Turn On the Amplifier Without a Remote Wire - Is It Possible?

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Can you turn on your car stereo system without using the remote wire? Indeed, there are many ways to turn on the amp. Please read our detailed article for numerous approaches in such a situation and select relevant methods that match your needs.

Installing an amp in your car is one dream for most people. But, the process is not possible without the remote wire. In this case, most of the cars label it as REM on their amplifier.. from the head unit, you will also come across the blue line featuring white strips, which we call a remote wire in your car. But to access the remote wire, you must remove the stereo.

Therefore, in this article, we will make everything simpler. We will go beyond exploring multiple methods to turn on amplifiers without this remote wire as long as you have the factory stereo. Though high-low adapter methods work well, there are many other alternative approaches to achieve the same results. Hence, we have compiled a few of the methods for you to give a try and become a pro. Here we go.

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5 Methods  to Turn On Amp Without Remote Wire

There are many methods to help you turn on your car amp even without using the remote wire. In this section, we will explore the popular 5 approaches to achieve this aim in the shortest time possible and with the little effort needed. Without wasting much time, let us get started with the methods.

1. High/Low Adapter with A Trigger

This is one of the famous approaches to turning on an amp without a remote wire. It's an excellent switch method that relies on the high and low adapter with the trigger. The function of the adapter here is to sense the action on the head unit when turned on, then send the remote output, which is intended to trigger the amp to turn on eventually.

At the same time, when you actually turn off the ignition where necessary or rather turn off the radio,  the head unit receives no signal from your car stereo level cables, and this, in the long run, disables the trigger. In this case, you also need the line output converter machine, vital in converting your factory non-pre-amp speaker output head unit with a high-level signal to the ideal low-level signal, which is perfect for the aftermarket amps.

2. Using Car Fuse Box

This is another perfect method that works as an amp remote wire. This alternative approach can switch on the amp without using the car remote wire. With an excellent connection from the fuse box, you can quickly turn on the signal. This is because the remote turn-on cable is known as the low-voltage cable; hence, you can link it to any available fuse output terminal.

This is only recommended when the fuse terminal powers when the target automobile is turned on on your car. Therefore, we encourage you to utilize the multimeter to confirm that the fuse only gets the signal when the ignition is powered. This must be tested before establishing the connection. Hence, this link is the easiest shortcut to add a fuse connection and ensure you use the fuse managing from the 2A up to a max of 10A.

3. Remote Turn on the Module

The next method in this section is to utilize the remote turn-on module. Just like the name spells it, the turn-on trigger is a simple small device that can establish a switch-on signal to the target remote wire in a car. You can even decide to trigger this connection using the low-level or speaker wire in this trigger connection.

Therefore, when correctly fitted, your turn-on module will be able to sense the voltage presence in the speaker wires from the head unit. From there, it will send about 12 and above voltage output to the target remote wire as a signal. This is the most affordable method to turn modules and also gives you access to the best features with the option to integrate a little second delay prior to output activation. This helps you to also remove all those turn-on noises in the application, such as the loud pop sound.

4. Use the Switch-Amp Remote to Turn On.

This is the second last method to turn on the amp without using the remote wire. The alternative method also secures the ideal continuous power antenna on the amp, which is grounded to the switch. Format there, the output is then connected to the speaker wire.

This way, the user can easily control when to turn on as well as power off your amp with only a flick of a button manually. However, one of the things that makes the method not famous is that the operation will remain continuous when your battery is not charging. This keeps draining the battery connected to the electrical system when you forget to turn off the switch until your car battery dies off.

5. Use A Source that Turns On and Off with the Ignition Key

This is the last approach, and it gives the general move. This is because all the standard radios do not feature the remote turn-on wire. Therefore, for you to establish the voltage turn-on signal,  it must then originate from the available electrical system on your car.

Thus, the best solution is to start locating the voltage source on the car, which is in the electrical system, and enable activation when the ignition is On position or in ACCESSORY, then tap into it and finalize by attaching your amp turn-on wire. This site cuts to everything on this approach, and you will be done. Your Amp turns on with the ignition key and turns off when the car has its ignition turned off.

Advantages of Turning on the Amp Without Remote Wire

There are many benefits users enjoy using the above method to turn on the amp. But in this section, we will only explore the highlights among the few available benefits. Please read below and understand before making the above changes to your car sound system.


To this far, you now have multiple ways to turn on the amp in your car without a remote wire. You can utilize the above basic tips and guidelines and enjoy automated amp sound in your vehicle from your comfort at your favorite tune. Learn these tricks and tips to improve your car experience with the audio system. Please read and grasp them for future references as you advance to become an audiophile or a sound pro, regardless of the circumstances.

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