How to Fix "Amplifier Pop When Turned On"

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Does your amplifier make a pop sound when you turn it on? Find out why your amplifier keeps making a pop sound when turned on in this blog post. Discover how to fix the "Amplifier pops when turned on" issue.

If your amplifier keeps producing a pop sound whenever you turn it on, you might be left wondering what's causing this issue. An amplifier that makes a pop sound can sometimes be annoying and frustrating. It could also be a sign that something is amiss with your audio setup.

The good news is that this unexpected sound can be fixed. In this blog post, we'll discuss some common reasons why your amplifier is producing a pop sound when you turn it on. We'll also share some solutions to silence the sound.

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Why Is My Speaker Popping Noise? 

There are various reasons why your amplifier makes a pop sound when turned on. Let's look at some of them:

A. Power Surge

The pop sound you hear when you turn on your amplifier can be attributed to the electrical events that occur within the amplifier during the power-up process.

Normally, when you turn the amp on, you initiate a sequence of events that involve the flow of electrical currents throughout the amplifier circuitry.

While these events are generally part of the normal startup routine, they can cause an immediate surge of electrical current that leads to the pop sound.

B. Capacitor Issues

When you turn on your amplifier, the power supply circuit sends a surge of electricity to charge the capacitors rapidly. This leads to a sudden spike in the electricity flow, which may result in a pop sound.

Aging or faulty capacitors can also contribute to the pop sound. If a capacitor within your amplifier's circuitry is failing, it may produce strange sounds when the amplifier is powered on.

C. Faulty Tubes

If you are using a tube amplifier, the tubes themselves may be the source of the popping sound. Tubes have a limited lifespan, and as they age, they often wear out or get damaged.

D. Faulty Input/Output

Over time, dirt can accumulate in the input and output jacks of your amplifier. This build-up can interfere with the electrical connections, resulting in a pop sound when you power on the amplifier.

Loose input and output connections can also cause the pop sound. When connectors aren't securely plugged in, they can create unstable electrical connections that may lead to a popping noise.

E. Grounding Issues

Improper grounding will most likely cause unwanted noise, including the pop sound that your amplifier makes when turned on.

How to Fix "Amplifier Pops When Turned On"

If the pop sound produced by your amplifier is annoying you, you definitely want to know how you can fix the problem. Here's how to fix the "Amplifier pops when turned on" issue:

1. Soft Start Circuits

Modern amplifiers often incorporate soft start circuits that gradually increase the electric current and voltage when the amp is turned on. This gentle startup minimizes sudden power spikes and helps prevent the pop sound.

If you suspect any issues with the soft start circuit, consider seeking professional assistance from a qualified technician. You can also contact the manufacturer, who will provide guidance or offer warranty support.

2. Delay Circuit or Turn-On Delay 

A delay circuit is designed to introduce a time delay between when your amp is turned on and when the speakers are activated.

The time delay is intended to allow the capacitors to charge up gradually and smoothly. This prevents sudden voltage spikes, which could otherwise stress the capacitors, leading to the pop sound.

To fix the "Amplifier pops when turned on" problem, look for the turn-on delay feature on your amplifier and activate it. Many amplifiers come with a built-in turn-on delay feature, so you can expect to find it there.

However, if you can't find the feature, don't panic. There are numerous delay circuits available on the market. You can always purchase and externally connect the delay circuit.

3. Faulty Power Source 

If the turn-on delay feature is enabled, but the pop sound doesn't go away, you need to check whether the power supplied to your amplifier is stable and free from abnormalities.

An irregular power supply can disrupt the normal operation of your amplifier. It causes surges in power that may lead to the pop sound.

You need to plug your amplifier into another power outlet and confirm whether the pop sound is gone. Also, consider investing in a high-quality surge protector, as it can help protect your amplifier from sudden voltage surges.

4. Faulty Input/Output

Start by inspecting all the cables in your audio setup. Look for signs of physical damage, such as frayed wires or bent connectors. You should then replace the cables that appear damaged and then check if the pop sound disappears.

If the connectors and jacks are dirty, you can clean them using an electrical contact cleaner. This helps remove dirt or debris that may interfere with the connection.

5. Grounding Issues

Another way to fix the "Amplifier pops when turned on" issue is by ensuring that your amplifier is properly grounded. Test the amp in a different location and see if the sound goes away. You can also use a ground loop isolator.

6. Mute Circuit

With a mute circuit, the amplifier output is usually muted during startup or shutdown. This helps prevent the pop from reaching the speakers.

7. Faulty Components 

If internal components such as resistors, transistors, and capacitors are causing the pop sound, you need to seek assistance from a qualified amp technician.

8. Faulty Tubes 

Replace worn-out tubes with new ones to see if the amplifier will stop producing the pop sound. If you are unable to do it on your own, take the amplifier to an authorized service center.

Tips To Avoid Amplifier Pop Sound

Here are some tips to help you avoid the pop sound when using your audio system:

Should I Be Worried If My Amplifier Makes A Popping Sound?

Mostly, the occasional pop sound from your amplifier during startup is a normal part of the power-up process. This pop sound is actually not harmful to your audio system.

However, if your amplifier consistently produces a loud or frequent pop sound when you turn it on, this could indicate an underlying issue with the amp or the speakers.

If you suspect that there may be a problem with your amplifier, it is recommended that you have the system checked by a qualified technician.

Final Words

A pop sound when turning on your amplifier is sometimes normal. However, when the pop is loud or frequent, it could indicate a potential issue with your audio equipment. In most cases, surges in the electric flow are normally the culprit behind the pop sound.

To fix the "Amplifier pops when turned on" problem, try the various solutions we've mentioned above. If the issue persists, have your system checked by a professional or purchase a new amplifier.

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