Exante Diet Review: Is It A Good Low-Calorie Meal Replacement?

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Is Eaxnte Diet the best low-calorie meal replacement that is only made to burn fats and help customers lose weight much faster? Exante Diet is believed to offer a calorie-deficient meal that is effective in helping people manage their weight. If you are eager to know more and prove the statement, let us find more details in this article.

Because of the fast food on the market, most people are gaining weight to an alarming extent. Many companies are coming up, and it seems their main target is to generate revenue and make a profit. However, some of the companies on the market do not consider helping customers manage their weight. With few available, they are trying to capitalize on providing low-calorie meals that effectively reduce weight faster.

Though, to achieve this, you must also follow their strict guidelines. Today's article will cover the Exante Diet reviews that aim to transform your body into the Ketosis state. This is where you consume minimal calories than what your body needs. And when you are keen, you will be able to see the result within four days.

The burn can easily burn the fats to regain back the original weight. Amongst people, the meal replacement plan is famous when one is seeking dramatic outcomes. On the plan, never miss out on the Exante Diet. Before we look into other things about the meal, let's go back to the company reviews to look at and understand it better.

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Exante Diet Review

Exante is a rebranded name from IdealShpe, a well-known company that offers multiple substitutes for a couple of meals daily that contain nutritious replacement shakes. The company aims to help customers maintain their body weight and health and live a lifestyle perfect for them.

Going back 19 years, Exante was founded by current CEO Mathew Moulding in 2003. The firm offers the best meal replacements that do not only focus on losing weight but also when you want to tone up. They have flexible packages and options that come with simple instructions.

They suit everybody as long as you exist on earth. The company is growing at a high rate and advertising its products through the use of affiliate programs and support from influencers. From the reviews online, we found out that the company mainly got inspiration from fighting modern slavery, where it mainly focused. If you go to their website, you will realize that they regularly release updates regarding forced labor to date but never engage in such activities.

They also put it straight on their website that they will always remain focused on enlisting the prohibitions against compulsory, trafficked, or forced labor if not anyone that engaged in it. It is interesting to realize that this company offers meal supplements but engages in such emerging issues that other competitors are not even bothered with.

This ethic indicates their mission in business operation transparency, simplicity, direct pricing, and genuine products. In 2016, Idealshape was acquired by the UK-based THG (The Hut Group). Because of the mergers as well as the acquisition of the company, they decided to rebrand to Exante, where they also decided to add a different lifestyle brand.

Therefore, THG is among the leading and reputable firms in the UK offering supplementary and nutritious and is the father brand of many companies, including MyProtein.

Exante has a headquarter in London, UT, and is targeting to become the one roof-stop shop for all the weight management brands under the sun. Today, they offer many products like shakes, Exante peach and Raspberry BOOST Box of 30, multiple supplements, and energy drinks that you can easily mix with water. Because the products are manufactured with weight loss or low calories, their website contains trial boxes with different products bundled together.

Again, you can also find the large kickstart packages. They also have a BMI calculator, offer recipes and diet plans, and include success stories from multiple customers. We will look at this under the customer reviews section. Keep reading to the end.

Among the best-selling products are the Exante shakes which involve staving customers from feeling hunger and energizing them the whole day. You can easily access multiple products on their website with multiple offers. Before we go into details, let us discuss some pros and cons of evaluating the company.

Exante Diet Pros:

Exante Diet Cons:

Why We Like Exante Diet

Multiple things make us like Eante diet products.

Multiple Discounts

The company not only guarantees discounts on the products and gives all the new customers coupon codes to use and reduce their expenses as they save money. Even though they are expensive products, they are many discounts that you can capitalize on them and make things work for you perfectly.

Multiple Flavors and High-Quality Products.

Exante diet has multiple products which also come in different flavors. For instance, with the energizers on their platform, you can easily select the color of your choice and mix it with water to take and remain energized the whole day. They are high-quality products that all deliver value for your money.

Low-Calorie Brands

All products from the Exante firm are made with weight loss in mind. The manufacturers, including those dealing with meal and bars, ensure that the products contain low calories to help reduce weight within 4 days. when you mix well, the products are simple to use, comes with great plans to follow, and are smooth. Also, they have a single serving pouch.

This makes the product handy; hence there is no need to measure the products before mixing is unnecessary. But remember, they also have bigger serving bags ideal for weight loss. The company also provides the BMI, diet plan, and other supplements on its website. This is relevant to the customers for easy access. These supplements also come along with vital articles and success stories attached.

Exellent Customer Reveiws.

This company ash also managed to get excellent customer reviews. Most clients form success stories praising high-quality products, great selection options, and multiple flavours, guaranteeing fast outcomes within the shortest time possible. Most of these products are meant for women, with a few used by means well. They also contain supplements like minerals and vitamins. We will cover many other reasons in the next sections in detail.

Customer Review

Regarding Exante Diet, reviews cannot be complete without looking at the customer reviews. Therefore, you can find multiple reviews online about the Exante diet products. You can start off from their website. In the research, we came across a product which is 800 Calorie diet plan. This plan has multiple options and considering the 4-week diet plan that costs £76.99 has scored 4.46 stars out of 5 after 592 reviews.

A large percentage of the customers were satisfied with the diet plan. Mostly, the customers are amazed at the tastes, the results, pricing, delivery, and access to other supplements. one of the verified purchasers recommends and sums up the customer's reviews by saying:

 "For my taste, there are too many sweet meals in the Exante 4-week plan, and several of them are overly sweet. It would be ideal if one could select what is sent. It's unclear whether these meals are tailored to diabetics or pre-diabetics. Unless the sweetness comes from artificial sweeteners (which I could check but have not yet), the yummy meals may contain too much sugar for diabetics or pre-diabetics."

And most of these customers from,t their reviews on the platform indicate that they are returning customers. Secondly, the products also have scoped amazing reviews on Amazon. Here, Exante VLCD Diet Shakes, a ten-mixed flavor, has a 4.2-star rating after 160 global reviews. 64% of these customers gave it a 5 whopping star rating. Though some clients complained about the packaging, they still love the flavor, as indicated here.

"Diabetes regression program for rapid weight loss (to remove liver and pancreas fat and reset normal insulin production). I plan to use it for a diet, but I am not hypoglycemic. I'm hoping to lose weight by removing excess liver fat. I haven't tried them yet because I'm enjoying the beautiful climate, but I'll begin my diet at the end of September. I expect them to taste similar to the majority of these brands, but I don't care - I'm not in it for the taste!"

When we combine the above with the Trustpilot reviews, we can easily gauge what the customers have in their minds. Trustpilot is twhere you have the overal reveiws. Out of 18661 reviews, the Exante Diet has a 4.3 excellent rating. 6+8% of these customers recommend the diet for weight loss and meal supplements. From the look, most of these customers are pleased with the simple websites, easy process to order the package, friendly customer support, and reliability.

Therefore, most of them are pleased "It was simple to order and get free next-day shipping, so I could start the diet the next day.' I've tried it before, and it works if you stick with it. Overall, I'm pleased."

There are also positive reviews on their Facebook page, on the external reviews sites like The Sun, Lastest Fuel, Influenster, and even on Reviews.io. Though there are a few criticisms, generally, the company is highly recommended for its low-calorie meals that target reducing weight. Let us find out other features of his brand before making an overall decision.

Where to Buy Exante Diet

If you want the Exante diet products, you can easily order the package from their official website. However, that is not all where you can get them. Still, there are other retailers and online stores where you can purchase shakes, supplements, and meal plans from the Exante Diet company. These include-

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Is Exante Diet Worth It?

From the customer's reviews and the quality of the products, we can conclude that Exante diet packages are worth it all. The products are the best option, especially for customers looking for the best alternative to weight management that relies on the hand-off approach. The company makes everything simple and comes with a very self-explanatory recipe and plan to follow. They also have 12 weeks of challenges that you can join. Besides the Meal plans, they also offer vitamins and mineral supplements to the customers.

There are plenty of options, which range based on your needs. Though Exante diet products highly proceed, they also have massive discounts, promo codes, and other things to enjoy as you save some bucks. They also guarantee instant outcomes as long as you follow the right procedure. The products contain the SSlendesta, an ingredient that contributes to the hunger blocking factor. We recommend you click and check out their website for multiple deals if you are interested in customers.

Exante Diet Discounts

Exante firm offers plenty of rewards to their customers. First, they have a coupon for new customers with the code NEW10 that guarantees customers 10% off on everything. This is exclusively for new customers. Again, if you are in the UK, they offer free delivery when you place an order above £60. When you refer a friend, the company guarantees you £10 when the friend spends £30 and above on orders.

They still encourage their customers to download the app and enjoy other exclusive offers from the platform. But still, there are plenty of discounts on the latest offers; for instance, you can save 25% off meal replacements and extras that auto applies to the basket. Not only customers are considered but also the key workers.

The latter are guaranteed loyalty and rewards, including student discounts, voucher codes, etc. you can also join the affiliate program and earn extra cash. There are many other coupon codes like SB20 gives you 20% off on meal replacement.

Exante Diet Contact

If you have any other issue not covered in these reviews, then Exante company has multiple ways through which you can contact the support staff. Besides getting a relevant answer from their detailed FAQ page, you can consider sending them a message on their platform or contacting them through social media platforms that as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

And if that does not satisfy you, call them through the phone number +44(0)1618131494, which is only operational from Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Live chat is currently unavailable, but we hope the feature will soon be open to everybody needing support.


Q. Is Exante vegan?

The products available in the US are dairy-based shakes. However, you can get both vegetarian and vegan-based alternatives in the store when you are located in the UK.

Q. How does Exante taste?

Specifically, the drink has a sweet taste. But the aftertaste seems to the undesirable based on the online reviews.

Q. Does Exante shake contain caffeine or other stimulants?

From their ingredients, you can find that Mocha and Chocolate contain caffeine ranging from 0.2 to 0.4mg but are delivered from cocoa beans. However, other flavours do not even contain stimulants or caffeine.

Q. Are Exante shakes gluten-free?

osty fot ehproducts are Gluten free. This excludes Cream and cookies which contain gluten from the information on their webpage. But other flavours are considered gluten-free. For insurance purposes, confirm the label of every product first.

Q. Are Exante shakes sold in stores?

Not really; from the reviews, we found that none of the offerings is sold in the stores.

Q. What is Exante Shipping Policy?

Eaxnnate guarantees a free shipping policy for orders above $79, and it seems that they ship only in US and Canada. Though, there is a breakdown of the shipping charges, which varies based on the location and expenditure. The delivery period also varies from 5 to 87 working days. For a detailed shipping policy, check out their website, which ranges from standard to premium.

Q. What is Exante‘s Return Policy?

Ea=xante company has a return policy but only valid within 28 days and if the products meet some of the outlined strict conditions. The procedure is simple, and within 14 days, you will have your full refund upon receipt of the package.


Exante is a reputable company that offers low-calorie meal supplements. The Exante diet targets weight management products using multiple plans. There are multiple choices when you are targeting to kickstart the weight loss journey.

However, the products are not meant for long-term weight loss; they are only incorporated into your diet to manage the weight loss but with supervision only applicable in 12 weeks at maximum. The article covered the Exante diet reviews and all the other things you need to know. Therefore, when you want to start managing your weight loss, Exante is the best company to start with today.

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