Serta iComfort Mattress Reviews: Would You Buy It Or No?

Nicole J. Holstein
For all those people looking for an outstanding mattress’s brand, Serta iComfort Mattress could give them all that they need. It is one of the leading names among industries that aim to bring comfort to people’s life
Serta started emerging as one big name in the mattress industry in 1931 with the introduction of their Perfect Sleeper Mattress. After that, they continued bringing the latest technologies in order to give something perfect to their customers.

Not only mattresses, Serta gives a variety of products like pillows, blankets, sheets, bed frames, mattress protector, a variety of baby products and even pet beddings. In short, you can get everything from Serta, when it comes to a sleeping comfort.

Serta is a USA company, and being the topmost mattress manufacturers, it not only delivers top-notch products in the USA but also all across the World. Their history is full of milestones that have brought revolution is mattress’s industry.

Previously, people used to look for comfort and the other few soothing aspects in their sleeping places. But, now your resting area is supposed to offer much more than comfort and stiffness. All thanks to ground-breaking industries like Serta.

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The Serta iComfort mattress line, launched in 2011, has steadily gained popularity. These mattresses come in a range of models, each with varying features and firmness levels. Designed with hot sleepers in mind, the iComfort series incorporates advanced cooling technologies. A majority of customers have praised these mattresses for their comfort and support. However, some concerns have been raised about the durability of these mattresses, with reports suggesting they might not last as long as expected.

The iComfort TempActiv II is a standout model in this series and is known for its medium firmness level of 5.6/10. The TempActiv II is made from polyurethane foam and has a CertiPUR-US® certification. There are other noteworthy models in the iComfort range, such as the CF1000, recognized for its medium firmness and additional cooling features, and the opulent CF4000, which offers plush firmness and the highest level of cooling properties.

On the whole, the Serta iComfort mattresses have been lauded for their excellent support, contouring abilities, and the use of premium-quality foams. However, some users have pointed out issues like the mattresses degrading after a short period and a few feeling warmer than expected during sleep. The iComfort line has received a commendable score on review platforms like Slumber Search.

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Technology Serta used

Serta uses a variety of technologies in their every model, in order to make it perfectly suitable for everyone regarding its comfort, support, and heat balancing. They utilize TempActiv™ Technology in their various models. What does it do? As its name depicts, it assists in maintaining the right temperature while you sleep. Its advanced Gel Memory Foams make the temperature stay at the right value for increasing the sleeping time.

Moreover, its EverCool Fuse and Air Suspensions technologies also enhance breathability of the foam and allow airflow to maintain optimum temperature. All these technologies are specifically used to reduce the heating effects that might generate in memory foams.

In order to provide a perfect supporting system to your body while you sleep, Serta brings different technologies along with a right balancing of cushioning and support in its various models. With its highly developed Duet Coil innerspring support system, it tactically delivers both comfort and support by placing coils in a right way.

Additionally, its PillowSoft and ActivBalance technology provides adequate support and cushioning to the body. Serta has also introduced Fireblocker Fibre in its products to minimize fire spreading possibilities.

Not only in its mattresses, a variety of technologies has been added to Serta’s other products in order to ensure a peaceful sleeping experience to the customers. One of them is SleepGPS along with Sleeptracker Technology. Both of them help in tracking heart and breathing rate and other movements during your sleep. In this way, they offer you solutions and ways to make your sleeping pattern better.

What Serta has more for you?

Serta iComfort mattress basically adds comfort and peaceful nights to your life through its mattress collections. But, it is not the only thing it gives to its customers. It brings a variety of other products that increase the sleeping time and comfort of everyone. Its products are not limited to human adults only. Rather wide varieties of products are available for your pets as well.

It brings three major collections in term of its mattresses. These include Serta iComfort, PerfectSleeper, and Sertapedic mattress collections The first iComfort collection comes with both memories as well as Hybrid construction . It basically offers the solution for those who want to enjoy the contouring and comforting feeling of memory foams but scared of heat effect that it might produce.  All the models of this collection come with the latest cooling technologies.  The second PerfectSleeper collection is available in  Innerspring, memory foam, and hybrid foams . All its models are constructed with the aim of offering solution to five sleeping problems including lack of support, disturbance due to motion effects, tossing and turning problem, mattress drooping, and sleeping hot or too cold.

The third Sertapedic Collection is available in  innerspring and memory foam construction . It basically aims to offer high Serta quality at outstanding values. Its different models vary in their firmness and level from extremely soft to firm depending on your preferences.

Serta is USA’s number one mattress manufacturing industry that gives quality-product along with remarkable customer care services. It has won different awards like 2014-2017 Women Choice Award for a highest recommended mattress, and award of Consumer Digest Best Buy Ratings.

Besides offering high-quality and competitive products, Serta also offers a warranty for a limited time period on its all products for all types of manufacturing and material defects. This warranty period varies for its different products. Other than the warranty, it also gives the services of free shipping and an adequate trial period to its customers if they want to check the product for its suitability before purchasing it finally.

Best Sellers of Serta Icomfort

Blue 100 Gentle Firm Back sleepers, backache sufferer 5-6 $ 1,299 9.75”
Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush Side sleepers 0-1 $ 2,499 14”
Discoverer Plush Back pain sufferers, side sleepers 3-4 $ 1,599 12.25”
HB700Q SmartSuport Super Pillow Top Back Sleeper 4-5 $ 3,499 16”
Visionaire Firm Stomach sleeper, heavyweight people 7-8 $ 2,199 13”
Please Note: The prices you see have been recently updated, but are subject to change due to promotions and other factors. Consequently, we can't guarantee real-time accuracy of the prices. Be aware that costs and product availability may vary over time. Please refer to our Price Disclaimer for more information.

Blue 100 Gentle Firm

Blue 100 Gentle Firm is a model that comes under Serta’s iComfort Collection. It comes with the specialty of offering adequate support while not compromising its comfort and cuddling effects.  Its memory foam comes with various technologies that perform together to give pressure relieving effect, support, breathability, and cooling effects.
Blue 100Gentle Firm mattress is constructed by combining four different layers in a fashion to ensure peaceful night free of backaches. The total height of this model is 9.75 inches.

Its topmost layer is TempActive Gel Memory Foam Layer of ¾ inches of thickness. Being a part of its comfort layer, this one regulates the overall temperature of your body and doesn’t let you awake wet.

The second one is EverCool Fuse Memory Foam Layer with the thickness of 2 inches. This foam assists in providing breathability to the mattress and allows adequate airflow through it in order to reduce the heat buildup during your sleep.

The third one is Serta Balanced Support Foam Layer with one-inch thickness. This layer is made by using special Serta technique provides support to each and every curve of your body.

Below all its layers are the support system of this mattress that is Serta Ultimate Edge Foam Core Layer with the thickness of 6 inches. Its adequate thickness and support give a solid base to the mattress and enhances both its performance and lifespan. Also, well-spread support is given to its entire surface including extreme edges.
Firmness level
The firmness of this model is not too high. It comes with the medium level f firmness. This feature makes it suitable for wide variety of people. If we mark the firmness of the mattress on the scale of 1 to 10 values, then it would lie somewhere between 5 or 6.
Comfort and support
This model of iComfort Collection comes with special settings for offering comfort and support to the sleeper. Its one layer that is Serta Balanced Support Layer is dedicated only to offer enough support to each curve of your body. Other than this layer, it’s further gel memory foam and fuze memory foam layer ensures to give enough comfort.
Best for:
  • Suffering from backaches.
  • Who sleeps on their backs
  • Changes their sleeping positions frequently.
  • Its incredible construction makes it the perfect choice for those looking for medium firmness of mattress along with good comfort.
  • Because of its thick base, it offers great support to your mattress along with longer serving period.
  • Evercool Fuze Memory foam makes it breathable and cool even during hot weather.
  • Adequate firmness makes you awake pain-free
  • It might not be suitable for those looking for a firm mattress.

Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush

This model from Serta iComfort Collection is a super luxurious model that offers comfort and soft feel like no other mattress available in the market. Not only does it offer super comfy and plush feel through its multiple memory foam layers, but also its cooling technology maintains the temperature to make customers’ sleeping experience more wonderful.
The construction of Blue Max 3000 Elite Plush comprises of six unique layers that all work together to give cloud-like sleeping experience. The total height of this model is 14 inches that are quite hard to get in other majorities of models available in the market.

The uppermost is TempActive Max Gel Memory Foam layer with the thickness of one inch. It works particularly to regulate the temperature of the sleeper throughout the night.

The next one is EverCool Supreme Memory Foam Layer with the thickness of 1.5 inches. It helps in making mattress breathable and allowing airflow through it. In this way, it maintains the overall temperature of your sleeping place. The third one is EverCool Fuze Gel Memory Foam Layer with two inches thickness.

The second last is two inches thick ActivBalance Support Foam Layer with two inches thickness. It increases the response rate of your mattress and gives support to your body. Below all these layers are bulky Support System of this mattress that is 6 inches thick Serta Ultimate Edge Foam Core. It offers huge support to the entire mattress even at its extreme edges. In this way, it makes you able to sit or sleep even in its intense corners.

Firmness level
This Serta model is particularly made with the aim of offering maximum comfort and soft effects with the minimum possible firmness level. This is the reason it on the scale of 1 to 10 firmness values, it comes towards lowest firmness and maximum softness level.
Comfort and support
The comfort and support that is offered by this model are just incomparable. With its extreme soft feelings, it just makes you sink inside it. It contours and gives support to each and every curve of your body. The comfort and support of this mattress are ensured through its various layers and technologies. Its ActivBalance Support Foam, Air Suspension Technology, TempActiv Touch fabric technology, and other features perform together to give a higher rate of comfort and support to the sleeper.
Best for:
This model is best for those people:
  • Who are side sleepers.
  • With the habit of changing sleeping positions frequently.
  • Its super soft construction contours your body completely.
  • Because of its ActiveBalance Support layer, it gives instant response to your different body parts.
  • TempActive and Evercool Fuze technology make it breathable and temperature regulating during all types of weathers.
  • It improves your sleeping experience through its multiple memory foam layers.
  • Its extremely soft construction might make you sink into it.

Discoverer Plush

This model in iComfort Collection is a hybrid model.  It combines the effects of both mattresses’ plush feel along with the super support system. All this extensive support system is made possible through its amazing coil system technology that is unique in Serta’s models. Besides being soft and comfortable, it also assists in relieving pressure points of your body.
This Discoverer Plush model is constructed by having two major layers. One is Upholstery Layer, and the other one is Support System. Both these major layer further comprises a different number of layers. Each layer offers specific features and contributes to making this mattress super comfortable and supportive. Combining all layers, the total height of this model becomes 12.25 inches.

The uppermost layer of this model is Serta Comfort XD Foam that comes with the thickness of 2.75” thickness. This foam offers extensive support to your body while giving soft and comfortable feel at the same time. In the result of its combining features, it assists in relieving pressure points.

The second one is EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam layer that contains the thickness of 0.5 inches. It helps in resolving the major shortcoming of traditional memory foams through dissipating heat and making your sleeping place cool and comfortable.

In the Support layer, this mattress contains 952 Duet Edge Individually Wrapped Coil Support System along with Best Edge Foam Encasement. This layer doesn’t only offer great support to the whole foam through its coil system. But also, gives comfort and long lifespan to the mattress through its foam encasement and separate wrapping of coils. Moreover, its exclusive coils give individualized support to all parts of your body.

Firmness level
Regarding firmness, this Discoverer model comes with a good value of firmness. All this incredible firmness is made possible through its unique coil support system. On the scale of 1 to 10 firmness values, this particular model would exist somewhere between 3 or 4.
Comfort and support
Besides offering greater values of firmness, this model doesn’t lack behind others in offering comfort and support. Besides having thick Comfort XD Foam layer for providing soft and comfortable feel, its Triple Effects Memory Foam layer also ensures its comfort. Moreover, the dense supportive base layer gives adequate support even at the edges of this mattress.

This model is best for those people:

  • Who are side sleepers.
  • Who prefers extremly soft mattress
  • Because of its durable construction, its edges offer equal support and would not compress on pressing.
  • Its Tripple Effect Memory Foam layer will regulate the temperature regardless of outside temperature.
  • Because of it’s advanced individually wrapped coil system, it would serve you longer than other traditional models
  • Its firmness level might feel low to many people.

HB700Q SmartSupport Super Pillow Top

This HB700Q Smart Support model of iComfort Collection is also a hybrid mattress. Along with providing greater support to your body, this unique model also offers amazing cradling effects with higher response rate. All this is made possible through Serta’s latest technologies and methodological tricks for constructing its items. This model is perfectly compatible with adjustable foundations of Serta.
This Serta Mattress model is constructed by combining a large number of layers together. Each layer serves its unique functions and helps in making the sleeping experience of the customers more restful and relaxing. The overall height of this model is 16 inches that are not possible to obtain in the majority of other models.

Basically, its construction is divided into three major layers. One is Quilt Layer that is an uppermost layer. The second one is Upholstery Layer, and the third one is Support Layer. These layers further consist of small layers.

The Quilt Layer contains FireBlocker Fiber, Pillo-Fill, and 1.25 inches of Serta PillowSoft Foam. The FireBlocker is made by a mixture of natural and synthetic fibers that help in restricting the fire and limiting it from spreading further. Through its pillow-fill feature, it gives exceedingly soft effects that completely contours your body and give cushioning effects.

The Upholstery layer contains two layers of EverFeel Tripple Effects Gel Memory Foam layer. One is two inches thick, and the other comes with one-inch thickness. This foam provides temperature regulating effects and prevents sleeper from waking up wet and sticky. The third layer is one-inch thick Serta Pillow Soft Layer. It also offers cushioning effects through adding a great amount of comfort to the mattress.

The lowermost Support System comprises of 1008 Individually Wrapped Duet Elite Coil Support System. This layer specifically serves the purpose of offering great support and firmness to both mattresses and to the sleeper as well. With its individually wrapped coils, it enhances the lifetime of the mattress, and specialized encasement spreads the supporting effects to each corner and edges of the foam.
Firmness level
This model comes with the medium level of firmness. It doesn’t feel too hard or soft while sleeping. Rather, it just gives a well-balanced combination of both. On the firmness scale, this model would lie exactly at the middle point that is somewhere between 4 or 5.
Comfort and support
Despite being a mattress with coils, this model offers comfort to the greater extent. Its Quilt and Upholstery layer together works to offer great comfort and soft feel. Different Serta technologies like Pillo-Fill, Tripple Effects Memory Foam, PilloSoft and others ensure comfort to the sleeper.  Its lowermost support system gives greater support to your body and doesn’t let the mattress sag even after using it for the long time period.

This model is best for those people:

  • Who are facing problems of awakening frequently while sleeping
  • Who are in habit of changing positions frequently
  • Due to its FireBlocker Fibre, it prevents the fire from spreading all over.
  • Because of its Pillow-Soft technology, it can give great cushioning effects.
  • Due to its dense supportive system, it can give flawless services for years.
  • Not suitable for those looking for hard mattresses.
  • Might not feel good for a stomach sleeper.

Visionaire Firm

Visionaire Firm is another hybrid model of Serta’s iComfort Collection. It is made particularly by focusing those people who love to sleep on firm mattresses. Besides having an additional layer for adding firmness and support, this model is also made adequately comfortable and soft by using different cooling and other technologies.
It is also constructed mainly of two layers. One is upholstery layer and other is support layer. The total height of this mattress becomes 13 inches.

The upholstery layer firstly consists of EverFeel TripleEffects Gel Memory Foam Layer that is one inch thick. It serves the purpose of adding comfort through regulating temperature. After this layer is one-inch thick Cool Action Gel Memory Foam Layer that also keeps the temperature at right value besides offering comfort and support.

The third one is two inches thick Serta Support Foam Layer. This foam serves the purpose of adding additional firmness to this model. The last one in upholstery layer is Serta PillowSoft Foam Layer that adds cushioning effects to offer adequate softness.

In the Support System layer, there is 1008 Individually Wrapped Duet Elite Coil Support System. This layer provides firm support to the sleeper.

Firmness level
Visionaire firm model offers great firmness to the sleeper. On the scale of 1 to 10 firmness values, this one exists between 7 or 8. In the memory foam range, this firmness level is made possible through adding specialized Serta Support layer and core coils supportive system.
Comfort and support

Besides offering firmness, this model gives support and comfort through its different layers. Its adequate cooling techniques along with Pillow-Soft cushioning layer, it gives appropriate comfort and support to the sleeper.

This model is best for those people:
  • Who sleeps on their back/stomach
  • Who are excessively heavy in weight
  • Who are ordered to sleep on hard mattress  by doctor
  • Due to its additional layer of Support Foam, it will offer great firmness.
  • Pillow-Soft Foam gives cushioning effect to your body.
  • Due to its excessive firmness and sturdy construction, you can sleep on it peacefully regardless of your body weight.
  • EverFeel Triple Effects Gel Memory Foam and Cool Action Gel Memory Foam makes the mattress breathable and makes you sleep dry on it.
  • It might feel hard at the start especially if you are not used to firm mattresses.

Wrap up

The Serta iComfort mattress line appears to be a strong contender for those prioritizing advanced cooling features and superior comfort. However, potential buyers should be aware of the occasional feedback regarding durability and heat retention. To ensure the best personal fit, it's recommended to explore and test out various models within the iComfort range.

Comfort, Support, and lifespan, these are the common factors that are considered while purchasing a mattress for many people. But, with the advancement of technologies and new emerging techniques, we have realized there are many other features that our foams can offer us in order to give us peaceful nights.

One such industry name that played an important role in bringing the latest technologies in our mattresses is Serta. It aims to deliver customized foams according to customers’ requirements. But, it is not its only good point. It has also brought many new features that give all necessary sleeping comfort within the single foam.

In this write-up, we have discussed different aspects of Serta’s few mattress models. You can see from their reviews, all offer a variety of features along with focusing on one particular attribute. You can get benefit from these mattresses by purchasing them from Serta store. In case of having any difficulty, their customer care services are full time available to assist you regarding any matter.

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