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Are you worried if you are infected with sexually transmitted infections but are afraid to seek a doctor's attention because of your privacy? Check out the platform for perfect private STD test results. Let us find out more from our reviews if it is true.

The CDC( Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) concludes in their research that close to 20 million STD infections are recorded every year. The disease persists for a long time without the patients realizing it until they start seeing the advanced signs. Therefore, it is crucial to go for the screening. This way, you can stem the spread of the infections while getting the treatment.

Never get ashed and feel guilty. STDCheck is here to help you have self-confidence and leave the shame and fear alone. The company claims to offer high anonymity even without an appointment with the doctor. Still, no need to indicate your name, and the treatment is the perfect one from a professional facility.

Therefore in our article today, we will have a deeper analysis of the firm, go deeper into the quality fo the services, the plans, packages, and discounts, and even look for customer feedback to help you have a good understanding of the company. Stay with us to the end and make an informed decision to save lives and curb the spread of STD infections.

Table Of Contents  Review is a branch of the company that Fiyyaz Prani founded in 2010. Their main target is to offer customers FDA-approved, convenient, affordable STD testing services with the added high anonymity level as a bonus. Therefore,  is simply an online site that provides the client with confidential and rapid testing services for all sexually transmitted diseases with other related services.

They guarantee the customer to get the results within a small duration upon delivering their samples without meeting the doctors in the office. This means customers can depend on professional health counselors to get started with the treatment and get consultation services when they are found positive. The platform has also been featured on the popular p[ublications which are not limited to Men's Fitness, Glamour, and Forbes but also many other outlets.

Most of these publications have praised the platform for its simple accessibility, high anonymity, and speed in producing test results. You must be asking if all the companies deserve the hype. Well, in our reviews, we will cover detailed data concerning the company based on their services, the customer feedback and contain details with any other related relevant FAQ at the end. Before going into detailed reports, let us look at the pros and cons in highlights. Pros: Cons:

Why We Like

One thing that makes us fall in love with this online testing platform is the high anonymity level they offer to its customers. Besides that, other things seem convincing about the company. Some of these are as discussed below:-

Offers 10 Test Panels or Individual

To date, is the only online platform offering the 10 Test panel and individual services. These cover Diseases such as:-

And other individual tests, the 10 Test panel, only goes for as cheap as $198, but when you combine it with the HIV RNA test, thn ti only goes for $349.

Fast STD Test outcomes

The company guarantee that the test results are available within 2 days from the day you visit the lab. Therefore, you will access the results on your online account. When you see the value column, it means that STD was detected, and then it will show the non-reactive 0r reactive, reference range, or the detected not detected on the result.

You will be considered positive in the result column when the range number is below the high number. If you are positive, you will still get the option to schedule phone call consultations through the professional and licensed MD from the company.

Doctor consultation services

Once you receive the positive results, you can individually schedule the doctor or physical consultation over the phone call. Therefore, you will have time to seek the option or way forward or get to ask the questions you have with the results. In these cases, the physician will prescribe the medications for th results. The treatment is based on the STDs like

FDA and CLIA-Aproevd testing facilities.

The company offers high-quality service that the FDA and CLIA approved. First, relies on the FDA-cleared Nucleic Acid Amplification test, considered the gold standard of both the Gornoprrhea and Chlamydia tests. This test only needs your small urine samples presented at the lab for accurate results. There is no undressing, swabbing, or even having a doctor's appointment.

For the HVS types 1 and 2,  the blood sample is checked for the antibodies of both viruses. When enough antibodies are detected, you will get positive results. For accurate results of 97 to 99%, it takes 4 to 6 weeks post-exposure, and after 6 weeks, it remains accurate and only needs small blood samples to get the results within 2 days.


The fantastic thing about the company is the experience in the ordering process. The process is efficient from the start to the end on their website. They even give you the precise procedure you need to follow in a precise manner. There are also representatives on the platform ready to help you with any service you need or help when you get stranded. Within five minutes, you will be done in their facility, ranging from the checking process to waiting and presenting the samples for testing.

Customer Review

It is also worth checking out the customer feedback on the services. therere are mutliple websiets that ofefrs the customers reviws online. We will first begin with their official website The company has scored a whopping 9.8 stars out of 10 after 5207 reviews on its website. Most customers are impressed with the multiple payment options,  simple testing and fast results, availability of the HVI RNA testing, the CLIA  and FDA-certified labs, competitive pricing, confidentiality, convenient hours and testing locations, and high-quality services.

One of the verified customers on the sites sums up all the customer feedback in one sentence saying: "Extremely fast and simple. I went to the lab and was out in 5 minutes. My outcomes arrived within 24 hours."

The company also got an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website. Secondly, we head to the Trustpilot, where the company has managed to gather about 2643 reviews, which got 4.8 stars rating and an excellent compliment for the services. And compared to other services, most customers complement their affordability, as one of the clients states:

 "Labs are indeed pricey, but STDcheck made it easy and reasonably priced for me. I am immensely thankful that I came across them. They gave me a $15 discount at the register, and I didn't have to make any appointments when I walked to the lab. I absolutely recommend them!"

On the Inner Body website, the author gives the company an 8.2 stars rating out of 10, complementing STDcheck provides a pseudonymous service as well as precise and reliable testing. Their in-person sample collection reduces the possibility of operator error and allows for faster results. STDcheck's narrow focus on STDs limits their versatility faintly, but it also enhances their specialized expertise."

You can also find multiple reviews which complement the company for their service on, DNA Weekly website, Testing, Farrinstitute, and Health Canal websites. These extrenmals ite expresses the customer feeback on mutliple sevreisc aabse dopn difefrent apsects. Generally, the customers are impressed with the service and consider the company the perfect alternative to doctor appointments for privacy reasons.

Where to Get Services does not sell a product; instead, they offer premium services. Therefore, when you want to get their service, the only place you can place an order is their official website, create an account, and send the test requests. Present the samples and wait for the STD and HIV test results within 2 days.

Is Safe and Reliable? is worth your money not only because of its affordable package but also because of its convenience, precision, efficiency, and high anonymity level, which gives customers peace of mind. Therefore, anytime you suspect you are exposed to the STDS, it's good to head to the website and create an account to get started with the test. So it's safe and reliable.

This is much better than booking doctor's appointments which most people are not comfortable with while others find it expensive. The online service is a perfect alternative. There are multiple reasons why most customers see the solace in anonymity and prefer to go for the service. The customer feeds back on the service is excellent, and a good number of them praise the overall processing speed, availability, convenient lab locations, short intake time, and offering results within 2 days.

Getting tested for your physical health matters; it never hurts anyone. Instead, you can stay safe and much healthier. Another reason you must trust this company is that they use the FDA -approved lab facilities for th sound testing methods to produce accurate results. This process adheres to the HIPPPA regulations on the privacy mandate. We wholeheartedly declare as an online platform worth your money for your health and saving people's lives. Discounts

Unfortunately, our reviews and research never found promotions and discount services online. No promo codes either. However, the company accepts the pay-later option when you are stranded. Therefore, you can test and present the samples to the lab before paying for these services. But before you access the test result, you must first make a payment. Keep on checking their website. Maybe there might be discounts shortly for their services.  Contact

As we stated earlier, when you have challenges or other related issues not covered in our review article, the customer support team is available 24/7 to help you. You can contact them via telephone at 1-800-456-2323 to access th care advisor in case you have an urgent concern. In our reviews, we never located any other means. Maybe you can also try to engage with them through social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Q. How long do results from take?

Based on our article, takes a short period, about 1 to  2 days, to deliver the test results. That is quick, and they boast for that as long as you present the samples needed to their n4arest lab.

Q. Where are testing locations?

There are multiple labs located in numerous countries around the world. Therefore, on their homepage, you can tap the find lab option to locate the nearest lab using the zip code. There are over 4500 labs nationwide; most are even operational on Saturdays because of the convenience of their customers.

Q. What are the symptoms of STDs?

STD is not simply restricted to the genitals. They can also infect the mouth, upper thighs, eyes, anus, and throat. Most STDs are asymptomatic; hence, you can easily infect sexual partners without indicating the symptoms. This review has been educational, and when you go to their website, you will access the clear signs and symptoms of every STD.

Q. What should I do when I test positive?

The good news is that offers their customers the option to book a doctor consultation over the phone when they test positive. Based on the STD detected,  the doctors will recommend the medication with further instructions and have a follow-up service. You can even discuss your test results with the preferred doctors who you select.

Q. Do I need a doctor’s prescription or any exam to test?

There is a prescription or exam needed to get tested. isntead, you have to oder the etst and prsent the smapels to the ensrest lab at your conveienece time. Therefore, when you are confirmed positive, the company has professional physicians who can prescribe the medication and offer other related follow-up services, which only cost you an additional $95.

Q. Does insurance cover services?

It is clear from our review article that does not accept insurance payments due to the private nature of the customer. Instead, the company provides you with the itemized receipt, which you can utilize for insurance reimbursement. But based on the affordable care act, private health insurance must cover such costs.

Conclusion is an online platform that offers STD test results while keeping you anonymous at an affordable cost. The company also offers a doctor consultation when test results are indicated positive at an additional cost of $95. Online booking doctor appointments, offers the best alternative to present the samples for test in the nearest lab facility. The company has built a strong reputation among customers for its efficiency, affordability, fast test results, anonymity, and convenience of services. It is worth checking out the site for their service with different options like pay later.

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