14 Best Craft Stores Like Hobby Lobby for Home Decor

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Hobby Lobby is a very famous art and craft store, and in addition, they have a huge arrangement of picture frames, home décor, party supplies and many others. For those individuals who have been to any Hobby Lobby, you will agree with me that these stores have a big selection of amazing products.

However, people sometimes need help with Hobby Lobby; for instance, the store might not have what you are looking for, or even the store might be far away. Other times you wonder where to go shopping on a Sunday since Hobby Lobby closes all its stores on Sundays; this can be hectic. Today I have some good news for you. We have other alternative stores that are very similar to Hobby Lobby and offer the same products, just like Hobby Lobby. Therefore you shouldn't be worried.

In this article, we have listed various stores that are very similar to Hobby Lobby for your home décor and crafting, and they are as follows:

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1. Michaels

Michaels is, without a doubt, the biggest arts and crafts retailer in Canada and North America. In addition, Michaels is the most famous arts and crafts store. Overall, it has 1,200 locations in both Canada and North America. The company offers various products, from home décor and art supplies to seasonal and fabric items. Most people love Michaels because of their daily promotions and sales, which thus make it a very affordable option for people aiming to complete some of their creative projects. Another advantage of Michaels is crafting classes for students who wish to learn new techniques and skills. Their website also gives free shipping to those ordering goods worth over $49 hence considered a perfect place for online shopping.

2. Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts

Jo-Ann is a retailer specializing mostly in crafts, home decorating, and fabrics. Apart from fabric, they deal with different crafting supplies, for example, sewing accessories, scrapbooking materials, beads and sewing accessories. Unlike Michaels and Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann promotes a community atmosphere via workshops, in-store classes and some events for the customers to engage in active projects together.

3. A.C. Moore

Michaels bought A.C. Moore some years back, and now A.C. Moore has maintained the parent company, thus providing its customers with an online shopping experience. In other words, A.C. Moore operates online stores to sell its products online. The company offers supplies of arts and crafts, and in addition, they also offer home décor and seasonal decor items, which are very similar to the stores of Hobby Lobby.

4. Blick Art Materials

Blick Art Materials is a huge store founded by Dick Blick, and also its website uses the name of the owner of the company, i.e. dickblick.com. Blick Art Materials is one of the best alternative stores like Hobby Lobby because it provides art students and artists with various materials and supplies for different art disciplines. They normally carry canvas, paint, brushes, printmaking supplies, drawing tools and many more. Another advantage of Blick Art Materials is its products are of good quality, and the company has knowledgeable staff. As a result, this makes the company the best option for people who require reliable and professional art supplies, which are very cheap.

5. Pop Shop America

Pop Shop America is another distinct alternative store like Hobby Lobby. Pop Shop America offers handcrafted materials that are unique and broad, from makers to independent artists all over the world. Nurturing sustainability and creativity, the company provides craft classes, subscription boxes and DIY kits while it promotes ethical production practices.

6. Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft has a vast array of making materials at an affordable price, and due to this, the company is also a perfect alternative store for Hobby Lobby. The company differentiates itself by online conveniences, its comprehensive product range and its commitment to customer service. In addition, The Company emphasizes craft by providing unique items that are very hard to find. It also supplies vintage-style crafts, which are very appealing to its customers.

7. Target

If you need to find anything from clothes to groceries to home décor, then Target is the greatest place to be. The company has different home décor items; therefore, it's the perfect place to shop if you need something new to well-groom your space. It doesn't matter if you require décor, crafts, or furniture supplies; there are high chances to get what your heart desires in this store at any time.

8. TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx should be your first priority if you are wondering where to get a very cheap store that only deals with home décor. The company majorly deals with items like shoes, clothes, home decor and many others. Despite having one of the best home décor selections, the items in TJ Maxx are very affordable. Therefore, if you need an affordable home décor, TJ Maxx is the place to be!

9. Ross

Are you in love with the home décor in Hobby Lobby stores? Have you tried considering Ross? If not, then you are missing a lot. Ross is among the stores selling different home décor and furniture items, and the pricing is indeed pocket friendly. Therefore I think it's high time you try and check out this store for more wonders. The unique part of Ross is that it has a larger selection of clothes; on the other hand, Hobby Lobby has a larger selection of seasonal items. Generally, both Hobby Lobby and Ross are the perfect stores where people can get the best home décor and many more.

10. Big Lots

Have you ever been to Big Lots? If not, then you are missing great deals. Both Hobby Lobby and Big Lots have similarities since both stores focus on providing products to their customers, such as crafts supplies, furniture, etc. The best part of these two stores is that they offer discounts on most items. In other words, if you want these items at a pocket-friendly price, you should consider Big Lots.

11. HomeGoods

HomeGoods is another alternative store for Hobby Lobby, and you can find candles, home décor and seasonal décor in HomeGoods stores. In addition, it is the perfect place to come across interior decorating. The best part about this store is that the prices of items like rugs, furniture, home décor, and artwork are discounted hence becoming very cheap. HomeGoods resembles Hobby Lobby in how the company is organized into various sections aiming at different styles, such as bohemian, modern and rustic. But on the other hand, the only difference between HomeGoods, unlike other stores, is the sheer volume of commodities. HomeGoods keeps receiving new shipping, enabling its customers to find new items daily. Whether you need a small or huge item to make your space good-looking, consider the HomeGoods store.

12. Etsy

Etsy is well-known for its items which are handmade and also vintage. This store is the best for people who need personalized and unique supplies. The company directly interacts with those selling the items for customized orders. Also, Etsy goes ahead to support independent local artists and also minor businesses.

13. Amazon

Amazon is a leading online retailer with a massive selection of products, including hobby supplies. The company normally provides very quick shipping, making it very suitable for customers to buy items in case they need them. In addition, the company offers a variety of choices to suit their basic wants. The benefit of Amazon is that it offers a quick option of shipping your items, including Amazon Prime.

14. Cratejoy

Cratejoy has that unique shopping experience whereby it provides curated subscription boxes to its customers. These boxes are for different hobbies. People who go shopping can pick from these boxes, which cater to various interests such as DIY projects, arts and crafting. The benefits of this store are that they keep discovering new products via these boxes. Also, there are options which are customized for the daily box deliveries.

Final Thoughts

We have just talked about a few stores that resemble Hobby Lobby. Those of you who are in search of a different place so that you can go shopping for cheap house décor or crafting supplies, then go through this article and choose the store that fits you best.

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