Does Costco Price Match Amazon? (Here's What You're Interested In)

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If you're a regular Costco shopper and you're also an Amazon Prime member, you might be hoping that Costco will match Amazon's prices. So, let's find out whether Costco price matches Amazon!

Retailers often provide price matching as an incentive for people to shop in their stores rather than those of their competitors. If you are a loyal Costco member, you may wonder if the retail giant matches Amazon prices. We had the same question, so we investigated, and here's what we found.

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Does Costco Price Match Amazon?

Unfortunately, Costco does not price-match other retailers. This includes major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. This is because Costco already sells most of its products at a discounted rate—To shop there, buyers must pay an annual membership fee; in exchange, they have access to exclusive member-only sales and other perks. That's why you won't find a price-matching guarantee at Costco. If you're unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to Costco and get a full refund.

If Costco doesn't match competitors' prices, what other ways do shoppers have to save money in-store? Learn that and more by reading on.

Does Costco Offer Price Adjustments?

The term "Price Adjustment" refers to reducing the cost of a good or service previously offered for sale at a higher rate. In an effort to stay competitive, Costco frequently offers price cuts, especially around December and Black Friday.

Even though Costco does not price match any of its competitors, it offers price adjustments within 30 days of making the purchase. If you find a similar product for a lower price at or in-store, Costco will gladly adjust your purchase price to reflect the lower price. If this occurs, Costco will issue a refund equal to the difference between the sale price and your initial purchase price.

Requests for pricing adjustments can be made either in-store or online at Costco. If you bought the item in-store, you would need to bring it back with you together with the receipt so that you can request a price adjustment. In case you bought the product online, you will need to contact customer service via phone or email.

Finding a comparable item in one of Costco's stores or on their website at a lower price will allow you to take advantage of their price adjustments policy. Costco will then refund you the difference upon making the request. However, remember that you only have 30 days from the date of purchase to submit a price adjustment request.

How to Request A Price Adjustment at Costco?

Requesting a price adjustment at Costco is easy. To do so, visit Costco’s customer service portal and click on the “Request a Price Adjustment” button. Once you click the button, you must log in to your Costco account and fill out and complete the price adjustment form.

If you instead purchased the products from a physical Costco store, inquire at the Returns counter at the location where you made the purchase. If you are confused and not sure how to make the request, it is advised that you contact Customer Support for further assistance.

How to Check the Prices Of Costco’s Prices Online?

Only Costco’s members can view available products and their corresponding prices. If you are a member, just login to your Costco account, and all the prices of products will be listed on the platform. Furthermore, you can add all items you need to the cart and shop as usual.

If you want the latest Costco deals, you should get a Costco subscription. Once you get an account, you can visit to look over their inventory and compare pricing on various items.

Does Costco Honor Old Prices?

To ensure that customers are not overcharged for certain items, Costco will honor previous prices. The item, however, must be in stock when making the request. Furthermore, you should have the original receipt when making the request.

Visit your nearby Costco location or contact Costco customer service to purchase the item for a lesser cost. Once you make the request, customer service will process your request and issue you a new receipt with the new price.

The yearly fee for a Costco membership is $60. The signup process is also easy—To join in person, go to any warehouse's membership desk. If you dont want to go to the physical store, you could instead sign-up online. You could also contact the customer service desk at 1-800-774-2678.

To get the most out of Costo’s membership program, you should consider going for the Executive Membership. Among the many benefits of this membership are a free Household Card, a 2% annual Reward on qualifying purchases, additional perks and discounted rates on Costco Services, and additional benefits on Costco Travel products.

If you are curious about the membership, you should visit Costco’s website and compare the available membership plans.

Does Costco Offer Price Adjustments On Holidays?

Black Friday, Christmas, and the end of the year are just a few examples of the special days where Costco gives discounts on a wide variety of products. In this way, Costco can remain competitive with other retailers.

Is Shopping Online at Costco More Expensive than Shopping In-Store?

If you are a typical shopper at Costco, you may notice that online prices are generally higher than in-store prices. Shipping cost factors into the total sum when purchasing online. At times, however, Costco might offer free shipping on most items purchased online.

How to Save Money When Shopping tt Costco

Given that Costco does not price match, you may ask what other cost-cutting methods are when shopping there. One thing you can do to save costs is to avoid shopping early in the morning and late at night. You can also use a credit card with rewards to help you rack points or cash back on your Costco purchases.

Bottom Line

As of now, Costco does not price match any of its main competitors; this includes major players such as Amazon and Walmart. Since most of its products are already priced competitively, Costco does not match its rivals' prices. Even so,  Costco will offer a price adjustment within 30 days of making the purchase. Coupons, loyalty cards, and incentive programs are all options if you're seeking more methods to save money at the merchant.

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