DevaCurl Hair Products Review: *Pros and Cons* Is It Worth The Hype?

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Do you need help to have the perfect Curly hair but need help understanding where to start? Then you will need this download to save your day. This article will review  DevaCurl Hair Products in detail and listen to customer feedback.

People around the world, including you, have different hairstyle preferences. However, there are also a good number of customers whose hair is curly, which is natural. Still, some want a curly hairstyle but pay a lot of money. Most of the companies online are only offering customers not only loose but also tight curls that have spiraled out.

Therefore, if you have been trying to find curly hair for a long time with no perfect solution, we have you covered in our article. There is a high possibility that you have heard about  DevaCurl Hair Products while on your research. While it claims to offer customers high-quality curl-friendly products and accessories, we have to verify this from the customers' feedback. We also need to find out if these products are perfect for all hair textures and access all the signatures that the brand assures people from their homepage.

We will review the customer feedback, detailed reports on the discounts, contact details, and best-selling products, then evaluate if the brand is worth the money. Before making or placing an order, let us learn more from the customer ratings. Here is the company preview before anything else.

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 DevaCurl Hair Products Review

DevaCurl Curly, to start with, is a fashion brand that Lorraine Massey founded in 1994. The founder dreamed of inventing the perfect curled hair for girls, which has helped to embrace many customers, especially those with complicated hair, to care for. The brand alone has eliminated unruly locks daily.

Today through DevaCurl Curly, most women can manage their curly hair alongside their preferred styles, such as in waves, coils, or ringlets. The company relies on not only the hydration boosting formula but also shine and in line with the customers' health. It now offers to curl hair lotion, multiple cleansers, tools and treatments, and stylish items on its homepage.

From a simple search online, you will realize the brand has gained popularity in the US and worldwide. For this reason, it has been featured in popular publications like The Cut, Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Refinery29. DevaCurl Curly also has a huge audience base on its social media platform handles.

DevaCurl Curly was first established as a salon in New York as DevaChan. Since the founder realized exponential success, she went deeper to develop the perfect curly hair girl formula she authored as the Curly Girl.

The journey seems non-stop and ever-expanding to help cater to all the customers who are ever cursing their curls' conditions. She clarifies how one can achieve the best and dream locks in simple steps with relevant products. The DevaCurl products are now considered the Cult-following for most women, which is currently applicable in managing curly hair.

However, in 2013, the founder sold this brand to Tengram, though at the time of writing this review, we discovered that Henkel now owns the company. Henkel is a homecare as well as a beauty firm. This is enough to give you an overview of the company.

We now move to the vital section, where you must pay attention. Before going into the best-selling products, let us compare the pros and cons of DevaCurl Curly products to have a firm stand.

 DevaCurl Hair Products Pros:

 DevaCurl Hair Products Cons:

Why We Like  DevaCurl Hair Products

Besides  DevaCurl hair products meeting all the US CIR, SCCS, and Health Canada requirements in terms of the ingredients, there are also many other reasons why we prefer these products for curly hair care. However, the report confirms that there are people who are more sensitive to other ingredients that result in side effects.

The company becomes clear that they use ingredients that can bring about irritation, which is attributed to the synthetic fragrance alongside the propylene glycol. Therefore, experts recommend discontinuing the products if you experience such side effects. Because of the need, we also ought to take you through some of the best-selling products from this brand.

The Best-Selling DevaCurl Hair Products

This section will go through some of the popular DevaCurl Hair products. The listing is based on the customers' reviews and the selling percentage of the products on their website. But remember that all these products are gentle and have non-stripping formulas to ensure that customers get the best out of the products. These products are not only non-irritating but also dermatologically tested and proven.

The first one from the platform is No-Poo Original, which can save your day by ensuring you have clean, satisfying hair and a refreshing scalp wash. The products contain grape seed oil and peppermint to lock moisture while making you gloss with the perfect scent. You can apply it to your scalp and then rub it using the fingertip.

Next is No-Poo Blue. This product relies on the blue lotus flower to battle the brass. On top of the strand, the products add an extra cool-toned layer, and its sulfate free is perfect for massaging your scalp to get hydrated and defined hair. The brand also offers Styling Cream, which is good at gently coating and uses tapioca starch to calm down your unruly strands. Besides getting them in control, the products also contain jojoba oil that smoothens and softens your curly hair.

The list is long and involves Supercream as well, where it is recommended that you mix it with the gel to pump the moisture contents of not only damaged but also dried strands. It also penetrates the follicles through its fractionated coconut oil ingredient to feed your hair.

The company also has a popular B'Leave-In, responsible for giving a leg up on your limp spirals and extra oomph, and alongside the wheat protein, they revive all the hair to gain its full potential. The other products are Ultra Defining Gel, and this one gives you the coveted buoyancy and dreamy definition as it dries the invisible. WaveMaker is popular for sprucing up as well as defining the lifeless hair and fights to remove the static section. It is made with passionflower and moringa seed extract to boost your shiny appearance.

We also have DevaFuser and One Conditioner Original, which infuse moisture into your hair. You can find out more about these products.

Customer Review

When you read this review, the DevaCurl hair products sound perfect. But to uncover the truth behind these products, you must also go through the internet and search for real feedback from the customers who have used the products. Thus, we have researched and come up with multiple reviews from different platforms. This is important as the feedback will help you evaluate if the brand is worth the money and deliver what they promise on its website.

Starting from the Business Insider, the author reviews the brand and states the products as sulfate-free hair care products, which aim to help hydrate and define the curls to ensure a customer's day looks perfect. However, when you consider Trustpilot, the customers highlight some drawbacks of customer support services. Some customers compliment the brand for many reasons. Out of 19 reviews, the company scores 1.9 stars. Here is a recommendation from a satisfied customer:-

 "These are my top picks for curly hair treatment. I normally get them in-store from ULTA or Sephora. I've tried a wide range of brands over the years, and this is by far the finest."

Allure has also reviewed the light-defining gel, and the author compliments the product saying it can eliminate frizz and define the shape. The same applies to Amazon. For instance, we reviewed the DevaCurl Ultra defining gel strong hold no-crunchy products, and out of the whooping 1851 global rating, the products score awesomely amazing 4.3 stars. Customers on amazon are satisfied with this product, praising the results, its sustainable nature, etc.

Byrdie's blog also concludes this brand is well known for its hydrating conditioner, shampoo, and many curly hair essentials. Besides Youtube videos, the brand has many other external sites that review it with amazing feedback. These are The Cut, The Global Shuffle, Forbes, Mashable, Southern Living, and Mane Objective.

Looking at the MakeUpAlley, this brand scores 3.9 stars after 29 reviews. This indicates customers are happy with the products, and all of them gave it 4 stars for packaging quality, where 72% stated they would repurchase from the brand. Among the reviewers, a happy customer praises the Styling Cream saying:-

"I ADORE THIS! I dislike brands that negatively effect my curls; I prefer them to be bouncy and vibrant, and this product achieves just that! I apply this creamy serum to my wet hair, lock it up for a few minutes, then blow dry with a diffuser as well as presto! Gorgeous curls! I don't have to use as much on my almost-to-the-waist curls, which is a big plus! It also smells fantastic!"

Though reviews online come with a varied experience, most praise the brand for offering effective hair care products. Most recommend curly hair products with a simple application for your perfect daily look.

Where to Buy DevaCurl Hair Products

In case you are after purchasing the DevaCurl hair products, then the first thing is to know where to obtain these products. Therefore the perfect place to get the products and enjoy the collection is their official store at

Otherwise, our research indicated that DevaCurl hair products are available in multiple online stores. These ranges as listed below:-

Is DevaCurl Hair Products Worth It?

When it comes to the worthiness of this company, then the brand gets mixed reviews online. But since many of these ratings recommend the products, we have no choice other than telling them that the company is worth your money. Though, people complained about the hair treatment as well as the cleanses while the rest of the products remain viable based on our conclusion.

Also, note that the issues raised by customers are not universally experienced. For this reason, from their website, their professionals encourage potential customers to spot-test the products before utilizing them on the whole head for guaranteed results. Thus, you can apply it to a small part of your skin or hair patch to determine if the selected product is effective. If the product is not responding or has negative effects, the company is open with a favorable return policy and promises a refund.

In conclusion, most customer ratings online have left the perfect testimonial. They praised the appearance of the ringlets. In this regard, we have no other but to recommend the brand for its friendly pricing, multiple positive feedback, favorable return policy, the often listed discounts and promotions, and many other things. We recommend it as a brand worth your money and trying the products to get the curly hair of your dream.

DevaCurl Hair Products Discounts

In this research, I also researched meticulously with the experts to find out if the company also offers customers lucrative deals. Based on our scope and when writing this review, we realized multiple discounts from the firm to customers.

First, the DevaCurl Curly brand gives free Shipping to all the uUS based orders. Moving ahead, an active promotion guarantees all clients 25% off on their side orders with the promo code LUVDEVA. The company guarantees all members a free fixture Blood scarf when they order for $65 and above.

If you are a new customer, you can sign up for the account and newsletter, where the company will give you 10% off on your first order. Subscribe and save bucks. There are also frequent sales and promotions as well as discounts which you can keep an eye on in the future. You must subscribe to their newsletters for all the latest deals and updates.

DevaCurl Hair Products Contact

In case the above review does not give you sufficient information, and you have any other questions related to the brand, you can contact the support team. The company's homepage lists multiple ways to reach out to them.

The first one follows them on their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where you can engage and ask for clarification from their marketing team. Next, they also gave their phone number (212) 274 8686. Still, if the above means are not good enough, contact them by emailing and sending it to

Their contact form is also working, which is available on their website with only a click away. Collaborate with them and seek clarification. Otherwise, where are some of the FAQs we have encountered online.


Q: What is the shipping policy of DevaCurl Hair Products?

From the website, the company has good location coverage. At the time of writing this review, this brand only offered Shipping to Puerto Rico, the US, and Canada regions. But immediately after you order the products, the company takes about 5 to 5 business days to process and dispatch.

Also, the company offers different shipping options. For US-based customers, there are four available shipping means. Standard takes 4 to 7 business days, free, while 2-day takes 2 to 3 business days costing $10. additionally, US customers can also use the overnight, which takes 1 to 2 business days, for only $17. When you are located in Alaska or Hawaii, your order will take at least 3 to 12 business days, and this Shipping will cost you $15.

For Puerto Rico, there is only a standard shipping option, and it takes 5 to 12 business days, costing you $50. Lastly, Canada has two options; the standard Shipping costs $15 and takes 5 to 12 business days, while NU/NT/YT costs $100 but takes 8 to 12 days for delivery.

Note that immediately after the company ships the order to your destination, they send you the confirmation link as well as the tracking code through our email address.

Q: What is the shipping policy of DevaCurl Hair Products?

If you have purchased the DevaCurl Hair Products and, on delivery, find out the product is not what you ordered or there are some issues with the order, then the good news is that you have the option to return the product to the store. The return policy is only applicable within 60 days from the date of purchase. Again, the company still accepts the items which are intact and in original packages even if they have been sued. However, customers must attach proof of purchase to get a full refund.

There is also an option for store credit, which is effective if the customer is based in the contiguous US region. In this case, the company is responsible for the return shipping charges. And for the rest of the region, like Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, etc., you will be responsible for the return shipping and mailing costs.

The company has laid out 6 simple procedures to initiate the return process. First, you need to sign in to the DevaCurl portal or account, then have the shipping zip code alongside the order number. From there, fill in the return form, and when the brand accepts the return, you will receive the RMA and the prepaid shipping label.

Make sure you attach the label to the return parcel and deliver it to the local post. If not, you can send the package to DevaCurl, Attn. Return,75 spring St, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10012, United States.


In the above review, though many people prefer cost-effective cosmetic products, it is always advisable to go for the high-quality Curl hair products on the market. DevaCurl hair is the best way to go. This brand has been around for a long, and its products guarantee efficacy and many benefits.

We highly recommend the brand if you are new to the curly hair industry, and you will love the products with results. The brand is not only sustainable but also, from the above article, it has got numerous positive reviews and comes with favorable Shipping and return policy alongside lucrative deals. It is worth checking out.

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