Sound to Get Water Out of Your Phone - Yes, This Is Possible!

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Water trapped inside your phone can cause serious damage. You may get muted or distorted sounds or even damage your phone completely. So, did you accidentally get water into your phone? You can play a sound to push the water out of your speakers. Read this article to learn more about sounds that can help get water out of your phone.

Water is an extremely dangerous substance for electronics— including your phone. Even a small amount of water can cause serious problems and damage to your phone. While many modern mobile devices may be water-proof, some water may penetrate the interior components— especially speakers— and get trapped inside.

Leaving any fluid inside your phone can ruin it and cost you much money to repair or replace. If you have water inside your phone, you can remove it by playing specific sounds capable of ejecting water. Let’s explore effective sounds to get water out of your phone.

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How to Use Sound to Get Water Out of Your Phone?

You can use an app, website, or video that plays specific tones that can remove water from your phone. They produce a sound that vibrates your phone’s speakers, shaking out any trapped water. Here’s how you can do it.

Using the Speaker Cleaning Feature

Some mobile devices have a dedicated feature designed to help you quickly and easily remove water from your iPhone’s speaker. When activated, this feature plays a high-pitched sound that helps dislodge water that may be trapped inside the speaker. This feature may appear as Speaker CleanerClear Speaker, or any other variation, depending on your mobile device. You can take the following steps if your phone has a built-in speaker cleaning feature:

Step 1: Open the Settings app

Step 2: Tap on Additional Settings,

Step 3: Select Clear Speaker 

You can then follow the onscreen instructions to get water out of your phone.

Using Websites

Various websites have a series of tones that can eject water from your phone’s speakers. They include:

a) Gizmoxo

The Gizmoxo website offers the Eject Water option, allowing you to get water from your phone. Therefore, you can visit the website if your device has water and tap on the Eject Water button. This will play multiple sounds that remove water and make your phone’s speakers sound less muffled. The platform offers sound with the same frequency as the Apple Watch’s Eject function.

b) Fix My Speakers is another straightforward utility website that pushes water out of your iOS or Android speakers. You can open the website on your browser and click the water ejection button to play a sound. Keep playing the sound until your phone’s speakers sound normal.

c) Minicreo Phone Cleaner

Alternatively, you can visit the Minicreo Phone Cleaner website to get a high-frequency sound that cleans water out of your speakers. The website provides a 165Hz high-pitched sound that plays after you tap on the Fix My Speaker option and then the Click to Play button.

Using iOS Apps

If you have an iOS device, here are the common apps you can use to remove water from your iOS device’s speakers.

i. Water Eject Shortcut

The Water Eject feature offers the fastest way to remove water from your iPhone. This feature is compatible with most newer iPhones running iOS 12 and above. It is also available on iPhone models with stereo speakers and water-resistant designs. You can easily activate the Water Eject function using the Shortcuts app. Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Shortcuts > Allow untrusted shortcuts to allow untrusted shortcuts on your iPhone

Step 2: You can then download the Water Eject Shortcut on your iPhone

Step 3: Tap the Add Shortcut button when it appears. This opens your iPhone’s Shortcuts app and installs it.

Step 4: Turn your iPhone’s volume all the way up

Step 5: Open the Shortcuts app

Step 6: Tap the Water Eject Shortcut option

Step 7: Select Begin Water Ejection

You’ll hear a high-pitched tone that pushes the water out of your iPhone. You can also activate the Water Eject function using Siri by saying, ‘Hey Siri, run Water Eject.’ After successfully ejecting water, your iPhone’s Siri Shortcut should turn down the volume.

ii. Sonic

iOS users can also download the Sonic app to get water out of their phones. The app produces a sine wave tone which can be adjusted depending on your desired frequency—ranging from 0 to 25kHz. Therefore, you’ll have more frequency control and can play sounds by swiping up or down on the app’s home page. Additionally, Sonic supports background processing allowing you to use other apps as it removes the trapped water.

Using Android Apps

Android users can use the following apps to remove water from their devices.

1. Speaker Cleaner

Available on the Play Store, this app can help fix your speaker if it has been in contact with water. It produces a sound that will remove water from your speaker. You should ensure you turn your Android phone’s volume all the way up after downloading and installing it.

2. Super Speaker Cleaner

This Android app produces varying sounds to get water out of your phone. The app cleans not only your loudspeakers but also your earpieces. Unfortunately, Android phones without stereo speakers play sounds through loudspeakers, leaving the earpiece for calls. This makes it difficult to remove water from your earpieces. However, the Super Speaker Cleaner app allows you to remove water from both the loudspeaker and earpieces with sounds of various frequencies.

Using Videos

You can also use videos if you would like to avoid downloading an app to your mobile device. Here are different YouTube videos that you can use to remove water from your phone.


KOMA’s YouTube video has helped many Android and iPhone users get water out of their devices. The video features a sound with varying frequencies that can help clean your phone. You should ensure your phone’s volume is maximum to get the most out of the video. You can also play as many times as you want until all the water is out of your speakers and the sound is clearer.

2) n Beats

This is another YouTube video with a water-ejecting sound to clear your speakers. Open the YouTube App on your phone, turn up the volume, and let the sound get water out of your phone.


Accidentally pouring or dropping your phone in water may cause you to worry. It can result in muffled sounds and cause further damage to your phone. Luckily, there are easy fixes that don’t require replacing your phone speaker. We hope that you’ve fixed your phone with the techniques discussed above. If not, your last resort would be to take your phone to your manufacturer’s service center for a comprehensive inspection and repair.

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