SuperJeweler Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth Buying?

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Planning to shop your favorite jewelry for a unique event from popular brands worldwide? Try SuperJeweler if it meets your requirements. Read SuperJeweler Review and gauge based on the customer feedback.

SuperJeweler is a reputable online marketplace that sells multiple designs of earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. The brand has a robust online presence, especially on its Instagram and Facebook accounts. Still, does the brand offer legit jewelry items? Let us find out. SuperJeweler has been featured in multiple reputable publications and media.

These range from Good Housekeeping magazines to the Tv programs like The Price is Right. In 2019, it won the customer service award. In these SuperJeweler reviews, we will guide you through the detailed brand history, best-selling products, customer feedback, promotions, and where to purchase the products. Without wasting time, let us start with the brand overview.

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SuperJeweler  Review

SuperJeweler is an online jewelry brand founded in 1999 by the current CEO Andrew Fox. The brand is based in New York, the glamorous city. The CEO, also the founder, has a long-standing experience in the industry of over 25 years; hence employed a professional in his team to work with them. The company offers a wide range of jewelry items ranging from rings to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc., but differs in terms of design.

The company has been featured in many popular publications and established a strong presence on social media platforms. In the team, Fox selected employees with over 50 years of experience and specialists in the gemstone field who are distributed worldwide.

The data on their website shows that the company has employed numerous staff from countries like China, Puerto Rico, Belize, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, and the Dominican Republic, not forgetting the Philippines, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Though the brand has an in-house factory, it produces over 35000 styles of jewelry products for customers to select from.

The company complements itself in that no jewelry store offers such a wide selection, and we can also attest to this fact. These, coupled with the large quantities and unique designs, make this company famous worldwide.

They also claim to be the most affordable jewelry option but guarantee high-quality items. The company is consistently growing as a brand and is even taking steps to establish a presence on numerous media outlets.

For instance, multiple firms have invited fox to offer overviews of the jewels worn by famous celebs worldwide. The staff works extra miles from sunrise to sunset to ensure you have your orders ready, meet your hopes and achieve your dream of looking beautiful with their fine jewels.

With that in mind, I want to head to another section of the best-selling SuperJeweler products and customer feedback. However, we also need to mention the brand's pros and cons.

SuperJeweler Pros:

SuperJeweler Cons:

Why We Like SuperJeweler?

If you want to purchase perfect jewelry for your special event and need help knowing where to begin the selection form, then the short answer is SuperJeweler. Regardless of your preference or favorite, the brand has you covered, and you can select from its vast collections with thousands of designs for the investor. Their jewelry ranges from wedding rings to necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

Therefore, when you head to the platform, you can purchase based on the gemstone or collection. They range from rough amethyst to aquamarine, perfect for women and women. In this section, we will categorize our best sellers based on gender for ease of understanding. Therefore, follow along to the end.

The Best-Selling Superjeweler Women's Jewelry

Most ladies believe that nothing treats their day more than getting jewelry. These are not just sparkling but also glittery. In the women's selection, we have compiled a list of the bestselling women's jewelry. Before that, the brand offers products on the Layaway installment payment method.

Thus, leading the list is the SuperJeweler 1 Carat Round Diamond Solitaire Ring, a simple but popular hence embodiment of simplicity that features the 14K white gold band containing the 1 carat round diamond at the center and is suitable for people that value minimalistic aesthetic but hates the frills as well as feathers.

Besides the ring, there is SuperJeweler 14K White Gold 3 Carat Diamond Halo Teardrop Earrings, which are not regency appropriate but feature 80 diamonds in their I-J color with SIJ-I1 clarity.

The next best-selling piece of jewelry is SuperJeweler 1 ct Blue Diamond Solitaire Pendant that evokes the shallow sea and gradient-like hue, thus giving off its mysterious allure. It is set for 14K yellow gold and contains a complimentary gold chain.

The last here is the SuperJeweler 3 ½ Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet which is a replica of the famous Evert bracelet. Still, today it is fastened and securely decorated with the J-K color and clarity of I1-I2, where it comes in white gold but differs in length.

The Best-Selling Superjeweler Men's Jewelry

SuperJeweler also sells an extensive collection of jewels meant for men. These ranges from necklaces to cufflinks, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Some of the popular brands that have shaw open a cosnistsely purchase among the customers on the website are SuperJeweler Jewelry Heavy Men's Wedding Band is here to break the traditional gender norms worldwide, and features 14k yellow gold or white band and contains eight diamonds weighing a quarter carat.

SuperJeweler 1.6 Carat Diamond Single Mens Hoop Earring is excellent if you want to add glamour to the general look. The beauty product features 6 diamonds weighing a sixth carat, excellent clarity, and a color range. It comes in numerous metals, from white gold to yellow gold and rose gold. Next is SuperJeweler 9 Carat Three Row Diamond Men's Tennis Bracelet.

It is among the high-end tennis bracelets with 180 sparkling diamonds ranging from I-J color wheel clarity from I1 to I2 and comes with a 6-carat weight. Last among the men's jewelry is SuperJeweler 925 Sterling Silver 3.5mm Popcorn Chain Necklace, and people love it because of its affordability. Simple sterling silver but weights 18" and fastened using the lobster clasp.

Customer Review

To complete these SuperJeweler reviews, we also had to search online for customer feedback. In the research, we realized that the brand has multiple feedback online from different external sites. While there are few negative reviews on their website, there is still positive feedback that praises the brand for offering affordable, high-quality, and beautiful jewelry for all genders.

From its official website,, each product has customer reviews below it. In our research, we went ahead with the 2-Carat Diamond Tennis Bracelet In 10 Karat White Gold that has a five-star rating after 6 reviews. One of the buyers recommends saying:

"Where else would you get a great tennis bracelet for less than $1000? This item is a great gift for that special anniversary or birthday, primarily since it is gorgeous and will not cost you a fortune to procure."

The next site is Sitejabber, where the brand scores 4.82 stars after 46428 reviews. This indicates that the customers are satisfied with the products based on their value, quality, shipping, and return policy as we; as the services and quality. Most reviews here are favorable, and with a random selection, here is a happy customer complementing:

"I order a lot of products as gifts, and 9 times out of 10, they're of excellent quality and a great value. I've only returned a few items, and the process was extremely simple. My biggest issue is the constant availability of great value quality products, and I take some pride in knowing this because I did public relations for GIA and Gem Tools, both of which are respected business icons."

Next is the Trustpilot, with an excellent rating of 4.3 after 815 reviews. 66% of these customers gave it 5 stars, while only 14 were pissed off, just like on the super jeweler.Pissedconsumer reviews. Customers are pleased with the product of the quality, colossal collection, pricing, and many more; though some complained of the dishonest behavior, we still give it credit as the actual consumer says:

"QuillBot will rewrite your text. Begin by writing or pasting something here, then click the button. This is my first time using, but I will definitely return. Aside from the fantastic deal, their customer service was outstanding.

When I realized my order wouldn't ship until after Christmas, I contacted customer service via the site's live chat. Samantha was immensely beneficial in splitting my order into two deliver the order (the in-stock item to ship before Christmas and the back-ordered item to ship after) so that I could give at least a portion of the gift on the 25th."

Elsewhere, there are many other reviews on Amazon, Trustspot, Wedding Wire, and Reseller ratings. Generally, the brand has amazed many consumers online and built a good reputation from the BBC ratings.

Where to Buy SuperJeweler?

If you have made up your mind and want to purchase the SuperJeweler product ranging from necklaces to bracelets and earrings, then we highly recommend ordering from their official website. Accesses the inventory form They guarantee all customers free delivery across the world.

Does SuperJeweler sold on Amazon?

Not yet. We have not found SuperJeweler stores on Amazon.

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Is SuperJeweler  Worth It?

If you want engagement rings, wedding bands, diamonds, earrings, etc., at a low price, then SuperJeweler is here to serve you with a vast collection. We encourage you to order luxurious products from this brand if you want high-quality design and affordable jewelry. What impressed us most is their extensive collection of items in the investor, which amounts to over 35000 designs to select from.

Most of their jewelry products come at discounted prices compared to other alternatives online, which is a massive deviation from the original price. And from the website, these guys give customers access to the average listing price on every product. In addition, customers can request customization based on the design and styles of their needs.

They show you multiple templates to check out, which is a plus. From our research, we also realized that the brand donates part of the revenue generated and gives to the wounded warrior program. Customers can walsya feel good having contributed to a good cause, and you cannot find this voluntary service in other firms in the same industry.

The brand has numerous positive customer ratings online and more from its official website. This company is worth it if you want a high-quality jewelry item at an affordable price. Please give it a click and make your occasion extraordinary.

SuperJeweler  Discounts

At the time of writing this review,  I came across multiple promotions and counties, both general and specific ones. First of all, on click of the button, you will see a popup screen with the option to spin and earn up to 20% discount on the first order. The deal starts from 5% to 20%off. The company offers up to 80% off on all the products for the retail store.

During this festive season, there is also lower price promotion services blowout with the promo code BLOWOUT22. Then on the clearance section, they give customers up to 40% off when they use the promo code CLEAR40. There are many other promotions; the outstanding one is free worldwide shipping. Keep enjoying and spreading love among your friends and family. Subscribe and get all the last deals as they arrive.

SuperJeweler  Contact

This review may not be sufficient to answer all your quizzes. Therefore, I am aware that you may have a spending question. Thus, the company gives you an alternative to get your issues solved. Call them using their customer support number (877) 888 0175, or you can contact them via fax at +1 (917) 779-8165. Another means through which you can reach out for support is through the live chat on their website.

With a single click, you are next to have your issues resolved. And for the customers' data outside  Canada and the US, you can call them at +1(212) 738 9494. The second last resort to contacting them is filling in the contact form on their website and submitting a reply, which they guarantee covers your mail address. However, the above means are only operational from Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm EST, while Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

The other option is engaging with them on their social media accounts. Follow these guys on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get updated and ask questions. They are available to listen to you anytime.


Q. Where is SuperJeweler's headquarters found?

Reading from numerous reviews and official websites, SuperJeweler has its headquarters in New York, the same region where the brand was founded or launched.

Q. Does SuperJeweler offer gift-wrapping services?

Pulling this information from their FAQ page, they clearly state that they package their products in a quality jewelry box and sometimes in a mesh bag free of charge. But this option involves the luxury presentation, standard, and keepsake boxes.

Q. Does SuperJeweler have a shipping policy?

Something that caught our attention is that SuperJeweler offers free shipping on all products worldwide. If you are in the US, they provide shipping services, free two-day FedEx, free USPS priority, Free smart mail, free DHL, Free overnight FedEx, FedEx overnight, and FedEx two-day delivery services. But you can also access more shipping options as well as the related charges on their website.

It includes other countries around the world together with Canada. They also make it clear that they ship their products from Monday to Friday. However, for international delivery, customers are subjected to the taxes and duties involved. When you sign up on the website, you will be able to access the status of your order from dispatch up to delivery.

Q. What is the return policy of SuperJeweler?

SuperJeweler also has a favorable return policy. This is because all orders are subjected to the 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, if the product does not meet your expectations, you have 60 days to return it to the company for a full refund.

However, the item must maintain its original condition to be refundable. You can also request product exchange or go for the rep[air as long as you reach out to them. Visit their website for the detailed return policy and procedure involved.


SuperJeweler is a reputable brand selling engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, and other jewelry items at affordable prices. If you want to make your wedding occasion worth it, go for the SuperJeweler rings and bracelets to select from over 35000 designs.

From the above article, the company offers multiple promotions and free shipping to all customers worldwide. Please choose your favorite jewelry item and get it delivered to you. Enjoy quality and learn from the customer feedback, as discussed above.

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