Hush Mattress Review: Is It Worth to Buy?

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Do you want to hear customer feedback before buying the Hush mattress from the search for guaranteed comfortable sleep? It is always a good move to research before committing to purchasing an online product. Here is a round-up of the Hush mattress reviews before making a move.

Paying for online products in the US has advanced and has become a phenomenon. The trend is even extending around the world. While the best and most high-quality bedding is made in Canada, most mattresses and other bedding are shipped worldwide and stored in the retail or verified dealer. Good sleep in a vital but perfect mattress guarantees you great quality sleep.

If all you want is quality sleep at night, check Huish for quality mattresses. The brand is dedicated to offering you your dream bedding products. They claim that their mattresses are manufactured to meet the requirements of coziness and health. If you are interested in learning more about Hush Mattress, continue reading our review. We will explain all you need to know before purchasing the mattress.

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Hush Mattress Review

Hush is a perfect brand offering all your dream bedding products: cooling and weighted. Make your dream come true with only a single click. Today, we will only focus on the Hush Mattress but dive deeper into its history; this company was founded in 2017 to provide consumers with quality night sleep. It is a Canadian brand, but it was launched with a simple but weighted blanket free from all the harsh ingredients or chemicals to fill the weight.

The company was founded by two duos, Aaron Spoivak and Lior Ohayon, struggling to move from the shifting beads and finding the remedies; the two started together and made the first product to create a conducive environment for their new and more products for the business opportunity.

Though it was founded in 2017, it is until 2019 that it kicked off through the dual Kickstarter campaign as well as the presence of the Dragon's Den, in which the founders got numerous promotions from the dragon. Upon getting the funding support, the company has expanded its products and shipping worldwide, launching new warehouses to guarantee customers of the fast delivery of the products to the doorstep.

The first blanket only aims to offer you deeper sleep with cooling and weighted elements. This helped people that were fighting ADHD and insomnia. Anxiety, sensory processes, as well as stress, have a sleep. Upon introducing the cooling elements on the product, they also designed a cooling mattress and a protector, which is excellent in helping the overheaters at least sleep.

Though the company is well known for its weighted blanket, it also offers many other things. The company has managed to gather a large customer base online and huge followers on social media platforms since 2017. It has also been featured in popular publications such as Dleeppolis, the Toronto Stars, etc., thus becoming a brand to watch online for bedroom essentials.

Though we focus on mattresses, we need to look at the general pros and cons of the brand before moving to the best sleeping mattresses, promotions, where to purchase the product, and customer feedback. These are important in making decisions.

Hush Mattress Pros:

Hush Mattress Cons:

Why We Like Hush Mattress

Though there are many biased reviews online, from our experience, we are happy to reveal that the Huish mattress is perfect for everyone in the US and outside. Therefore, if you have been having a hard time sleeping, maybe because of anxiety, stress, ADHD, and overheating, the Hush Blanket brand is to sort you with the perfect solution.

And if you want the weight to help calm down, then have a rest; the company also offers you a huge collection. It guarantees to take your sleep to the next level, and we attest that they can help you have a peaceful and quality night's sleep. Regardless of age, sleeping is vital for your health purposes.

In the other article, we introduced you to the products that Hush offers to the market, including the weighted blanket. Besides the mattress, the brand sells bed frames, new bedding lines, and protectors. This helps you design a sleep-friendly bedroom that is soft and simple. The mattresses are perfect for enhancing your room as long as they are comfortable, casual, and cooling. Since our main focus is on the mattress, we pay much attention to it.

Though matters are the newest product, it is taking over the market. The mattress comes with all the expected features to enhance the base of your sleeping condition. The mattress comes cushioned, and cooling was in the standby condition to reduce insomnia due to overheating. Besides the cooling capability, it is also designed to be spacious for sharing.

This comes along with the frequent movement of those aunty sleepers around you. The mattress also has individual coils good for resisting the rocking movement; hence regardless of how often you turn on the bed, the other side retains its persistent condition. The Hush mattress is on the market but comes in 6 unique sizes. That involves twin, twin XL, full, Queen, King, and Cali King.

Either of your choices fits in any bedroom to settle your sleeping challenges. It comes with a comforting cooling, stable coil, and pillow top under a single purchase. And when you find that the mattress's cooling system is insufficient, you can add the Hush Cooling Blanket for the chilled bedroom night. The other accessory Hush Blanket offers on the market is the Hush Bed Frames, which keep you simple based on comfort, setup, and style.

They also have a Hush bed protector, which has not only the calling but is also waterproof as well as antimicrobial elements to regular teeth night temperature. Moisture wicking prevents the spill, accidents, and stains from causing harm to the Hush mattress; hence, it always looks brand new.

Customer Review

You can never conclude the Hush Mattress from the look of things. You also have to dive deep into the reviews and find out what the previous customers have experienced with the brand. This forced us to go into the real customer and bring up authentic ratings. We will start from their official website as well as on, where the company has outstanding reviews.

It does not have any negative feedback from the customer here. One of the popular feedback left by a client says:

"One of the best mattresses I've ever owned. It provides exceptional relaxation and cooling. There are no harmful odors or problems."

The second place we obtained the review is the Best Mattress Picks. Here, the author gives us the stand from experience and concludes with a clear and happy stand on the mattress:

"The Hush Plush mattress is an ultra-plush encased coil mattress. Mattress Firm sells it both available on the internet and in-store. It provides excellent spine alignment and pressure point relief. One of the unique features is the 360° foam-encased edge support. It has excellent motion transfer and edge support, making it ideal for couples. Try the Hush Plush mattress right now!"

Another review of the brand is found on the Muslim Mummies website. Fozi analyzes the mattress in detail, from the features to the pricing point, and in the end, gives the stand. She was impressed with the comfort, aesthetic, cooling, and packing of this premium mattress that brings you a high-quality night's sleep regardless of the condition.

While on the Consumer Reports site, the author gives us the total results, and on the rating scorecard, the mattress scores five stars on stabilization, firmness, durability, size, etc.

The last place with the reviews on this mattress is the Country Heart And Home. The author was given the mattress for reviews and discovered that Hush Mattress features 18 cm full-size pocket springs and a perfect next-generation memory foam delivered in a box. Most reviews online have praised the perfect cooling effect, high quality, and many other advanced features that help guarantee an excellent night's sleep.

The brand has impressed not only me, but I bet it will also impress you on a single night. Therefore, in this review, we also second the other positive reviews online and join hands to strengthen the brand, gain a robust reputation and become one of your favorite choices on the market.

Where to Buy Hush Mattress

Have you made up your mind to purchase the Hush mattresses today? Then look no more; our research indicates that you can purchase a high-quality Hush mattress from their official website And in case the brand does not deliver to your destination, you can consider purchasing from online retailers who deliver or ship worldwide. This means you can purchase from retailers like:

Is Hush Mattress Worth It?

We have greatly focused on the Hush Mattress from the start of the review. Moving forward, many things make me believe in this brand. If you want to enjoy not only a secure but also a safe and quality night's sleep, then we highly recommend the Hush mattress and any other products they offer on the market as bedding is concerned.

Hush Mattresses are made for customers worldwide to offer high-quality sleep while reducing stress to enable one to sleep faster. Proclaiming your sleep today regresses your condition from anxiety to ADHD, Hush Mattress is perfect for you.

The mattress and other accessories, like sheets, come with a 100-night guarantee, zero motion transfer, triple-zoned support, and cooling. Americans make the mattress for American or local use to improve your sleep from the group up and simple to assemble bed frames.

The mattress is proven to reduce anxiety and stress with deep pressure stimulation. The brand has multiple positive reviews and is still counting on its webpage. They have cozy and cool products to look for and are worth the money. Therefore, the brand is worth your money for a quality mattress for the clean freak concerned about their health.

Hush Mattress Discounts

It is unfortunate that Hush Mattress does not offer numerous promotions and discounts like others do. They offer a few promotions on their website, and once you open up on the home page, you will see the pop-up deals to help you save the bucks. In the research, we only managed to spot a few 10% off on the first order when you sign up for the newsletter.

There is also a hustle reward; when you join, you can enjoy multiple promotions and exclusive discounts on the products. There is also Hushbucks which you earn on every mattress purchase from the platform.

There is also a referral program where you can enjoy discounts on the products when you refer your friend and make a purchase. Basis, while writing this review, we also came across the promo code for the live boxing week, BEDALE, to save on the slashed price. Join the Hush sleep community for all the updates and grab the latest deals from the go.

Hush Mattress Contact

Though we are done with our reviews on the Hush mattress, you might still have issues that need to be addressed. Therefore, you can engage with the support team on the social media platform through Facebook,  and Twitter. Follow them, and ask anything as they can attend to you.

If not, you can contact them through the email address at or use their online instant messaging chat, but this is only operations from Monday through Sunday 8a, to 10 pm EST. If you are in Canada, you can visit them or send equity to Hush Blankets Inc. 563 Fenmar Dr, North York, ON, M9l 2RC Canada.


Q. Who owns the Hush mattress brand?

The company was owned by the two duos, Aaron Spivak and Lior Ohayon, the founders.

Q. Where are the Hush mattress and other products manufactured?

Based on the online statistics and the above reviews, Hush is based in Canada. However, the brand is not transparent about where the products are made but refer to the products as having Canadian root. We presume that the products are made in Canada.

Q. How long does a Hush mattress last while in use?

It is hard to determine how long the mattress can last or the product's longevity. Well, a mattress can even last 10 years for a customer in Canada, while it lasts 8 years for one in the US. The difference is due to the usage as improper mattress usage tends to reduce its lifespan or robustness, reducing durability and lifespan.

Q. Does Hush have a Back pain mattress on the market?

Hush, as a brand, has four types of mattresses on the market. It covers people suffering from memory foam, pocket springs, and latex and those suffering from back pain. Each of the four versions comes with different effects on the back. Based on the firmness level, as was the intensity of the back pain, make a suitable choice.

Q. Does Huish also provide custom-size mattresses to customers?

Some of the best mattresses need to have custom dimensions. Such dimensions differ from the standard, and finding such a mattress is daunting. However, Hush has come up with solutions. Regardless of the mattress you want, you can also order the custom size from premium to pocket-sporing orthopedics mattresses from the company.

Q. Do New Hush Mattresses smell?

Once you get the mattress and open the Hush mattress, it does not smell. This is because the mattress is made using high-quality material that does not smell, regardless of the soft bed or covers you have. Some people even utilize naphthalene balls to keep the insects away.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the Hush mattress company?

From the review, the company offers free shipping for Canada and US-based customers. However, internationally, the shipping costs depend on the location. Most of the Hush products are delivered with varying times from 5 to 7 business days, where processing takes 2 days. from the purchase date; you should have the package within 2 weeks.

Q. Does Hush mattress have a return policy?

Well, the weighted blanket takes the adjustment. Some love the products within the first night, while the rest takes a long to find peace. The company offers all customers a return option that considers the discrepancies to check the cooling solution. The company offers 100-night guarantees, which is enough time to test. If it does not give you what you expected, you can return it to the company for a full refund.

However, the product must remain clean without damage and stains. Returning the products is simple; visit the return policy section on the web page for more details as long as you have the account. The refund takes two weeks to arrive in your account. The mattress must maintain the original packaging for the return to be eligible. That is when the return will be accepted for the refund, and the return fee is paid by the client and remains non-refundable.


Say no more insomnia or anxiety. Hush blanket offers you numerous mattresses with a cooling and comfortability effect. The mattress guarantees you perfect and high-quality sleep. While it is based in Canada, it offers international shipping with numerous discounts and promotions to save bucks.

In the above reviews, the company has many positive reviews praising affordable pricing, high quality, and a huge selection with a favorable return and shipping policy.

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