed program. Then there’s the Amazon Renewed Guarantee that provides for refunds or replacements for all purchases of faulty products. Together with that, Amazon has a very thorough process for allowing sellers in their renewed program. All these aspects, and a couple others, combined makes the Amazon Renewed a trustworthy program to buy from.

How Does Amazon Renewed Compare to its Competitors?

Amazon Renewed is a trusted partner of Amazon, sourcing only the best equipment from top manufacturers like Apple and Samsung. With that said, how does the program stack up against competitions? Well, there are variations in product pricing as well as warranty coverage. Everything else help constant, let’s take a quick look at how some popular online marketplaces compare with Amazon Renewed. On the basis of warranty for instance, the competitors’ offer the following: eBay (180-day warranty), Newegg (30-day money back guarantee), Best Buy (15-day return policy), and Walmart (90+ day warranty).

Product Categories Eligible for Distribution via Amazon Renewed Program

Examples of Products that Are Available Via Amazon Renewed Program

Amazon Renewed includes a number of products, all refurbished to work and look like new. Here are some popular product categories that are available on this program:

Advantages of Amazon Renewed Program

Amazon Renewed comes with a number of pros, both to buyers and sellers. Some of these include:

Disadvantages of Amazon Renewed Program

Even though the program comes with a number of advantages, it also has a few downsides. Some of these include:


Amazon Renewed is suitable for people who love saving money but do not want to sacrifice quality. Shoppers can get an additional discount using Amazon Renewed Promo Codes or Coupons available on Coupon Codify that allow them to save more on their shopping. Also, if you are a seller looking to expand your sales and reach new market horizons selling refurbished items, Amazon Renewed is a great platform to consider.

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