Redline Steel Review: Quality, Diversity, and Uniquely American Artwork Collection! (It's Shut Down)

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Want to try out high-quality steel artwork and enhance your wall? Redline Steel is at your disposal and guarantees you high-quality and durable steel art and other products to enhance your home and supplement your complexion with bracelets. Let us find out what they have for you.

You will find many brands when searching for high-quality steel art online. People have different perceptions but experience makes trust a weapon to evade all scammers and low-quality products. We are dedicated to helping our readers choose the best brands when they are stranded in choices.

Therefore, in this review, we will base the discussion on the Redline steel review from the basics to everything you need to know. In addition, we would also like to mention that the Redline Steel brand is a popular company that is buzzing the social media platform because of its design, transparency, and online compliments.

For those wishing to start with this firm as their entrusted steel design or art supplier, keep reading as we unveil our experience. The company has been featured on multiple media outlets like Forbes and Business Insider. That aside, let us see what Redline Steel is and how it came into the market.

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Redline Steel Review

Redline Steel is a brand rated as a veteran-owned firm specializing in designing and selling high-quality and impressive steel designs, leather bracelets, wall art, canvas prints, and many more. The company has also been featured in Fox News publications, CBS, and ABC. With a huge audience base on their Instagram page, the company has undergone proper development to become who they are today.

Considering their historical footprint, though it is a small company, the brand is located in the US, and this is the same venue where they design and manufacture their products. It was founded in 2016 by Colin Wayne. Where currently, they have headquarters facilities built in Huntsville -AL.

Redline Steel aims to fulfill its mission to offer customers high-quality and exceptional art that meets their needs and is long-lasting. When it comes to the production process, this firm is diverse. It guarantees you a large collection to select from, which is not only home decor but also custom address plates, jewelry, military memorabilia, as well as metal man cave art, etc. one thing we noted is that, for all their production, there is always all things American which make them unique and eye-catching in reality.

And they proceed to state that their steel art is cut through powerful 4 precision lasers and put in a grinding station for artwork to get the dimension as well as layers. Manufacturing proceeds to the spraying decor, do finish, then rust proof to make it ready through the fulfillment stage. This long-lasting art is lastly packaged for delivery. Still, their wall art is delivered alongside the mounting holes for efficient installation.

In summary, all the Redline Steel arts are designed based on the values of proud Americans inspired and managed by the veteran firm from which they source their materials. While summarizing the overview, let us supplement it by comparing the pros and cons.

Redline Steel Pros:

Redline Steel Cons:

Why We Like Redline Steel

Redline Steel is among the trending and unique brands online, which is veteran owned and has a large collection of handmade items serving indoor as well as outdoor artwork and other items. The company also offers a customization option based on your needs, ranging from signs to jewelry, memorabilia, etc. Therefore, we have highlighted a few top sellers in every category to help you narrow down and save time while making a section. Here we go.

The Best-Selling Redline Steel Personalized Home Decor

Something amazing in this section is how the brand is elastic. You can request multiple customizable items Redline Steel offers, making your home impressive with unique decorative styles or special stamps. You can seek a custom monogram and add it to the bedroom for your children. There are attractive yard stakes. Among the best-selling and most requested custom home decor includes:-

Custom Word Text is targeted to redefine your home space and sometimes sets your mood to motivate you in your endeavors. This Custom Word Text has a rust-resistant powder coating to make it durable. All these only cost you affordably, depending on the number of words. But comes only in one color, which is matte black. You can select your preferred dimension and spacing.

Split Monograms follow up on our list and act as a perfect addition to your front home, hall, and other places. You can select from different styles to get the split monogram defined by the small to XL size quantities with different shades. Dimension and costs depend on the size. Otherwise, Split Monogram has a lifetime durability and design with 16 gauge-thick conveniences as multipurpose.

Last in this category is Fancy Address Monogram. This piece is designed to impress your section by sharpening your front lawn. You can purchase small or medium sizes but different shades. The yarm sign features 12 gauge and is powder coated.

The Best-Selling Redline Steel Preset Home Decor

The company focuses on American identity artwork hence its commitment to keeping the culture and highlighting your identity. The best approach is through home decor, and we have identified some of the popular preset home decor from the website and other retailers for you. The decor makes your identity known to your friends and visitors.

Among these is Coffee Cup Wall Pieces. You can also appreciate the kitchen's beautiful scenery as you take your aromantic steam. This gives you an energetic feeling, and you can transform your kitchen at an affordable price with these vibe pieces. While the dimension is fixed, the shade differs, but the cut perfectly fits in the flattering corner.

The second and last in this category is the Tree of Life Wall Piece. These pieces carry continental meaning. Regardless of its mission, the Tree of Life can set your tone in a living space. Though it blends naturally, in most cases, they are eye-catching because of the unique ornate design. You can choose from small to extra-large sizes and different shades.

The Best-Selling Redline Steel Patriotic America Art

This brand's center is patriotism, which applies to veterans. Therefore, most Redline steel items are designed with natural patriotism and feature personalized gifts, monograms, bracelets, etc., products that reflect the allegiance. Thus, we also have a list of the popular items in this category.

You can start with the Redline Defender Flag. This reveals your striking commitment to the American flag and indicates patriotism. This is an inspirational piece that America got after independence and shows the loyalty to the freedom fighters as well as soldiers. Show respect and love with this piece of a flag, and you can purchase it in different sizing, from small to extra large. For a subtle display, medium or small is perfect.

Last, there is In God We Trust Eagle. Also, our research wanted to know more about this aspect, but in the long run, we found that the piece indicates your liberty with pride. It carries a fascinating history of the eagle, and it reflects the present America. The main goal is to show the care and importance of such a rare and endangered species through protection. You got it, and trust me that you can purchase small to medium with different shades. Guard your home with this piece of In God We Trust Eagle today.

With that, you will have an easy time making choices. The above just highlights some of the products the company offers.

Customer Review

Our Redline Steel Review will not be complete if we do not mention something in the customer ratings. And this is exactly where we have taken our time to research and present you with concrete evidence from various websites. Though people have had a few issues and the site has been shut down until further notice, some still love these home decor and artwork indoors and outdoors.

As outlined, Glassdoor has amazing reviews and presented you with 3.8 ratings after evaluating 15 reviews. Heading to Indeed, the brand scores 2.9 stars with 11 reviews; among them, there are good indicators that customers are satisfied. Despite a few negatives, one client comes out clear to justify:-

"I adore both the surroundings and everyone that They work with." It's simple to like going to work every single day. A developing enterprise with great possibilities."

Their Facebook page also presents a 3.9-star rating of 783 reviews which is awesome. The impressive feedback and compliments show the level of happiness among customers. But on the BBB  rating, the brand gets a 3.19-star rating with 271 customer reviews, giving it a good reputation and excellent customer support.

Sitejabber also presents us with a poor rating obtained only from 4 reviews Which can not be used to judge our stand, but we value the issues raised there. Then on the Reviews.IO platform, 967 customer reviews give this company a rating of 4.1. Most verified purchasers on the site complement the company and recommend you purchase the items to revamp your indoor and outdoor appearance. Here is a reply to checkout:-

"I wholeheartedly endorse Redline Steel services." I've never been dissatisfied with what I've bought. When you see the goods, you can tell their worth is higher than Han could have imagined. Each piece of metalwork is unique and speaks to the essence of the piece that has been bought. The pricing is reasonable given the high quality of the metal items."

The last beat to consider is the Houzz site, it also presents impressive feedback from customers around the world. 4.3 stars with 349 reviews is not a joke and speaks volumes. Generally, people love these products not only because of their craftsmanship but also due to their excellent quality and beautiful appearance.

Where to Buy Redline Steel

Redline Steel Arts and other products are accessible from multiple stores online. But their official store is the best option to get started, have access to genuine products, and enjoy discounts and multiple deals. Head to the site at, but as of the current status, it has been shut down until further notice.

But the research has highlighted that customers can purchase the products from reputable online retailers. Among them are like:

Before shutting down, the brand was giving you lucrative deals. Buying from the official store gives you Afterpay as an alternative payment method. This is where you have to pay at least 25% of the product price and the rest paid in installments. Hence, it makes Redline Steel products more accessible and flexible.

Is Redline Steel Worth It?

Redline Steel review is delighted to conclude that Redline Steel is hype for the durable, protected, and large collection of the arts. From the Crannies as well as Nook's appearance, it is clear that the company is a beast. The quality of the products is amazing and comes in unique styles. They have detailed designs, craftsmanship as well as the process.

Still, customers have numerous choices regarding sizing, payment options, and shades. However, there is always negative feedback as well. For instance, a few customers have complained about the wrong package or failure to deliver their products. The support team promptly responded with the appropriate step beside the stretched timelines for such a case. Redline Steel is worth trying if a few drawbacks do not move you.

The company promises what they deliver and gives you excellent value for your penny, as its craftsmanship is on another level. These beautifully handcrafted products are unique, and if you are planning to present them as a gift, place an order in advance to allow them to process and ship to your location.

Redline Steel Discounts

First of all, it is so unfortunate to announce that the Redline Steel site has been shut down until further notice. Therefore, accessing promotions and other lucrative deals was an issue, but products are available through online retailers. However, from the first click on the website, we can locate the exclusive offer of up to 20% off on the first order when you sign up for the account.

In the research, we were not able to access any promo code. But capitalize on the retail store as they also offer deals and other promotional services. Please keep checking the site when they relaunch it to access updates and other deals.

Redline Steel Contact

Are your concerns not addressed in this Redline Steel review? Well, you should not tire. You can proceed to connect with the Redline Steel support team anytime. The company has a team to guide you and answer your queries through different methods.

First of all, you can send them mail seeking help to They also have a contact page on their official website, which you can capitalize on.

For social media pros, consider following them on their Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, etc., and seek clarification. You will still get multiple deals and access to updates once it drops.


Q. Where are the manufacturing plants of Redline Steel located?

The above review has revealed that this company is a veteran-owned business. This implies that it is a 100% American-made firm that relies on the local material sourced from America in making its products.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Redline Steel company?

The good news is that the brand itself claims that it will process your quotation faster and safely ship your order. For US-based orders, Redline Steel offers shipping through UPS and USPS carriers. Their shipping costs depend on the weight of your order. Still, the delivery time and processing duration depend on the item's status, if available.

All the stocked products can take 1 to 3 weeks upon placing an order. Customizable items can take 12 weeks to process and ship, while Flags and monograms take approximately 3 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, this company doesn't have international shipping services. However, they have promised to expand to other locations with time.

Q. What is the return policy of Redline Steel firm?

Because of the pandemic and its high transmission, the company does not accept the return on its products. However, during normal situations, the brand has a lucrative return policy. But customized items and monograms are regarded as final sales and not subject to refund.

Also, bracelets don't have any option to return and cancel your order which also applies to the key chains. In contrast, the rest of the returned products are subjected to the 15% charges as the restocking costs upon cancellation as long as you make it within 24 hours from purchase.

Understand that refund, as well as exchange, is only applicable within a 10 days window from the time of receipt. To some people, such a policy is not friendly and does not accommodate everyone.


In the above review, we have exhausted Redline Steel's inception to its best-selling products, reputation, customer feedback, and promotions. The company offers American-inspired and made steel art with high quality guaranteed on home decor and other items.

This home decor firm is veteran-owned, and if you are planning to make your home unique and revamp your sitting room, try out Redline Steel with various items handcrafted to meet your preference. With a rust-resistant coating, the items are durable, making them incredibly suitable for mounting on any target place.

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