Water in My Phone Speaker - Tips and Hacks to Fix It

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Has your phone fallen in the water and damaged the speaker? You can always have a solution with relevant guidance. Please read our detailed article to handle cases of water in your phone speaker.

Today, phones are among the most used electronic gadgets. Unfortunately, water is one of the most prone aspects that causes damage to the speakers and motherboard. Within a split second, when your phone falls in water found on the floor, there is a possibility of getting harmed. Here, everything comes to stand still-halt.

It is at this point that there is nothing that you can expect from the gadget. And sure, your guess might be right because there is a possibility of extreme damage unless the phone is water-resistant. Still, the crackling speaker sound indicates the damage. Therefore, there is no need to lose your precious phone because of the simple fix cases. To restore such files and your phone sounds to work effectively, you will have to perform different solutions.

There are many approaches, and the choice depends on how much water has damaged your phone. Through this article, we will explain everything you need to know, the cause as well as the solution to your speakers. Read through the section to get some tips and hacks.

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Methods of Fixing Water Damage on Your Phone Speakers

If you realize the crackling sound on your speaker after falling into the water, then there is damage to your speaker. It needs an urgent fix. From The research, we have gotten some approved and efficient methods to fix speaker damages after submerging in water.

1. Switching Off Your Phone

This is the first step once your phone falls into the water. This action helps you in many ways, but most importantly, it prevents any further damage not only on the speakers but also on the phone motherboard.

2. Dry Your Phone

Once you switch off, you should proceed by drying off the phone. Ensure you wipe your phone with a dry and clean piece of cloth to remove the wetness. Some people have reported the low-wattage hair dryer being effective in drying the phone, but still, you can go for the vacuum cleaner. This device can remove all the liquids in your phone as well as any opening, including the speakers. A car vacuum cleaner still works as long as it has a small nozzle.

3. Utilizing The Water Ejection Tool

The third method to remove water from speakers is to get that phone water ejection device. There are many tools online that you can capitalize on to play a particular music frequency so that the speaker once again dislodges and vibrates vigorously to remove both the dust and liquid. Sound waves are efficient when it comes to removing water from your phone.

4. Use A Desiccant

The other perfect and ideal method to remove water from the damaged phone speakers is using the desiccant. Ideally, this is a vacuum treatment. You can employ silica gel packs as well as white rice, but use a plastic bag so that it can easily absorb any moisture from your phone. You can establish a vacuum when you seal the plastic bag, as the low vacuum is sufficient to fix your water-damaged phone speaker by drying it.

But note that once you are done doing the above method, then you need to give it time for the moisture remaining inside to evaporate completely. Give it one day before assuming the failure is permanent.

5. Use DIY Approach

You can quickly fix the speaker by yourself at some point. This involves swapping those damaged speakers or broken parts. But if you don't have the prior skills, leave it to the professionals.

Also, fixing the phone damage by yourself makes the phone warranty void. This means you can proceed by contacting the manufacturer before repairing. Otherwise, DIY includes all the above-discussed methods and doing many more improvisations from your comfort.

6. Visit the Repair Agency

This is also a perfect move while having such serious concerns. Well, water damage is among the primary causes of the speaker crackling and producing a distorted sound. The other issues might come from the hardware as well as conflicting software. When you take the water-damaged phone to the expert agency, it means you are unsure of the cause of the speaker's damage. Thus, the agency will scan the phone, identify the concerns, and recommend efficient steps to take or repair the phone. These experts will be able to replace your water-damaged phone speakers.

7. The Ideal Time to Purchase a New Phone

When all the above methods fail, this is the right time to get a new phone. The possibility that you are not ready to repair or don't want to replace the speakers is very high. Therefore, besides replacing and repairing the damaged speakers, you can order a brand-new phone and still enjoy the beat. Replacing the phone is the most effective fix and long-lasting solution to these cases than constantly replacing the speakers. This is because replacing the speaker alone might result in the new speakers being corroded due to the moisture in the phone casing, resulting in serious concerns.

There is also a high chance that your speaker is not working after being submerged in water because of software problems and not hardware issues. Such issues include outdated software crackling the speaker to produce the crackling noise. Upgrade to a new version and fix the issue.

With The help of the experts, you can utilize particular software to spot the issue and suggest hardware solutions, hence resolving the speaker crackling as well. To fully help you, we have also gathered a few hacks and tips to help you stay away from the potential water issues in your phone speakers:-

Tips to Prevent Water Damage on Your Phone

There are many tips that we would like you to have in mind while managing your phone. These will help you avoid all the possible water damage to your phone. Some of the most straightforward approaches are discussed in the below section.

Though we advise that you try your best to avoid water, you can practice careful tactics while handling water with the phone at hand. This means never place your phone in hand while carrying a drink or water. Hence, exercise caution with liquid handling techniques. This way, you will be void of the challenges like speaker crackling because of the water damage.

Above everything, ensure you regularly backup your phone files in case the phone is damaged due to water beyond the above fix and repair methods.

To sum up everything, you must understand that water damage on your phone doesn't just affect the phone speakers. There are many other things affected as well. For that reason, you might resort to purchasing a new device as the ideal choice from the above suggestions. Otherwise, speakers crackle because they are designed using sheets of paper as well as plastic that tends to vibrate to produce that sound.

The other impact of the water on your phone is the potential moisture accumulation in the speaker chamber.  With time, it causes issues in the future. Water also damages audio signal amplifiers, which also brings that crackling sound. On top of these, there is also the possibility of corrosion on the internal part of the phone, which is susceptible, and if not crackling sound, it might bring about phone malfunction.

Note that if you are using an iPhone, before attempting any of the above methods when the phone falls in the water, you are encouraged to first dry it by putting it into the Ziploc bag and placing it in direct sunlight for a day before turning it on to try the above method. The sun speeds the drying process. Once done, remove from the bag and again return in a bag half filled with the uncooked rice and ensure you change the rice every 2 days until no more condensation is seen. Then, you can turn on and use your phone.

But for the Android, dry it using a clean, dry cloth thoroughly while the battery and sim cards are removed. Place in the silica gel bag before putting in the vacuum or desiccant for at least 3 days. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight or drying it with the hair dryer. This is because the method will damage the phone through internal overheating. You can bypass everything we have discussed above by only visiting the phone dealers or repair shops.


Water damage on your phone is frustrating. With the speaker crackling sound, there are multiple easy fixes and solutions. In the above article, we have covered the potential approaches to water in your phone speaker. Read the above solutions, grasp the tips for future safety, and try finding the solution to fix the damaged speakers. Always keep your phone in an ideal place while taking necessary precautions. We hope the above points helped instead of spending extra bucks on a new phone.

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