Thursday Boots Review: Is It the Best Boot On the Market?

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You might have been thinking about how to get a unique design of hand-crafted shoes or boots with a blend of modern fashion, then read about Thursday Boots to learn more about the brand.

The availability of handcrafted shoes in the fashion world has seen speedy growth over the years. Most of these handcrafted boots and shoes are blended into modern fashion with a taste of a traditional look. Every day, more people are drifting to buy handcrafted shoes because I remind them of the good old days but with a trendy look. If you are looking for quality handcrafted shoes, then it is a good idea.

However, getting a good brand might be very difficult because not all brand creates a unique design with the use of high-quality materials for their handcrafted shoes and boots. There are many processes while making handcrafted shoes and boots, most producers will skip some processes just to be fast in mass production which might become evident when customers use these shoes. Thursday Boots is a company that offers high-quality handcrafted shoes and boots.

Aside from women’s footwear and men’s footwear, they also offer other accessories such as laces, hats, socks, wallets, jackets, belts, and bags/briefcases. If you do not know how to go about this brand, read this review to give you the necessary information you need to know about this brand and what they offer. This will help you know if the brand is legit or not.

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Thursday Boots Review

Thursday Boots is a brand that offers high-quality handcrafted shoes and boots for both men and women. They also offer other accessories like laces, hats, socks, wallets, jackets, belts, and bags/briefcases. They offer unique and clean designs for all of their shoes and they always make use of premium material to do this. The brand helps to achieve comfort by producing the right shoes for people without much stress because a lot of people are very busy.

This brand was founded by Nolan Walsh and Conner Wilson in New York in 2014. They have a mission of producing ethical shoes that will be loved by all of their customers. They have been involved in testing and improvement of their shoes over the years.

This review will dive into the key information you need to know about this brand and the products they offer, the customer thoughts and feelings about the brand, the review will also look at the frequently asked questions, the pros, and cons of the brand, the discounts available, how to contact Thursday Boots for more inquiry, etc.

Thursday Boots Pros

Thursday Boots Cons

Why We Like Thursday Boots

Most of their shoes are made with great premium leather, water-resistant, fantastic colors, etc for men and women. They are all best sellers shoes and boots such as Captain Boot, President Boot, Chelsea Boot, etc.

Customer Review

This review promises to reveal every necessary information you need to know about this brand. What customers think about this brand is very important as it will give you an insight into your own likely experience when you patronize the brand. This is why I took enough time to carry out my findings on what these customers are saying about this brand.

The review will focus on both the negative and positive reviews if there are. The reviews are coming from customers who have patronized this brand before or they are still using the shoes and boots of Thursday Boots. This section will dive into the thoughts and feelings of customers on the products, the brands, and other services they offer.

I made use of the Trust pilot to carry out my analysis. On this website, there is a 2.5-star rating with a good and bad review on this brand. Some customers complained about the poor quality of the price of these shoes. This means that the prices are way too much for the boots and shoes. They also complained about the inability to get help from the customer care team. However, there are positive remarks about this brand such as the shoes are great, some even went ahead to complain why other customers are giving out a bad review when the shoes and boots are of great quality.

I bought my shoes when I needed to attend to an urgent occasion, I was happy they arrive earlier. When it arrived I noticed it was not my size, I tried reaching the customer's support team but no response. I made another order and still arrived earlier. I had to make a return of the smaller-sized shoe instead.

Where to Buy Thursday Boots

The brand offers a direct-to-consumer approach to sales. However, you can buy through their online website.

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Are Thursday Boots Worth It?

You might be asking yourself if these shoes and boots are good enough or they are not up to standard as some customers are saying. If I am to judge by the customer review analysis, I will say it is a balanced argument. Some customers feel the brand is not worth it while others feel the brand is worth it. As a result of this, I will not be making my verdict on the customer review report alone. There are some aspects you need to consider when making your final decision such as the other services they render and how they carry out these services.

The two cons to this brand are that they don’t produce children's boots and shoes. And they don’t offer discounts. Based on findings, the brand argued that the prices are low and affordable compared to similar brands, so they can't afford to bring it down with discounts not to run on loss which is understandable business-wise. They also do not produce children's shoes because the brand believes in specialization and prefers to be an expert in one line. I will recommend this brand.

Thursday Boots Discount

There is no active bonus or promo of any kind. This is because their shoes are low in price. but you can still enjoy free shipping within the US when you order from $50 to $100.

Thursday Boots Contact

For more information or inquiry you cannot find on this review, you can get in touch with Thursday Boots through the following


Q. What is the return policy of Thursday Boots?

If you are a US customer, you can return or exchange a product for free without any cost of shipping whatsoever. This is applicable when the product is unworn and it is within 14 days of purchase. If you are returning from outside the states, you will have to pay the fee for shipping. However, if you have chosen an item that is up for final sale, you cannot exchange or return it.

Q. What is the shipping policy if Thursday Boots?

For any domestic shipping (within the US), you enjoy free shipping when you make an order of above $50 and still enjoy free returns for purchases above $100. it takes about 3 to 5 days for your order to arrive. You can also go for express shipping which is just 2 days' expected arrival. International shipping can take almost 10 days to be shipped, the shipping fees, taxes, duties, etc are calculated at the checkout. These rates are different from country to country. The delivery depends on how far your location is but the max is 10 days to arrive.

Q. Where can I buy Thursday Boots and shoes at a good price?

You can make your purchase on their website for a fantastic reduced price, you can also buy from other trusted online retailers like Amazon. They also have two physical stores all located in New York.


Wearing durable shoes is a nice investment you can make in the fashion world. Wearing shoes that tell well of traditional designs blended with modern fashion is perfect. This is why Thursday Boots end up producing unique handcrafted designs. This review will help you make your decision.

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