Tommie Copper Review: Does It Really Work for Your Shoulder Pain and Improve Posture?

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Tommie Copper claims it protects you while playing, working, or exercising. But does it really work, or just hype?

If you exercise, work, and play during the day or sunset, then you need to take the apparels you use during this time when you are actively carrying out these functions. Tommie Copper is a brand that specializes in making apparel in a 4D way or Four Multi Directions weave with a technology called Copper Znergy. This will help to protect the user from microbes that can lead to body odor as well protect the skin from the rays of the sun.

Furthermore, This Brand looks at the best possible way to keep you in line as you go about any activity you carry out, in terms of work, exercise, or play. In simple terms, to support the use of these brands to enjoy all activities when in use. If you don’t know how to go about getting Tommie Copper, read this review to get information about this brand. The review will explain all the essential things you need to know for you to patronize this brand.

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Tommie Copper Review

Tommie Copper is a brand that specializes in making sure women and men are comfortable and relaxed by providing wear for that for a whole day. Tommie Copper was birthed in the year 2010; Tommie Copper’s Headquarters is located in New York in the United States. The company has brought their goals into reality, with a clear outlook on the discomfort, men or women go through when carrying out different activities they do daily, and The Brand is specialized in making sure the blood circulation in the human body goes well and avoid any side effects caused by wrong outfits such as pain and swellings, in clear terms.

The brand creates a happy customer that enjoys using the apparel whenever, however, and at any time of the day. This review on Tommie Copper will fill you up with quality information about the brand and its different outfits, what customers think about this brand, the merits, and demerits of this brand, promotions, discounts, how to contact the brand, frequently asked questions among others.

Tommie Copper Pros

Tommie Copper Cons

Why We Like Tommie Copper

The brand has been able to produce a lot of items for your exercise and some other activities. Their products help you to achieve the high-performance objective. Some of the items are Tommie Copper gloves, knee sleeves, socks, back brace, ankle sleeve, knee support, back support, shoulder shirt, etc.

Customer Review

In my research to know what customers are saying about this brand, the research came out having equal feedback based on negative comments and positive comments. Some customers said they were pleased with the products of the company while others felt quite the opposite. This review will help you understand why these customers have different feedback. The customer review will focus on the products, the customer support, the brand itself, and some other services they offer that will enhance the experience of each customer.

In my research, I made use of Trust pilot as my most reliable review website. There is a 2.2-star rating on this website with almost equally good and bad feedback. This further explains why most customers vary feedback on the brand. Knowing fully well that varying comments are based on the honest encounter of these customers with the brand. Some customers complained about the low quality of material used in making these products while some customers find their products to be helpful.

I bought it from Tommi Copper and I am not satisfied at all. I think the material used is of low quality. However, I was able to achieve my goal. So it was a good and bad kind of feeling.

Where to Buy Tommie Copper

The area where you can buy products made from this brand includes;

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Is Tommie Copper Worth It?

The review has found out that there is an equal share of the kind of review they have been getting. Nevertheless, I will still recommend this brand to you as an intending customer. The brand is very okay to patronize because you will still get what you want. Most customers have testified that they have achieved their goals while using this product. Once you follow the rules and regulations of the product’s usage, you are sure to get your required result.

Tommie Copper Discounts

You can get a discount on this brand for you to enjoy while shopping

Tommie Copper Contact

If you have questions or you require more information beyond the scope of this review,


Q. How can you describe the shipping policy of Tommie Copper?

Tommie Copper has notable options for shipping; they are Orders made to Canada will be delivered via international economy Orders places to areas like Alaska, Hawaii, and Territories belonging to the United States uses Standard Shipping Rate, Orders of the price tag $75 and more that is shipped to the United States attracts free Shipping orders (Standard) The following prices are Standard shipping $4 with a duration of 4 to7 days, 2-3 days shipping $9 with a duration of 2 to 3 days for business, Next Day shipping $24 with a duration of a business day, and International Economy $74 with duration 2-5 business days

Q. What is the return policy of Tommie Copper?

There are conditions for you to return products on Tommie Copper, They must be placed in their authentic condition and they must not be opened. Fees paid initially such as coupons, promotion, or shipping fees will either be subtracted from the returned credit or not returned for the case of shipping. This return is to be made within the window of 60 days to when it was bought for you to be refunded; You can as well place a new order, this can be done when you call the department for customer service at 855-811-5100,

Q. What are the sizes on Tommie Copper?

You can find sizes and charts for women and men on the brand’s website. These include; gloves, sleeves, tops, braces, and bottoms.

Q. What payment method does Tommie Copper accept?

They accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, debit cards and Discover credit


The Reviews give a holistic view of the brand and its different wears. I will strongly recommend Tommie Copper Products given its long and positive track records of sustaining quality, engineered at giving both genders a happy day to day activity, you can make that decision today.

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