Does Hobby Lobby Price Match? (It's Not That Simple!)

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Hobby Lobby is a well-known arts and crafts retailer that offers a vast selection of crafting products at competitive prices. However, you may wonder if they offer price matching to help you save even more money.

Most shops will match competitors' prices to keep their prices low. It's OK to request a price match if you discover a cheaper price offered by a rival, provided that you can provide proof of the lower price. Is it true, however, that Hobby Lobby will also match prices? Find out what happens in the next section.

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Does Hobby Lobby Price Match?

Hobby lobby does match the prices of its rivals' pricing. For an item to be eligible for a price match, it should not be on clearance sale, and you must prove that the competitor's prices are lower.

Read on to learn more about the policy regarding price adjustments at Hobby Lobby, Is Hobby Lobby willing to match Michael's prices, and more.

Does the Coupon Match for Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby's website clearly states that the store would not honor rival coupons, but it compensates for this by honoring competitors' advertisements for identical products. However, there are restrictions on this offer: the item can't be on sale, and it must be identical to the one sold at Hobby Lobby.

Does Hobby Lobby Honor Its Competitors' Online Prices?

Hobby Lobby, per its website, does not honor online pricing in stores or vice versa. In addition, the firm disclaims any responsibility for making in-store specials, discounts, or pricing accessible online or vice versa.

Does Hobby Lobby Offer Competitive Pricing Like Amazon?

While most stores try to match Amazon's prices, Hobby Lobby has chosen not to. One possible reason for Hobby Lobby's decision to avoid competing with Amazon is that it does not attempt to match anyone's pricing.

Does Hobby Lobby match Walmart's prices?

It seems that Hobby Lobby will match Walmart's prices, as stated in their price matching policy. Since they provide similar products, it is logical for the firm to match prices to stay competitive. Hobby Lobby will, however, match Walmart's pricing in-store only, so don't count on this discount while purchasing online.

Furthermore, Hobby Lobby does not honor discounts or price adjustments made by Walmart.

Does Target's Competitor, Hobby Lobby, Offer Price Matching?

If an item at Target is identical to one sold by Hobby Lobby (in terms of quality and price), then Hobby Lobby will match the price at Target.

Unfortunately, this offer is only valid in-store, and you cannot redeem it via the website. Furthermore, the firm does not honor Target's coupon policies.

Is Hobby Lobby willing to match Michael's prices?

Regarding identical products, Hobby Lobby will match the prices shown in Michael's commercials and sell at the same prices as in-store.

However, if you are physically present at one of their stores, they will match Michael's prices or discounts.

What is the policy regarding price adjustments at Hobby Lobby?

There is a 14-day window after purchase during which customers may return items for a price adjustment at Hobby Lobby, provided they have the purchase receipt. If you purchase an item and then find that it has been reduced within 14 days, and you have your receipt, you may return the item to the retailer and have the difference refunded.

If you buy an item at full price (say, $59.99), and then, within 14 days, it goes on sale for $10 less (say, $49.99), you may bring in your receipt and reclaim the difference (minus any applicable taxes, of course).

Does Michaels match Amazon's prices?

Yes! is among the internet retailers that Michael considers a competitor. Remember that the Amazon product must be brand-new and not part of a limited-time or membership promotion.

Michaels will match the price of any local or online competitor selling an identical item that is currently in stock and will beat their price by 10%. However, you'll need to verify the advertisement at the cash counter, so bring a copy or picture.

Is it possible for Michaels to refuse your request to price match?

Michael's price-matching policy is subject to the same restrictions as any other rules. You should know what is unacceptable so your prices can compete with Michaels. Michaels does not accept price matches in the following scenarios: Bulk purchases, especially when you shop in groups, Discounts, bundles, and freebies.

After signing in, you may take advantage of welcome offers or special deals which are not eligible for price matches with Michaels. Also, Products are offered for sale by a party other than the original merchant; this includes sales made by third parties on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

Furthermore, custom-made items are also not eligible for price matches with Michaels. In the event of a pricing mistake, promotion with a finite supply, promotion with a gift card, or promotion with a rebate form, Michaels cannot make price adjustments.

Can You Price Match at Michaels and Buy Multiple Items at Once?

Unfortunately, Michaels' policy is that you may only price-match once daily, and you can only use this in the United States. Michaels will only price match once, even though it is unlikely that you would find a lower price elsewhere.

If you find a lower price on a comparable product elsewhere, you should take advantage of Michaels' return policy. You'll receive your money and be able to buy the items at a lower price.

When Does Michaels Price Match? What Are the Requirements?

It's your responsibility to check your Michaels price match eligibility before submitting a request. The following are the conditions of their policy, which apply to in-store and online transactions.

The first requirement is that the two products be identical: same in all respects; make, model, year, size, color, and weight. The item should also be readily available at the competing store. You can't combine a price match with a coupon from Michaels or any other store.

If an item you want is temporarily out of stock on, they will not issue you a rain check. The shop may also restrict the number of items a single client may have their prices matched on.


Regarding matching prices, Hobby Lobby only does it in-store, not online, and they don't honor online discounts. Furthermore, Hobby Lobby does not price match goods currently on closeout or clearance or discounted in any other way.

Michael's offers price matching to better compete with online retailers like Amazon. To get the reduced price, however, you must prove that Amazon sells the same product for less.

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