Rumpl Blankets Review: Is It Really the Best Outdoor Blanket?

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You know how vital a good blanket is if you're a road trip or outdoor camping fan. Rumpl Read sounds good, but read this article first before you buy!

Blankets are not just useful within the home. There are other uses of blankets for outdoor purposes like camping, other outdoor activities. During winter, the need for blankets becomes inevitable due to the cold weather. Whatever the kind of activity you involve yourself in that needs a blanket, you need to settle down and search for a good blanket to buy to avoid regret. There are some things you need to consider before buying a blanket for your outdoor purposes such as the material used in making it, versatility, durability, and many more.

Rumpl is a brand that specializes in reinventing outdoor blankets that are classic. These blankets are specifically designed for road trips, camping, and other natural outdoor activities. They are made with quality material to withstand any kind of weather, durable, versatile, and made with sustainable materials. If you have little or no knowledge about this brand, then you should read this review about Rumpl blankets to know everything about them and what they offer. This will enable you to know if this brand is worth the praise it is getting.

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Rumpl Blankets Review

Rumpl blanket is a brand that specializes in reinventing outdoor blankets that are classic. They are made with quality material to withstand any kind of weather, durable, versatile, and made with sustainable materials. These blankets are specifically designed for road trips, camping, and other natural outdoor activities. The brand was founded by Wylie Robinson and Nick Polinko in 2014 in Portland, Oregon.

Their mission is to create sustainable approaches and innovative designs for their blankets. They also share the vision of creating visual, youthful, and exciting products. They also try to donate a portion of their profit to help support and enhance conservation efforts. They also have other items like blankets, pillowcases, ponchos, towels, and more

This review aims to reveal the thoughts and feelings of customers about this brand, the reason why I like using this brand, the brand’s bestsellers, the pros and cons attached to this brand, frequently asked questions, the various discounts you can get using this brand, and many more.

Rumpl Blankets Pros

Rumpl Blankets Cons

Why We Like Rumpl Blankets

The Rumpl Down Puffy Blankets

These blankets can withstand the harshest weather. They are designed to be extra snug and warm. Some of the blankets that fall into this category are Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket – Baja Fade, Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket – Rainbow Fade, Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket – Joshua Tree, and Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket – Sunset Fade. If you are looking for the next camping essential, then you should for either of the two. They are all waterproof, with a long durability feature, and have an extra warm feature to withstand harsh winter weather. You can get it for around $280.

Others Like Towels, Nose Masks...

Just like the blankets, the brand is also into the production of other items such as Cotton Face Mask – Pyro Tri-Fade, Rumpl Shammy Towel, Rumpl NanoLoft Puffy Blanket - Patina Pixel Fade, etc. They also have the features of durability, easy to clean and maintain, are made from a sustainable material, and are eco-friendly.

Customer Review

When you check on different platforms to know what customers are saying about Rumpl, you will find out that they have been having massive positive feedback. Many of the customers all over different websites give credit to credit to the blanket that it is comfortable, stylish, water-proof, and very effective when it comes to keeping you warm. There are some other positive testimonies regarding the blankets top notch because it is made from nice material that promotes lightweight, durability, comfort, easy maintenance with a clean design.

In my review, I made use of Amazon as my primary website for this review. There is a 4.6-star rating. With over 85% review given to be 5 stars. This is an impressive statistic that shows that most customers are satisfied with this brand. There are positive testimonies. On Amazon, most customers gave the reviews like the blankets being lightweight, they have pretty color, superb designs, easy to wash. There is a little negative comment like the blanket being a heavy synthetic blanket.

I have been dealing with the cold anytime I go outdoor camping with my friends. I wanted something to shield me from the cold. I got their blanket and I am not regretting it.

Where to Buy Rumpl Blanket

You can buy Rumpl blankets and other items from the official website and some other online retailers

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Is the Rumpl Blanket Worth It?

A question you might want to ask yourself now is if this brand is worth it after all the positive testimonies. Based on the things I have gathered in this review, you will notice that the benefits of these blankets are so much that you need to have an experience with them. Most customers who gave a good review talked about the blankets being comfortable, stylish, water-proof, and very effective. This company donates around 1% of its revenue to conservation efforts.

They also have other varieties such as blankets, pillowcases, ponchos, towels, and more. The blankets and others are made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Buying them means there is no fear because they are water-resistant, portable, and lightweight, good for traveling. They also have promos and discounts for you to enjoy. You can easily give this brand a trial.

Rumpl Discounts

These are some of the discounts you can enjoy while shopping with Rumpl

Rumpl Contact

For more information that you cannot find on this review, you can always contact Rumpl via the following means


Q. What is the shipping policy of Rumpl?

The brand offers free shipping for items worth $49 above. There is also an expedited delivery date for a rate. After making an order and checking out, you will be sent a confirmation email, afterwards, you will be given shipment tracking information via email too. They are also available in some other countries outside the US and Canada.

Q. Does Rumpl have a return policy?

There is a return policy in Rumpl. You are expected to return the product if you want to within 30 days after purchasing it. You can initiate the process when you meet the requirement for a return. There is also a 365 days warranty for the blankets.

Q. How do I wash a Rumpl blanket?

You should know the Rumpl blanket is made with easy to wash and maintain material. You can use warm water when washing your Rumpl blanket. You can use detergent when washing the blanket as advised by Rumpll.

Q. Who founded the brand Rumpl?

The brand Rumpl was founded by two people Wylie Robinson and Nick Polinko.


Blanket during winter is very important especially when you are on an outdoor adventure. Rumpl as a brand is concerned about the safety of your body against harsh weather even when you try to enjoy yourself. The blanket is made with different materials to give you comfort and keep you safe from the toughest or harshest form of weather condition. This review will help you make a decision.

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