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Are you aware that Amazon began as a firm that sold books? Over time, Amazon.com grew to dominate e-commerce, media, hardware, logistics, data storage, and payments. It is the largest online retailer and most well-known cloud service, provider. A development that independent merchants abhor discussing. By reading on, learn more about its growth, business strategies, and what it is today.

Are you aware that Amazon is today the go-to platform for both online businesses and consumers? Amazon's business philosophy is based on the "flywheel" concept. A phrase taken from a business consultant (Jim Collins). "flywheel" refers to a customer-centric business cycle that aims to dominate the global commercial market.

The cycle's strategy is to attract customers by any means necessary, such as reducing costs, hence increasing sales. The Amazon-to-buyer sales strategy has allowed the corporation to offer virtually anything buyers want to purchase. In addition to books, customers may now purchase jewelry, cosmetic products, electronics, furniture, toys, home items, and gardening supplies, among other stuff.

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What is Amazon?

Amazon is a multinational corporation that operates through the internet. Its services include retail sales, digital content distribution, cloud storage, and AI development. The company's headquarters are in Seattle, United States. It has global fulfillment, customer care, data, software development, and data centers.

Foundation of Amazon

Jeff Bezos launched Amazon on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington. It was founded in the garage of the company's founder. Since then, the corporation has expanded into a multibillion-dollar international empire. Here, we examine the company's timeline and its path to success.

Amazon's Timeline

In the 1990s: on July 16, 1995, Jeff Bezos founded the bookselling company Cadabra. Later, Bezos changed the company's name to Amazon. He stated that he chose the name to reflect his plans for the organization. He intended to expand his economic empire to the size of the Amazon, the largest river in the world.

In the 2000s: the membership-based shipping service Amazon Prime began offering two free shipping days to Amazon customers in the United States in 2005. Current Amazon membership fees are $14.99 per month or $139 annually.

In the 2010s: in 2011, Amazon unveiled its first computer, the Kindle First, and its vast line of streaming media devices, the Amazon Fire TV Stick. In 2013, Amazon started its online marketplace for Fine Art. The Amazon Alexa "in-home virtual assistant" was made available to customers in 2015.

In 2016, Amazon released the Echo Dot with Alexa as an update to Alexa. In 2017, Amazon acquired its first organic grocery retailer, Whole Foods. Eventually, Amazon introduced Amazon Go, a network of cashier-free grocery stores, in 2018.

Amazon Workers

Amazon has more than 1 million employees worldwide and over 602,000 in its United States fulfillment hubs. The employer analyzes employee productivity by ranking the most productive employees and dismissing the least productive ones. In 2015, Amazon acquired Kiva Systems, a robotics manufacturer, to boost productivity. It has deployed over one hundred thousand robots in warehouses to retrieve shelves from which human workers select client-ordered things.

The Phenomenal Expansion of Amazon

During the global COVID-19 epidemic, the lockdown measures implemented by governments led to an overreliance on online stores. Customers in the US mostly relied on Amazon to deliver things to their doorsteps, resulting in constant growth. However, Amazon's market encounter techniques demonstrate that growth will continue.

Amazon as A Logistics Enterprise

Amazon's e-commerce prowess is a result of its intricate logistic services. Amazon's business received a significant boost after it began offering free two-day shipping to its Prime members. Its potential was bolstered by a delivery system consisting of 28 sorting facilities, 65 hubs, 180 warehouses, 4000 trucks, and 20 aircraft transporting clients.

Amazon as A Provider Of Cloud Services

In 2006, Amazon started a web services firm worth $146 billion. It has grown by more than 50% yearly and currently serves millions of clients worldwide. Amazon is the current leader in cloud computing, providing over 34% of public cloud services, compared to Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Synergy Research Group, which provide a total of 24%.

Amazon as A Hardware Manufacturer

Did you know that Amazon's first excursion into technology, the Kindle e-reader, was released in 2007? It was built on revolutionary e-paper technology. It was the most advanced book-reading screen ever created at the time. Amazon subsequently invested in voice technology and developed Echo, a speaker designed to control Internet of Things devices. It could play your favorite tunes on Spotify and allow you to order an Uber using the built-in voice assistant Alexa. Amazon has recently developed Fire tablets, the Dash button, etc.

Amazon's Merchandise and Services

Here is a list of Amazon's most notable products and services:

Acquisitions and Subsidiary Firms of Amazon

Amazon's acquisitions of Audible, Zappos, Twitch, IMB, Zoox, Rings, Whole Foods, and Metro Goldwyn Mayer have enabled the company to penetrate all business sectors.

Amazon Finance's

According to a press statement on Amazon's investor relations website, there was a large increase in net sales and a drop in both net loss and operating income as follows:


Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, a corporation that sold books. Now it dominates the global industry and is a well-known platform for online merchants and consumers. Amazon is an online retailer and provider of cloud computing, digital media streaming, and AI-based services.

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