Ettitude Sheets Review: Are They Really Organic and Eco-Friendly?

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Do you want to pair your mattress with the perfect eco-friendly sheet to reduce anxiety and get better sleep? Get excellent sheets from Ettitude. Keep reading to find out more about the brand.

No one, including you, can guess that combining bamboo, cotton, and Tencel alongside eucalyptus can make perfect beddings to guarantee better sleep. This material undergoes thorough p[rocessing to obtain suitable sheets and other products that are not only ethically or eco-friendly but also physically attractive.

One of the brands that offer these sustainable beddings and related products is Ettitude. Ettitude sheets are sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly fabric tested. If these sheets feel comfortable, listen to the customer with experience with the products. Find out more in the review.

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Ettitude Sheets Review

Ettitude is a Los Angeles-based company specializing in manufacturing and selling bathing brands and sustainable bedding. They claim that these products are made using 100% organic cotton. Though better, the company advertises its product as having a silk feeling because, for every wash, the product gets softer. Ettitude, based on the views of the current CEO, Phoebe Yu, stands for eco-attitude.

The CEO has over 10 years of work experience in supply chain management and had the chance to make two international sourcing firms. Therefore, she founded the brand Ettitude in 2014, where she mainly aimed at offering bedding with the mission to make them as soft as silk and sustainable as hemp. Though it costs the price of cotton, the products are also as breathable as linen.

These products' versatile ingredients, especially beddings, blend with their signature CleanBamboo. The signature brand was analyzed by the clean agency in 2020, which is a third-party research group. These items are manufactured under the non-toxic closed loop system that claims to reuse water up to 200 times while recycling 988% of the process.

For this reason, the brand has been featured in reputable publications and magazines. Among them including Forbes, Apartment Therapy, Architectural  Digest, etc. The company also has an impressive customer base on its social media accounts. We can also confirm that the Ecocert,  PETA, Global Certifications on sustainability and ethics by the forest stewardship council, and Global recycled standard back this brand.

In this review, we will go into a detailed review of the brand but now divided into the best-selling products, discounts, contact details, and customer ratings before concluding that the products are worth the money. Before that, let us look at the pros and cons of the company.

Ettitude Sheets Pros:

Ettitude Sheets Cons:

Why We Like Ettitude Sheets?

Ettitude brand offers multiple bedding optionstoslect from. They cover from the bed up to the bathing products that cover all parts of your life. On their website, you can access bamboo pyjamas, bathroom accessories, and bedding sets.

Still, you can access baby items ranging from the protector to the towels and crib sheets. The products come in the travel size because of the need for convenience. Let us now dive deep into the best-selling under each category.

The Best Selling Bamboo Bedding

There is a sea of bedding products on the Ettitude website. These are duvets, pillowcases, and comforters. However, I will only list some of the best-selling Bamboo bedding on the site for this case. The first one is Ettitude Bamboo Comforter, which comes in a breathable manner and is multi-size manufactured with 100% organic Bamboo.

It ensures the customer is comfortable but recommends dry cleaning to reduce the risk of losing its softness. secio=oidn best-selling is Ettitude Signature Sateen Sheet Set as the norm; the product is also made with 100% natural bamboo.

Ettitude Signature Sateen Travel Set This is the compressed version of the Sateen set and manufactured with the hypoallergenic and silky smooth. Next on the line is Ettitude Complete Bedding Bundle, which is simple but has three easy steps for customization.

They involve the attitude pillow case but for more details, check out its category. The last is the Ettitude Bamboo Mattress Protector, and the brand encourages you to get prepared. This protector always ensures that it supplements the comfort of what the mattress offers you; Ettitude also encourages machine washing of products and is perfect for people with sensitivity.

The other best-selling products from the Ettitude brand are Ettitude Waffle Robes, made with 100% natural inputs and durable and perfect for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, Ettitude Signature Sateen is Short though flexible as well as scalloped over the years.

The last best-selling Ettitude brand is Ettitude Women’s Sateen + Robe. Although slightly high, it is still a luxurious world. They also claim to make the product biodegradable and have a matching fabric belt.

Customer Review

Looking at the customer reviews online in this series is our routine. We need to uncover what other customers have experienced using a particular product, and the same goes for this Ettitude sheet review. We took time to go online and find out more about what customers have to say about the products from Ettitude, specifically on sheets.

The first place to start with is their official website at, where generally, the company has 4.5 stars after 20520 reviews on the site. Most of the customers are satisfied with the products besides a few criticisms. To go deeper, we selected one of the reviews from a verified buyer and had this to say:

" LuxuryMy Ettitude sheets are beautiful in our Sellicks Chills Vineyard Retreats b&bs. We have moon, sea and sunset reflections in The Treehouse and olive and gold in The Elephant Door. They look and feel amazing and luxurious. Thank you Ettitude."

On the Product Review site, the company also scoops 4.8 stars after 28 reviews. This is amazing and among the award winners. The site praises the product for its luxurious feel, comfort, and sustainability. However, some customers have raised concerns here as the case with the color or real product. Here are a clear explanation from one of eh customers:-

"The website displays beautiful rich colors but the sheets are dull, the color is pale and so different to the website. I wouldn't trust this company as they immediately take down negative reviews. Cheap quality sheets made in China."

Moving to Amazon, there are good praises for the brand for its accuracy, high quality, excellent support services, etc. While and Sleeppolis give us detailed reviews of the brand, analyze the material used to make the sheets, and weigh out the pros and cons to make a sancit conclusion with alternatives.

The next on the line is the Sleep Foundation which the author analyzes the brand from experience using their product. She goes deep to list the sheets like Signature Sateen, Sateen, etc. There are also honest reviews on; if that is not enough, you can watch the Youtube video for detailed reviews on the brand.

From the above feedback, many people have been pleased and are happy with the purchase, but small negative reviews bring in critics.

Where to Buy Ettitude Sheets?

Your location determines the Ettitude Sheets shopping store. Their official website is the only reliable platform that guarantees access to the Ettitude Sheets products. For US-based customers, you can access the inventory from, while those in Australia can place orders from While researching, I also realized that Ettitude Sheets items are available from online retailers. These include:-

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Is Ettitude Sheets Worth It?

From the customer feedback and online ratings, we are delighted to conclude that the brand always delivers to customers what they promise from its homepage. Customers can select from various bedding options: bath accessories, sheets, bedding, sleepwear, and baby products. Regardless of gender and age, Ettitude sheets have what you need for reliable and comfortable bedding under one apartment.

If you are wondering whether Ettitude sheets are worth it, read through the customer feedback, and that alone confirms that all their sheets raging inform bamboo sheets are not only soft but also breathable. If you have susceptible skin, this is the perfect brand you can consider going for online. Most people have indicated improved sleeping habits and experience.

Therefore, we cannot deny crediting the brand; it is worth your money. If unsure, the company gives you a 30-night free trial option to try the products. When customers are happy, we compliment them and say that the products are worth the money. The products are sustainable, eco-friendly, silk, and smooth though pricey for the set, they offer you value for your money.

Ettitude Sheets Discounts

We also went the extra mile, just like our other brand reviews, to cover what Ettitude offers customers as promotions. This is one of the marketing strategies, and the brand is not excluded from it. There are multiple ways that Ettitude Sheets buyers can save money. From the click on the homepage, the brand offers new customers $20 off their first orders worth $100 and above once they sign up.

They also give your friend $30 off when they make an order from $150 and above, and you also earn $30 as a referral, but you can access the cash on the checkout. Therefore, if you are a loyal customer, you can enjoy such programs and save money. Again, The brand offers you a 30-day risk-free trial period on most of their products bought from the inventory.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about your money when unsure about the quality. In addition, the company also provides free shipping for Australian and US-based customers when they make orders from $50 and above. While writing this review, we also encountered the end-of-year deals, which gave customers up to 70% off. This was only applicable at the checkout while the stock lasts on the final sales.

Ettitude Sheets Contact

You may have a different issue about Ettitude company which we have not addressed in our article. In this case, you must be looking for ways to get sorted./ Therefore, Attitude provides multiple ways through which you can contact them. But from the look of things, you can email them based on the inquiry type.

When the question is related to the address, email them at; for the general question and feedback, you can email them using You can reach out to them through their social media accounts if you need more than that. They are available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow their accounts and engage with updated with all the latest details and information you need to know.


Q. Is Attitude brand based in Australia?

Our research has found that the company has headquarters in Melbourne city in Australia.

Q. Where are Attitude products manufactured?

From the above article, I also noted that the company sources its raw materials from neighboring Chinese manufacturing firms. Their products are thus manufactured in the cut and sew firms certified by the ethical third-party auditors DSCI, SEDEX, and WRAP.

Q. Who is the Owner of Ettitude?

The owner of the Ettitude brand is the same person who found and is still the current CEO by the name of Phoebe Yu. Her main target is merging sustainability with technology while inventing and manufacturing bedding items that are high quality and guarantee customer comfort.

Q. How Does one wash Ettitude sheets?

All the clean bamboo products from the Attitude are attached alongside the care labels, which contain all the instructions on how to watch and handle them. Therefore, the company recommends a cold machine to wash the items the same way you wash fabrics in delicate or gentile settings. Avoid using bleaching agents and fabric softeners. After washing, you can line dry it equally low tumble dry. Refer to the guide for more details.

Q. What is the Ettitude shipping policy?

From the article, the company offers US and Australian-based customers free shipping as long as they place orders from $ 50 and above. However, when your order is within the threshold, you have to pay the standard shipping cost of $8 for the expedited option, which costs $15. The standard shipping takes between 1 to 2 business days and expended delivered on the following day as long as it is not a weekend or holiday.

And standard shipping in the US metro region takes 4 to 10 business days, while in Alaska and Hawaii, it takes 2 to 4 weeks to receive the ordered products. The company also offers international shipments in 22 countries.

You can check the product shipment charges for accurate information and time if you are outside the US from the Australian Ettiude store. Because of the distance and other things considered, shipping internationally takes 3 to 5 hours.

Q. What is the return policy of Ettitude company?

In the above reviews, we discovered that the company offers a 30-night sleep trial period to test and confirm. In case of any issues, you can return within this range, but this must be the first purchase. You can use your account on this website and follow the proper procedure to return the product, including the billing code.

The brand offers store credit for unused products, including unwanted items, which only apple is within 30 days immediately after delivery. The sales items are not included in the return policy.


Etude offers customers in the US, Australia, and 22 other countries worldwide high-quality beddings and other products with favorable shipping and returns policies. Besides a 30-night sleep trial, the brand has multiple positive customer feedbacks, a massive selection of options, and products that guarantee comfort.

The Ettitude sheets are perfect and are worth the price for eco0-friendly and soft touch. If price is not your thing, as long as you know the test of these products, the Ettitude sheet is the best option on the market.

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