Stearns and Foster Review: Which One is The Best For You?

Jack C. Haman
Tempur-Sealy makes Stearns and Foster’s mattresses, and they belong to a luxury category. The manufacturers use latex or wrapped coils for extra comfort and support. In addition to that, they have four different collections, and each of them is either comprised of wool, latex, gel foam, memory foam, cashmere, micro-coils, and silk.
Stearns and Foster is a company that is known for high-quality products that are excellent for providing edge support, conformability and motion isolation. Another best feature of Stearns and Foster is that you won’t require a topper on their mattress for some added comfort. Each of these foams is made with top quality craftsmanship with considerable attention to every detail.

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Stearn and Foster Introduce

The brand is meticulous towards providing relentless quality to its customers. To achieve this, Stearns and Foster ensure top-notch craftsmanship, and it only hires certified talent that has been trained to emphasize even on minor details so that the customers can enjoy the luxurious comfort.

Each of these beds is precisely constructed to meet the stringiest quality assurance tests and standards to ensure long-lasting durability that you deserve. Stearns and Foster mattresses are equipped with slow responsiveness to ensure that you get that soothing relaxation whenever you lie down on them.

The brand has been around for quite a while, and it has seen many trends come and go. Therefore, it has kept the traditions alive while staying in touch with the latest technologies that are on offer too.

Highlight Features of Stearn and Foster

IntelliCoil Advanced

The IntelliCoil Advanced technology is the Stearns and Foster’s exclusive. The unique coil construction is available in all collections, and it ensures varying support for various kinds of sleepers. The outer coils are for the durable comfort while the inner coil system contours the bedding surface by the body weight and shape of the sleeper to further enhance the enveloping support.

PrecisionEdge System

Another feature that is available in all four collections, the PrecisionEdge system is a masterpiece of innovation which involves small coils that keeps the foam’s supporting traits even better than the hard foam edges. The PrecisionEdge System also improves the breathability of the foam and enhances its longevity. Stearn and Foster have integrated the coils system furthest to the excellent bed surface for extra support even on the edges.

AdvancedAdapt Foam

AdvancedAdapt Foam is Stearns and Foster’s exclusive formula that provides you with adaptive comfort coupled with additional longevity. AdvancedAdapt Foam is also available in all collections, and its slow responsiveness ensures indulging relaxation. However, it has quick recovery time to ensure that you can get out of your bed or move on it quickly.

S&F Air Vents

Stearns and Foster Air Vents are also available in all four ranges of the brand, and they boost airflow within your mattress to keep it breathable for an extended period. You won’t feel hot sleeping on it neither you will feel sticky early in the morning.


All four collections are covered under  a10-year limited warranty based on the non-prorated basis. You can claim and warranty issues associated with the parts or labors within this period. Stearns and Fosters strongly back all its products and makes every effort to achieve maximum satisfaction of its customers. In most cases, the warranty is offered by the brick and mortar store from which you have bought your Stearn and Foster mattress.


The brand has given exclusive rights to all its retailers located across the country. You can visit in-store or online for going through all the collections and order your favorite today. Each store has its shipment and delivery services that you can avail during your purchase. You should only refer to the delivery policy and options of the brick and mortar store that you are in for purchasing your Stearns and Foster mattress. Similar rules are also applicable for the old mattress removal services as well.


Hybrid Pillowtop

Hybrid Pillowtop is Stearns and Foster’s innovative mattress top construction that ensures precision support along with outstanding adaptivity without compromising on your comfort. Exclusively available in the Reserve Collection, the individually designed Nano Comfort Layer is integrated with tens of thousands of Nanocoils in between the layers.

These coils add to conforming support, and your Pillowtop won’t sag like a traditional piece. The nano coil technology also contributes towards contouring features and enables you to get that cloud-like feel that you have craved for a long time.

Pillowtop Support Layer

The Pillowtop Support Layer is exclusively available in the reserve Collections as well as the Lux Estate Collection. This innovative layer has micro coils for that add durable support that you need in your Pillowtop. The Pillowtop Support layer replaces the conventional foam layer it ensures improved conforming comfort and long lasting sag-less relaxation.

PrimaCool Performance Fabric

It is an exclusive feature of Estate Collection and Lux Estate Collection. The fabric is high-loft with double-stretch knit fabric that is designed with the use of eco-friendly materials including TENCEL which is fiber that is quite commonly used in the production of athletic goods.

TENCEL has moisture-wicking properties, and it is highly breathable too. This top quality fabric is exceptionally durable and is very soft also.

PrimaCool Elite Gel Memory Foam

The gel memory foam has the capabilities of conforming and contouring to the body, and it also provides you with a naturally fresh sleeping environment. With the help of the gel-infused memory foam, you will be able to sleep cold and won’t wake up sweaty the next day. The gel infused memory foam can regulate body temperature frequently throughout the night and make you sleep relaxed.

Smart-Align Latex

In addition to other layers and the coils systems in between those layers, the brand has also equipped its Reserve Collection with Smart-Align Latex. This foam layer also contributes towards enveloping your body and also enables the foam to provide you with excellent responsiveness so that you don’t have that sinking feeling when you try to move during your sleep.

Primasense Gel Foam

Stearns and Foster have also enriched its Reserve Collection with Primasense Gel Foam in the comfort layer of the mattress which improves the breathability of the overall products, and it also enables the foam to cradle your body when you are in it for long hours. The multiple layers of gel-infused foam ensure that your body doesn’t feel any stress and you can sleep in it like a baby.

All these features ensure that you will get your hands on one of the best mattresses available on the market. The multiple layers of your bed guarantee that you not only can enjoy maximum edge support but also have fun with the breathability and temperature regulating features along with motion isolation too.

These beds are designed for all types of sleepers, and you don’t have to bother about your sleeping positions once you have bought Stearns and Foster. In the recent times, the brand has considerably improved its market worth due to various improvements in its product range. The bed back then was only an expensive product with luxurious sounding materials used in the composition. However, now they have refocused on being quality-oriented, and for this, they have focused on using the top-notch craftsmanship.

Top 4 Best Sellers of Stearns and Foster(Reviews and compare)

Prince Range (Queen) $3,499 $2,499 $2,499 $1,499
PrimaCool™  Fabric Yes Yes No No
Hybrid Pillowtop Yes No No No
PrimaSense™ Yes No No No
Pillowtop Support™ Yes No No No
Hand Tufting Yes No Yes No
Advanced Adapt™ Foam Yes Yes Yes Yes
IntelliCoil® Advanced Yes Yes Yes Yes
PrecisionEdge™ System Yes Yes Yes Yes
S&F Air Vent Yes Yes Yes Yes

Please Note: The prices you see have been recently updated, but are subject to change due to promotions and other factors. Consequently, we can't guarantee real-time accuracy of the prices. Be aware that costs and product availability may vary over time. Please refer to our Price Disclaimer for more information.

Reserve Collection

Reserve is the best collection from Stearns and Foster fully loaded with features. It is not just your expensive-top-of-the-line mattress; it is the ultimate one. The features it has are not available in any other bedding.

The Reserve Collection is fully packed with features. It has the PrimaCool Performance layer for high responsiveness and improved motion isolation as well as breathability. It has Hybrid Pillowtop that provides you with enhanced seating support as well as the broader sleeping area. The PrimaSense Gel Foam layer ensures that your body stays cool all night and it also improves the cradling feature of the bed.

With enhanced Pillowtop Support the mattress provides you with excellent conforming support, and you will experience the sag-less comfort for many years to come. The Advanced Adapt foam is also there to combine the ease of movement with motion isolation as well as conforming comfort. The Reserve Collection also comes with IntelliCoil Advanced technology that enables the mattress to adapt to your body and deliver the appropriate level of support.

It delivers the outstanding adaptability, comfort as well as a support system that are not like any other mattress. It is one of the most expensive ranges from Stearn and Foster, and the queen bed starts from $3499. There are different sizes also available ranging from twin XL to California king.

Furthermore, the PrecisionEdge System also works to provide you with a better surface for seating as well as more area for sleeping. In addition to that, the exclusive air vents improve breathability and increase airflow through the mattress so that you can rest fresh and relaxed. If you want the best product and don’t have any issues with your budget, then you can opt to buy for the Reserve Collection and feel the difference.


  • High breathability allows you to sleep cool
  • Soft and smooth fabric (TENCEL)
  • Gel infused memory foam for advanced motions isolation
  • More responsive and better edge support
  • Coil systems to improve conforming and contouring
  • Too many features can get very distracting

Lux Estate Hybrid Collection

Stearns and Foster’s Lux Estate Hybrid is all about the indulging comfort due to the high-quality advanced memory foam. It also comes with innovative inner-springs that provide durable support. So with this mattress, you are getting the best of both worlds, memory foam and inner-springs. Both innerspring and memory foam also work with each other pretty well.

The Lux Estate Hybrid comes with PrimaCool Performance Fabric that has moisture-wicking properties, and it is high on breathability and softness. The Advanced Adapt foam improves ease motion while the layer also provides conforming comfort. The Lux Estate Hybrid also has PrimaCool Elite Gel infused memory foam that will keep you cold at night and will also contour your body.

The IntelliCoil advanced system ensures that the mattresses adapt to the shape and weight of your when you lie on it and it also provides the perfect support level whether you sleep on your side or your back. The Lux Estate Hybrid also features PrecisionEdge technology that provides you with enhanced edge support while seating as well as during the sleep.

The Lux Estate Hybrid is also equipped with air vents to increase its breathability further and boost airflow at night. There are different sizes ranging from twin XL to California king and its split version. The queen mattress starts from $2499, and this mattress falls in your price range conveniently if you are not looking to overspend.

  • Innerspring and memory foam, the best of both worlds
  • Various size ranges available
  • Moisture-wicking properties of the top fabric
  • Improved edge support
  • Enhanced breathability
  • Suitable for all types of sleepers
  • Not for the people who prefer memory foams
  • Not designed for bulky people

Lux Estate Collection

This collection is all about creating a perfect balance between price and features without compromising on quality. This collection comes with hand-tufting to improve responsiveness as well as longevity. In addition to that, the mattress also ensures adaptive comfort with plush as well. The Lux Estate Collection boasts a PrimaCool Performance Fabric at the top which is made of stretch-knit fabric which is incredibly soft.

This fabric is also equipped with high breathability and moisture wicking capabilities. The Advanced Adapt Foam links up ease of movement with a contouring comfort that you prefer for long hours. The Pillowtop Support delivers a non-saggy comfort for an extended period, and it also works to improve the conforming support features.

The PrimaSense Gel infused memory foam also makes its appearance in this collection too, and it cradles your body while boosting a relaxed and refreshing sleep. The Nanocoils and micro coils features through the IntelliCoil Advanced layer make adjustments to your body and weight and provide it with perfect support level. This collection also boasts PrecisionEdge System for additional sleeping surface and improves seating area.

Air vents ensure that the breathability and airflow remain fluent throughout the night. The queen mattress starts from $2499, and it is available in different sizes ranging from twin XL to California king along with its split version. You don’t have to spend too much, without compromising on quality because you have the Estate Collection.

  • Highly soft and breathable fabric cover
  • Gel-infused from keep movement easy
  • Conforming support with motion isolation
  • Non-sagging Pillowtop
  • The same price has the hybrid
  • Not designed for innerspring users

Estate Collection

The best part is that it continuously adapts to the body movement and shape for providing extraordinary support with the help of its IntelliCoil Advanced technology. The bed is covered with the PrimaCool Performance fabric that is breathable and soft, and it also wicks moisture. In addition to that, there is Advanced Adapt foam that works overtime and handles your body movement well by providing conforming comfort too.

Furthermore, PrimaSense Gel foam increases the chances of sleeping relaxed and calm, and the layer cradles up your body nicely. This collection also features PrecisionEdge System with which you can enjoy the broader sleeping area and better support for seating.

If you want to purchase a mattress that provides you with the excellent backing for maximum breathability and ease of movement, then go for Estate Collection because it won’t cost you much. The mattress can contour your body even when you are moving a lot, and it works to keep your spine aligned as long as you are in your bed.

The Estate Collection is the most economical of the four from Stearns and Foster. The queen size starts from $1499, and there are different sized versions available from twin XL to California king and its split version. Despite the fact that it is the least expansive of all four collections, Stearns and Foster hasn’t compromised on quality and continued the tradition of delivering top-notch products to the customers.

  • Comes at an excellent price
  • Offers excellent value by balancing features and price
  • Automatically adjusts to your movement and shape of the body
  • Excellent breathability via air vents
  • Various sizes available
  • Doesn’t come with pillow top
  • Not ideal for gel memory foam users


Whatever collection you go for, the quality and performance are outstanding. If you are short on a budget, then go for the basics offered by the Estate Collection. If you want something extraordinary, then go either for Lux Estate or Lux Hybrid. And if you want the best of the best and don’t have money constraints either then chose Reserve Collection.

Because Stearns and Foster mattresses are sold in mattress stores, you should learn about the games mattress stores play. The summary of our investigation into mattress store practices will help you avoid making an expensive mistake. Use our buyer’s checklist to help you keep track of all the information about any mattress you’re considering.

Each of the models is designed with top-notch craftsmanship and with the help of the latest technology. Stearns and Foster are among the leading brands in the mattress industry, and their products are matchless when we talk about durability, quality, and innovation.

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