Ryder Truck Rental Review: *Pros and Cons* What You Need To Know?

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Are you operating on a fixed budget and want to rent a moving truck for the next move rather than hiring or purchasing one? Waste time no more. Ryder Truck Rental review is here to guide you on where to get a reliable truck and start the process.

Well, you can agree with us that it is expensive to hire a moving truck. The only perfect move here is to rent a truck and hire a labor force to do manual work and lifting. This can help you save some bucks for other tasks ahead in your business. However, many truck rental firms in the US and worldwide need you to make the right decision. Besides considering the budget, looking into the rental specifics before going forward is important.

So, instead of wasting time researching, we have done everything for you. Ryder Truck Rental is a perfect alternative not just because of its good accessibility but also due to its affordability. We have researched and analyzed everything. You only need to decide, and here is what we have for you about Ryder Truck Rental, starting with the company overview.

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Ryder Truck Rental Review

Put, Ryder is a firm dealing with transportation services. The firm operates within North America and spreads across Europe. James Ryder founded Ryder in Sunshine State in 1933. The company has a long history and has undergone multiple stages of growth. Besides Truck transportation services, they also offer supply management as well as fleet businesses.

You will get the service here if you want to rent or buy a truck. Because of the long history since its establishment, when it began with one truck moving concrete, it has grown to be among the hugely publicly traded firms that offer truck service at affordable services and has employed over 40,000 employees. Besides having its headquarters in Miami, Florida, it recorded a good annual net income of 2019 of 24 million.

And in 1984, the company also developed a charitable organization that aimed to fund numerous initiatives, such as American Red Cross. In the World of smartphone apps, the company is far better than a sexy silicon valley startup. The company ensures that all its customers get access to the services which guarantee them long-term success and access to the huge support network.

However, the team comes with strict rules. Regardless, it has been featured in popular magazines such as Forbes because of its diversity-focused hiring approach. They also received accolades such as World most reputed companies award from Fortune Magazine. In 2020, the company was also listed among the best official military-friendly employers. There are many other achievements that Ryder truck company has achieved. With that in mind, we need to summarize the pros and cons.

Ryder Truck Rental Pros:

Ryder Truck Rental Cons:

Why We Like Ryder Truck Rental

Ryder is famous for renting and selling trucks and other vehicles at affordable prices compared to other alternatives. For this case, we would like to guide you on what you can rent for the Ryder truck firm. They offer different trucks, and your choice depends on your preferences based on the size, storage, and type.

This company guarantees customers that even if it's a rental, they can get something premium to give you all their needs. At the same time, they consider you most and come up with a competitive price. They have a huge collection of rental trucks, from semi-truck to vans. They all ensure you achieve an efficient transportation experience with access to emergency response and other repair services.

For an easy selection process, we have compiled a list of the popular rucks for Rental. The first one is Box Truck Rental is a classic one but perfect for the various needs of your business. It can handle all the lightweight cases and handles all the high but turns perfectly with the capability to fit in a small parking space. In terms of storage, the truck has 960 cubic ft; currently, its daily price is 107.

Straight Truck Rental is a medium that matches all your commercial needs and long-distance journey in the town. It is high quality, features hydraulic gates, Commins B6.7engine, and 1600 cubic ft storage. These guys also have the Sprinter Van Rental. Though small, it is best for handling faster orders. Well known for its fuel-efficient capability and considering the storage, it is 547 cubic feet with a height of 6.4 ft height inside where it can carry up to 3005 lb, costing $101 per day.

Dyder also rents a Sleeper Tractor, one of their elite machines and perfect for long-distance deliveries. It comforts you with a double-bang bed and a standing-room sleeper. This truck has a capacity of 80k GCW at its maximum, costing you $218 per day.

Another beast for Rental that comes with a large gas tank is Tandem Axle Semi Truck Rental. It is also a perfect alternative for long-distance deliveries featuring an air shield with a capacity of 80k GCW, and renting costs $191 daily. In comparison, Single Axle Semi Truck Rental is good though only recommended for the local surrounding. It can carry a 65k GCW; its seats have air suspension and feature hydraulic gates. Daily charges for a rental are $173.

Furthermore, if you have fragile and fresh delivery]ies, there is Refrigerated Truck Rental that can carry up to 13k lb and has an electronic control to keep goods and ice created at a particular temperature. It costs you $193 as daily rental charges.

The second last on our list is the Flatbed Trailer Rentalhich can carry a max weight of 73k GCW but is only good for strong, standard deliveries. You can select between two options here 45ft long, 92" and 48 ft long, 102"wide. The rental charge is $49 daily.

The last resort is Dry Van Trailer Rental works well delivering long-distance and standard orders and features a-truck loading and roll-up access doors to manage tire pressure. It holds a capacity of 65k GCW and costs a $49 daily rental charge.

Customer Review

Renting a truck sometimes requires you to carry out thorough research. Therefore, we had also to hear the customers' feedback. There are multiple sites out there with these Ryder truck rental feedback views. On the Reservations.ryder.com site, there are numerous testimonials. The same applies to Forbes, where the magazine outlines this company in detail, listing the best-rented trucks from the company.

If we move ahead, there are also some negative reviews on Sitejabber, but the customer feedback says everything on Trustpilot. Of the 43 reviews of the Trustpilot, Ryder Trucks rental gets 3.4 stars, indicating customers are happily satisfied with the service they receive from this firm. 47% gave it 5 stars, and one of the recent customers left feedback saying:-

"From the beginning, I had a fantastic time. Things went off without a hitch because everyone was friendly and pleasant. They assisted me in locating a rental at a decent cost from a 5-star owner. I will undoubtedly rent from them once more.”

You can also access the Indeed reviews, Moving, Arrivareasanvitolocapo, youtube views, and Ksmy.Tominie sites for more feedback. Moving A Statue site also highlights the capacity and other features of the Ryder trucks that are available for Rental.

On the Hire A Helper website, we see a rating of 4.86 stars, and the author clearly lists the pros and cons of the company renting services. And Fun fact, the author also hints that the company is lately renting electric trucks to ensure the company remains sustainable.

Customers on the Top Ten Review site also give this company a rating of 3.3 stars. Though in the verdict, the author provides us with a downside, he still complements as seen below:-

"With only two standard truck choices available and no one-way moves, Ryder is most likely not the best truck rental option for a typical house relocation. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a rental truck to meet your more specific moving needs, its specialty trucks might just be the ticket."

Based on Yelp ratings and other platforms, customers are fine with renting the truck from Ryder. Praises come from the staff's excellent support services, timely emergency response, and trucks always in good condition. BBB is another fine online grading.

Where to Rent Ryder Truck

If you have a commercial business and need to rent a Ryder truck, you must be looking at where to start. The perfect place to get the Ryder truck is their official website, ryder.com. Besides that, you can also decide to visit them in their physical location facility that is next to your region. Otherwise, these are rental services, and no third-party retailers are involved. So, no online retailer can offer you Ryder truck renting services.

Is Ryder Truck Rental Worth It?

Are you still not convinced by the above facts? While the company does not offer the rental service to individual people, they offer their truck to the commercial business for security concerns. Therefore, we are here to tell you that the company is worth investing in rather than hiring trucks if you manage a commercial project.

On top of renting, they also sell trucks from popular brands around the World, such as Isuzu, ford, general motors, etc. Another thing is that they offer all these services renting and selling the truck at an affordable price point. Since it is publicly traded, it aims to operate optimally to satisfy the customers and their shareholders.

They have well-equipped technical support teams and experts that guarantee excellent emergency response and assistance. On the market, you can agree that no company will agree to take up such extra responsibility while offering you affordable trucks. In addition, Ryder has their trucks' physical facilities widely spread in the US for easy access, including Europe and Canada. All of them are DOT compliant, which gives on top of 30 days warranty an option to access the great long-term warranty on the trucks.

You can also count on the customizable financing option to get the truck. Therefore, Ryder is worth trying since its best affordable alternative to buying a new truck can be expensive. Get the truck today and enjoy multiple deals and extra services.

Ryder Truck Rental Discounts

Even though this is a famous and popular multi-billion firm, offering lucrative customer deals is the only means to gain more popularity. Therefore, Ryder is one of a kind, and from the research, we also went ahead to get more deals on discounts and promotions. There are multiple deals on commercial trucks, vans, and all rental vehicles. When writing this review, we noted three deals on the website.

The rented refrigerated trucks all go for the discounted price of 25% off. If you are new to the website, these guys guarantee you 20% off on your first Rental for the fleet. For the spring and summer, the company also gives you 25% off of savings as discounts which only apply to medium-sized trucks but on a rental basis. Thus, you can also follow them for more deals or subscribe to their website mailing list and receive a notification once they launch the deals.

Ryder Truck Rental Contact

There are limited means through which you can contact the Ryder company if you have any questions about their truck renting services. And if you are not a registered customer, the process even becomes harder. However, you can head to their official website and fill in the contact form, as this is the only way to reach out to them prior to registering as a member.

Once you send them the form, the support team will contact you for the rental process. Meanwhile, you can call them using 1-888-997-9337, and you can reach out to the support team and ask about all your concerns for efficient clarification. You can also follow them on their social media accounts and access the deals, ask questions, etc., including  Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.


Q. Does the Ryder Rental truck come with an unlimited mileage offer?

First, the company does not have unlimited mileage services from the information provided. However, the charges customers must pay based on the day are determined by the day of the week, location, and distance. On weekdays, the costs vary from $0.79 to $0.99 per mile, but on weekends it hikes up to $1.29 charges per mile.

Q. Does Ryder offer truck rentals to anyone?

From the data, the detail states that not everyone can rent Ryder trucks. But if you meet their minimal requirements, that is a commercial organization. The person renting must be 18 years of age and have the relevant documents, such as a license as the first identification and a credit card as your second identification alongside the photo. But first, you must pay the credit card deposit, and during the pick-up time scheduled, you must present the card.

Q. Does Ryder only have one-way rental services?

The company makes it vividly clear that they never tolerate all customers that only aim to access the one-way truck rental. This is because these guys need you to return the truck to the original pick-up location, which is also charged based on the milestones.

Q. Does Ryder have a shipping policy?

That sounds like a funny question, but the company does not offer to ship either. They never deliver the trucks to your home; you must pick them up from their location.

Q. What is the return policy of the Ryder company?

While the company offers rentals, they also have commercial trucks for sale. These trucks are grouped into three classes, and regardless of which one you choose, it does not come with a warranty but has a limited warranty which does not have the option to extend. Based on the buyer's decision, they have balanced the service, such as warranty and repair.

All the certified class vehicles also undergo the rigorous 140-point inspection and are sold with a 30 days limited warranty. On purchase, the customer also has access to the vehicle's maintenance history and the option to extend the warranty to the long term.

Also, all the Ryder DOT verified class trucks and other classes undergo the basic inspection steps, ensuring they meet all the requirements outlined by the DOT. When you purchase them, they come without a warranty but can include long-term warranties based on the demand.

The last option is Is-class vehicles which do not come with any warranty, and buyers must repair the vehicle using their money to meet the DOT requirements. The vehicles are in good condition for sprinter vans and on standby to drive upon purchase. Some need to undergo extensive repair. You must consider the class and the warranty when purchasing vehicles to understand what to do next.


Ryder is a popular company that offers trucks and vehicle rental services in the US and sells the truck to customers. When buying these trucks, from the above article, it is advisable to consider the class and understand the requirements as well as the warranties you are entitled to under each class.

Ryder has a huge fleet of vehicles for sales and Rental, which goes at a friendly price. If you are interested in renting rather than buying a truck for your commercial project, then Ryder is a reliable company to count on. Enjoy the deals and many more discounts on the go.

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