Shoebacca Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Buy It?

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Are you looking for the best online retailer that offers premium quality shoes for men and women? Let us help you out as you read more about Shoebacca and the services they offer.

Shoes are very important to your dressing. In a simple word, without shoes, your dressing is not yet complete. If you are looking for a great quality shoe to add to your closet, then you are making a good decision. When making your decision you need to pay very close attention to the kind of features you look out for in your shoe.

The durability of the shoe is key just as how stylish or trendy your shoe can be. You should not be concerned only by the colors. Most shoemakers are trying their best to bring in a new type of shoes that will match the trendy fashion now. Shoebacca is a brand that offers shoes for men and women. They have high-quality shoes.

The brand looks very simple but you might get confused in trying to go about this brand. Here is a review on Shoebacca where all the necessary things you need to know about this brand have been highlighted. It will also give you the insight to know if the brand is legit or not.

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Shoebacca Review

Shoebacca is a company that offers premium quality and trendy shoes for men and women. You can always count on this brand because they have a solid customer base even on social media. If you have been looking for shoes with quality from a different well-known brand, then this is your best brand to shop for. Robert and Marc Schlachter founded this brand in 2007.

The brand started as a single online store on eBay as far back as 2002. If you are looking for Puma, Skechers, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, and Converse, then you should just start buying. The brand has its head office in Irving, Texas. This review will look at the important aspects of the brand such as the customer ratings and reviews, the merits and demerits, the ways you can contact the brand, the reason why we like using the brand, FAQ, promos, discounts, etc.

Shoebacca Pros

Shoebacca Cons

Why We Like Shoebacca

This brand offers shoes for both women and men. Some of the top shoe designers they offer are Puma, Skechers, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Nike, Converse, etc. They have a lot of bestsellers. You can easily check their website to start your first shopping experience with the brand. You will enjoy more coupon codes while shopping. You are assured of premium quality, durability, style, designs, trends and even affordable price tags.

Customer Review

This review will not be complete if I fail to research what customers think about this brand. The essence of knowing what customers feel about this brand is to give you a knowledge of what customers feel and what you are to expect when you use the brand. If the majority of the customers of this brand are satisfied with this brand and give our fantastic encounter with the company, then you will be able to easily guess what you can expect from the brand too. The brand has a high positive from its customers. This is a very important step in building your confidence in this brand.

My research was carried out on only the brand’s website. On the Shoebacca platform, there is a 4.4-star rating with over 70% excellent remarks. Customers who gave out their reviews there gave brilliant testimonies about the shoes they bought from this brand. The shoes are made of excellent touch. Some customers even make nice comments like the makers are the best. One good thing pointed out about this brand is the authentic designers they sell. Whatever you see listed on Shoebacca is authentic according to most customers.

I was a bit skeptical about the price of the shoes I bought. I was impressed after I received my order. Since then, I have been buying from this brand alone.

Where to Buy Shoebacca

The brand is more like a licensed top-quality designer shoe online retailer. Your shopping is done exclusively on the website alone.

Does Shoebacca sold on Amazon?
Not yet. We have not found Shoebacca stores on amazon.

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Is Shoebacca Worth It?

I will recommend this brand because this review has revealed an about this brand. No matter how a brand looks accurate there must be a downside. However, a good thing about this brand is the continuous growth and development that occurs on this brand. They have some promo codes despite not being the producers. You can go ahead to shop from this brand.

Shoebacca Discounts

What you will see on this brand are coupon codes to enjoy different price slashes.

Shoebacca Contact

Do you want to make any further inquiries or know more about the brand that you cannot find in this review? You can contact them via the following


Q. What is the return policy of Shoebacca?

If you have any complaints about the shoe you bought and you want to make a return, you can do so within 365 days. It is very long for you to make a good return. If you have bought shoes for above $50, you will enjoy free returns while shoes below $50 will have to pay a $7 restocking fee

Q. What is the delivery policy for Shoebacca?

You will be lucky to enjoy free standard delivery if you live within the contiguous US. They don’t offer international shipping. Your order will be processed within 1 to 2 working days and it will take 5 to 7 working days to deliver. You can track your shipments on your website.

Q. Are Shoebacca shoes safe?

The review has found out that they only sell well-known and trusted designers' shoes. They have a team that carries out a quality check and assure you of authenticity. Rest assured you are being offered the very best shoes.


Unlike other online retailers who try to become a jack of all trades and master of none, this brand is different. Shoebacca focuses on shoes for men and women. They only offer premium quality shoes from big names such as Adidas, Puma, Nike, etc. This review will help you make the best decision concerning Shoebacca.

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