Splat Hair Dye Review: *Pros and Cons* Is Worth to Buy It?

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Your hair is your second face. Maybe you're tired of your natural hair color; why don't you come and try Splat hair dye?

There are different ways to make your hair look impressive. Aside from taking good care of your hair to make it glow, you can also add special colors to your hair to make it look beautiful. This goes a long way to compliment your looks or your outfit. If you are looking at adding more colors and more volume to your hair, then you must be able to spot some interesting features that you will need. The world is changing, this is why some ways of life are now accepted by the larger community in the world such as clothing, make-up, and hair color is among the new trend in society.

Splat hair dye is a company that specializes in the production of semi-permanent. Expressive, and temporary hues. You can find these products offered as natural formulas, single-serving pouches, and complete kits. The hair dye is free from paraben, it is long-lasting, and ultra-vibrant in its results. If you don’t know how to go about getting your hair dye from this brand, then you can read this brand to give you insight into what this brand is all about and what they offer. This will help you know if they are worth it or not.

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Splat Splat Hair Dye Review

Splat hair dye is a brand that specializes in the making of temporary, semi-permanent, and Expressive hues. You can find these products offered as single-serving pouches, natural formulas, and complete kits. The hair dye is paraben-free, it is long-lasting, and ultra-vibrant in its results. This brand was founded and developed in Southern California by Dave Agrey and Ann in 1991.

They have the mission of making hair color very affordable. The brand is known for offering a wide range of formulas, shades, and methods. They have amazing kits where you can find a wide range of hair colors to keep up with the hair fashion trend.

This review will take a look at the necessary information you need to know about Splat hair dye and what they offer. It will still dive into the pros and cons of this brand, why I like using the brand, the review customers are giving about the brand, I will give my verdict if the company is worth a trial or not, the review will talk about the discounts that the brand offer and many more.

Splat Hair Dye Pros

Splat Hair Dye Cons

Why We Like Splat Hair Dye 

Splat Original Complete Kit with Bleach Semi-Permanent Hair Color - Neon Green

If you have been looking for a punky hair color style, this is the best one for you to go for. the electric herbaceous green color is the color you can get when you apply this to your hair. There is a high result when you use it. You can get this one for $13.

Splat Original Complete Kit with Bleach and Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Blue Envy

If you are tired of using normal dark colors like black or brown. You can try this one. If you feel like making an experiment with nice colors, you can also make use of this one. You can have a dark shade mixed with black. This is one of the best sellers because it is one of the variations that can be trendy. Original Complete Kit with Bleach and Semi-Permanent Hair Color – Blue Envy is also for $13

Customer Review

If you have been looking forward to trying to wear a new hair look with expressive colors and the rest, this review will explain the things you need to expect when you use this brand. Right in this section, I have made findings on the things customers are saying about this brand, the experiences of customers are essential information that can help intended customers know what to expect and what not to expect. This review found out that most customers talked about the quality of this brand. The result you can get while using this brand. They are of good quality and affordable too. These are all based on the customer's feedback this review found out.

I made use of the influenster review website to carry out my analysis on this brand. There is a 3.3-star rating for this brand with about 36% with good reviews. There have been a lot of reviews like the product having a nice color which is also long-lasting. You don’t have to use it very much. A little portion of it is super cool. You can easily apply even at home. But they complain of it affecting the skin leading to bleeding.

I bought mine, I just followed the instructions from the level. It was easy to apply. Beautiful color.

Where to Buy Splat Hair Dye 

These products are very accessible, you can get them from the following.

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Is Splat Hair Dye Worth It?

Your hair is your second face. Maybe you're tired of your natural hair color; why don't you come and try Splat hair dye?

In this review, I believe that the hair dye and colors are superb, they can go a long way to make your hair look so beautiful and charming. You have the chance to have semi-permanent, expressive, and natural colors that are cool and trendy. You have the chance to get a full kit that includes dye, bleach, and even a conditioning treatment to help your hair color experience.

One good thing about the brand is that you can even return the products even when you have used them. This is a level of confidence that the company has for its product. It is also a big advantage for you to have a trial. This brand offers international shipping. You also enjoy free shipping within the US when you order an item above $35. Aside from that, there is a wide variety of colors, you have the chance to enjoy beautiful colors. I will advise you to seize this opportunity to take advantage of their great return policy. I will always recommend this brand to you.

Splat Hair Dye Discount

You can enjoy the following benefits when you shop with Splat hair dye Enjoy free shipping when you order for over $35 You can get a gloss masque for $5 only when you order for any new 2022 product

Splat Hair Dye Contact

If you want to inquire about this brand, you can do so through the following means


Q. What is the return policy of Splat hair dye?

Since you can buy Splat hair dye products from different stores, you should note that you can make returns to that particular retailer you made your purchase from. If you buy your product from the main website, be sure to return it to the website by sending an email to the customer support team customercare@splathaircolor.com. The customer care support team will tell you what to do. There is no time or instruction on their return policy. You can and still return when it does not work.

Q. What is the policy for shipping on Splat?

Splat offers international shipping to anywhere in the world. Your orders are processed within 3 days, you can expect your shipment to arrive within 7 to 10 working days. However, some locations can take a longer time or shorter time. You will get the cost of your shipping at the check-out point. There is free shipping for orders above $35 in the US.

Q. Is Splat cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes. The brand does not support animal cruelty. Hence the formulas were not tested on any animal

Q. Where is the Splat product made?

Their products are made in California in the US


Coloring of hair is a trend being adopted all over the world for a long time. With the help of Splat hair dye products, you can make your hair look beautiful even with original colors. They have wide varieties of colors to choose even with a complete kit if you want. This review will be an aid to making the best decision when it comes to choosing Splat hair dye.

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