The RealReal Review: Can You Trust It?

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Are you having a hard time trusting the RealReal website with either buying or selling your luxury item of any type? Continue reading our reviews and find out if this company is the authentic store for the right business deals. Let us get started.

Fashion has turned the interest of most customers onl9n into a sustainable business. Most people have now made this their hobby and are thrifting for the typical necessities, especially for the eco-conscious fashionistas groups. And if you have some valuable items to sell or want to get the right buyer, then you must be looking for the one for a reliable marketplace to advertise or buy the items.

There are many marketplaces online, but today, we will cover The RealReal company and find out if you can trust their stores with your valuable items or if you can grab one of the high-quality fashion products from their online stores. Suppose you are a fashion addict, the better because most of these online stores display the products on their platform for customers to select from. When you have luxury items, you must proceed with caution, which is why we are here to help you make the right decision.

Therefore, before committing to this marketplace, let us review our reviews and listen to the customer, learn more about the company, and understand it in detail. We will take you through the buying and selling process in-depth and highlight some of their promotions. However, it is also worth looking at the company overview.

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The RealReal Review

The RealReal is an international marketplace or website founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright, who was inspired to launch the company through her kitchen table. She got inspired after frequent visits to the consignors on their hoes in the U-Haul. Since then, the company has been through a lot and a long way to becoming an international brand and the leading luxury consignment worldwide.

The RealReal company mainly targets revolutionizing the valuable products resales, and the founder believes that they can empower the consignors together with buyers so that they can lengthen the life of these luxury items on the market. The company's motto is "The future of fashion is circular," The founder is trying to build the company around it and ensure that they offer authentic products. Therefore, they provide that they authenticate every item before listing it for sale through their experts, that are guided by quality standards.

The company is simply part of the movement among the fashion firms that aim to create employment for all races worldwide in a collaborative platform and culture. They're headquartered in San Francisco, CA.

They authenticate the luxury items not only for men but also with women's products ranging from handbags to clothes, jewelry, and various accessories. Th have managed to gather thousands of loyal customers on social media platforms and are featured in the top media outlets and magazines like Forbes and Bloomberg.

The marketplace has the most coveted Louis Vuitton Purses, Gorgeous Hermes Scarves, and many more. This review will cover some of the best-selling products and help you discover their diverse collections in the store. Therefore,  without wasting time, let us start by looking at the pros and cons of this company and then directly head to their exclusive collections in the next section before summarizing the reviews.



Why We Like The RealReal

Many things make us rank in The RealReam marketplace. Some of these are as listed in this section.

Selling with The RealReal

If you have any luxury items or products you want to sell, like designer handbags, this is the right marketplace to list and get the money rather than hanging it in your house. The company has a simple selling process on its website. They now have the sell upfront options, and with this, you can sell a piece in any selected brand and then get your payment immediately.

But before you go ahead with the upfront option, you must book an appointment with the expert and consult about the products and process. Once approved as a seller, you can start getting the upfront sell option, where you get money within 2 weeks.

In this review, we come across a simple selling process where you must select the process or method first, and they offer 3  virtual consignment options. That is free virtual consignment on video chat with the luxury manager,  consignment video chat alone, or you can ship the item to the UPS pickup location. Afterward, the experts take the next step to process the item before getting the payment. Therefore besides selling the products, you can as well buy the products from the site. It is a win-win marketplace.

The RealReal Women

The company offers a massive collection of women's products which range from jewelry to the most coveted brands. Some of the best-selling women's brands are Chanel Classic Jumbo Double Flap Bag which has an alluring red shade and is made of quilted leather and silver-tone hardware. Coupling it with its convertible chain link can make you break the bank to have it. It also has the interlocking CC turn-lock close placed on the front flap, which makes it iconic on the platform in good condition.

Balenciaga Two-Tone Twisted Hoop Earrings is also one of the best-selling jewelry that comes in the creme de la Spanish design with the modern elegance look and is subtle enough that you can put on daily, even for the night out. It has gold and silver tones, so you can easily pair it with the mix of silver and gold accessories on the platform without clashing.

Lastly, Tiffany & Co. Cat-Eye Sunglasses are on the list and look charming. It comes in the classing style, Holly Golightly, and you can share it with the colorful headscarf. These tortoise shell sunnies are manufactured in Italy, and they feature geometric cat eyes with gradient lenses as well as gold-tone metal arms and accompany by light blue accents. Though they have minor wear, they are in good condition and come at a retail price.

The RealReal Men

The marketplace deals with multiple men's products. Never feel left out; these ranges from shirts, sneakers, Dior pants, watches, and other accessories. Some coveted items for men on the platform are Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Multiple Wallet with checked design, simple design in good condition.

Burberry The City Watch is the definite showpiece on the platform to make you feel like a gentleman and goes with the right outfit to match you with a navy blue suit. Still, they have  Gucci Black Square Sunglasses for modern gentlemen, adapt to any outfit with the sport comfortable bridge, and come with black acetate frames.

That is not all, there are other accessories, items for kids, and home accessories, and you can also go to a specific designer for exclusive deals. Get a brand today.

Customer Review

After exploring the site,  we had multiple follow-up questions to answer. And among them, the customer reviews and understanding of the brand offers authentic products. Going online to look at the customer reviews, we were impressed.

Right off from the Trustpilot website, The RealReal scoops  4.0 stars ratings after a whooping 51904 reviews online about the brand. Most customers were amazed at the products based on the quality, shipment, customers support, and return policy. 67% of the total reviews gave it 5 straight stars on Trustpilot, which indicates that the customers are satisfied with the products.

Out of the rating, some of the verified purchasers recommend the products, saying:- "Things I bought met my expectations and were delivered quickly. I was pleased, and the $25 discount was appreciated. Because I've acquired so many items, I'm hoping for larger discounts or promo codes because I'll be back."

Other customers praised the company for the beautiful and perfect size as described on the platform, the excellent experience on the platform, and the authentic product. Though, there are those as well that raised their concerns. Some of them complained of the high shipping costs and failure to notify the clients of the issues arising.

Moving forward to the Sitejabber, you also come across an excellent rating. The RealReal scores 3.95 stars after 4901 reviews, indicating that the customers were generally satisfied with the products. These ratings were based on service, value, return, shipping, and quality. Among the encouraging reviews on Sitejabber are:

"I procured my first Chloe bag, and the quality is fantastic! The depiction stated why it got its "very good" rating, but you never know what it will look like in person. It was in excellent condition and came with the author cards, guidebook, and so on. I'm overjoyed! I got a great deal on it because the color isn't available in stores, but the bag is." this sums up the customer reviews.

Though there are few negative reviews concerning the slow customer response, others mentioned the fraudulent business nature the excellent news is that a large percentage of the customers are happy, and we are good to go. Many other reviews online with fantastic feedback, such as  Their official website, The RealReal, Glassdoor, Clothedup, Forbes Magazine,       The Cut, and Best Company. All these indicate the satisfaction level of the customers online.

Where to Buy The RealReal

Therefore, to this extent, you might have made mind and need to join the marketplace either to buy a luxury item or you want to sell it. Thus, the best place to get the service is by visiting their official website at Besides, they have multiple retail stores distributed across the world. A good example is The RealReal NY, Secaucus, and others in San Francisco.

Is The RealReal Worth It?

Based on our research, we are happy to state that this marketplace is a win-win deal and hence a great choice to make; it has taken up the industry in multiple niches for good reason. For instance, many customers from the above section give it an excellent rating. Though, they also have a negative side since no brand is perfect.

But based on our experience, the company has consistently received positive reviews. It is ranked for its high quality, perfect customer support services, a wide range of collections, plenty of discounts and promotions, etc. Therefore, it is worth selling or buying an authentic product for men, women, kids, home accessories, and luxury consignments.

The RealReal Discounts

One thing we like about the brand is the discounts and promotions they offer. If you visit their website, they have numerous deals ready to offer. For example, they guarantee you a $25 website credit when you sign up on their website. They also offer 20% off when you use the coupon code REAL on the orders.

You can also purchase the bags at discounted prices up to 40% off. Another good thing is that you can stand a chance to win up to $5000 by only participating in selling the products. While writing this review, they also have a good deal on the Real Big sale, which goes up to 75% off.

The RealReal Contact

You can contact the firm for support if we have missed mentioning something in our reviews and urgently need clarification. The RealReal marketplace offers the means through which you can contact their customer support team. First, you can contact them by email at If not, call them at 855-435-5893 ext 1, available from 5 am to 6 pm OPT from Monday through Friday and Saturday from 7 am to 4 pm PT time.


Q. What Is The RealReal?

Our reviews show that The RealReal is an authenticator firm and retailer of luxury goods. It started as a startup firm by Julie Wainwright but today has thousands of sellers and buyers engaging in second-hand luxury items and home arts.

Q. Is The RealReal Legit?

The RealReal marketplace is an authentic and legit platform where they authenticate all the products before listing using their experts. Therefore, all customers are assured of the real deal when you want to score designer items on a budget.

Q. Can you return The RealReal purchases?

Yes, the company offers a return policy, but online returns are only made within 14 days upon shipment and received within 21 days at their store. Any items received beyond the outlined days and do not have the security tag cannot be returned. You cannot also return items like handbags or any other as long as they are sold at a discounted price of 40% and above.

Q. What is The RealReal’s Shipping Policy?

The company ships to the US customer using UPS and internationally using the UPS worldwide expedited. The RealReal company currently ships to more than 6+0 countries worldwide, but no delivery is made through the post address, APO, or FPO addresses.


The RealReal is the perfect marketplace for buyers and sellers to authenticate and list or buy luxury items for men, women, kids, and home arts. Even though there are few negative reviews online abou the firm, The positive outweighs them. Therefore, most customers online are satisfied with e high-quality products, affordable pricing, authentic items, and plenty of discounts on the platform. If you have a luxury item you want to sell or buy anything, consider The RealReal platform for a great deal from designers worldwide.

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