AG Jeans Review: *Pros and Cons* Should You Choose It?

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Do you want to try or immerse yourself in the world of luxury denim? Read our AG Jeans review and unlock all the company's legacy by exploring the iconic jeans and extensive collection of fast-forward denim. Visualize insights into whether AG Jeans is worth the investment.

Every person online and in the industry dreams of owning a proper pair of denim. Most jeans can also agree that they are versatile, and their timelessness adds bonus features to the fashion industry. However, very few brands engage in sustainable practices.

Through brand research, we would like to introduce AG Jeans, a well-established and synonymous name for its premium denim in the real fashion world. Thus, we will review the brand and their best seller, find out what they have for their customers, explore the testimonies, promotions, and contacts, and guide you on where to find these denim before giving our final verdict. Here we go.

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AG Jeans Review

Accessing fast fashion is never easy, but AG Jeans has made the process easy. AG Jeans company was founded by The Godfather of Denim, popularly known as Adriano Goldschmied, and through collaboration with Yul Ku. Through the inspiration of the above founders, they laid the foundation of the brand in 2000 and managed to establish its reputation through impressive innovation of design and durable washes.

The company has a vast audience and followers on its social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. They not only ensure customers get the quality but also engage in sustainable practices. They launched the karma initiative to advance technology and eco-inspired manufacturing techniques. Historically, the company was born in 2000 and is based in California to bring a new and unique denim experience to the world.

They have been pushing their boundaries on the market and adapting to eco-friendly environmental technology as well as design techniques through the process from manufacturing to marketing. Also, the company claims they have brought in construction aspects like clean and solar energy, ozone techniques, and laser fishing if not water recycling. These guys are still pursuing eco-friendly practices to impact Mother Earth positively.

The company has more eco-conscious jeans than anyone in the industry. As a founder, Ku focused on sustainable production, pushing the brand to pioneer eco-friendly production. Today, the company designs denim based on fabric innovation, craftsmanship, and fitting.

They are transparent through the manufacturing process, and in fact, they also have a sustainable jeans movement going by the name AGOODKARMA. That is more than enough as the AG jeans company overview is concerned. Now we move to the best sellers. Before that, here is a highlight of the pros and cons of the company.

AG Jeans Pros:

AG Jeans Cons:

Why We Like AG Jeans

We would highlight and explore beyond to give customers a clear viewpoint of why we treasure the AG Jeans. The company serves both the women's and men's line of denim. The brand is here permanently with the new arrivals of 2024, readily revealing the denim and best-selling silhouettes in a simple color palette. They have an initiative AGOODKARMA, which shows that the company is committed to sustainable practices.

Besides, there are many other reasons explaining our stand here. On top of this, AG Jeans features an extensive collection of denim, multiple outlets, and gift cards and offers international shipping. AG Jeans has every reason to become your staple in the wardrobe. They have denim, tops, bottoms, Rise and Inseam, and other accessories.

The Best-Selling AG Jeans For Men

The company has a clear and extensive selection of men's denim, tops, bottoms, and accessories. Thus, this section will explore some of the best-selling men's apparel.

First of all, we have Everett. This is the best-selling aged slim straight denim, and on their website, there are only two colors on the platform. These jeans are a medium blue wash with a 4-year AG-ed™ fade. It features a cut for a comfortable mid-rise waist featuring. They fit and look relaxed from the knees to the hips while slightly tapering at the legs. It is designed to target the daily errand to feature 11 oz, ensuring comfortable stretching. It is made using a blend of 98% cotton and 2% spandex or elastane.

The second best-selling AG jeans for men is Graduate 360 °. Sizes range from 28 to 44, and the inseam is 34 alone, but there are 3 available colors in the store. This is simple tailored denim for men because it is designed with ultra comfort of 11 oz. It also features a dark, faded blue wash cut with a slim mid-rise waist and relaxed fitting as usual, starting from the knee to the hip. However, the leg opening is tapered. Graduate 360° is manufactured using a blend of polyurethane and cotton.

Another best-selling denim that is still on sale today is Everett 360 °. Customers can pick their preferred shade from 3 options while the inseam is 34. Everett 360° is designed using cotton and polyurethane, and it features a dark blue wash featuring a lived-in fading. Its mid-rise is exceptionally comfortable, and its straight fitting seems relaxed, starting from the hips throughout the knee. The denim has an active stretch and lets openings, and the slim straight fit is made of 11oz.

The next up on the list comes Tellus 360°. This is another modern slim 360 stretch denim you need to add to your wardrobe. Though made using a mix of cotton and polyurethane, it has a fitted upper block, and its leg opening is tapered. They also contain a dark indigo wash and fade and whiskering. They are made from the 11 oz to the five-pocket denim, and because it is all directional stretch, it ensures you have a comfortable feeling while on your errand.

The other best-selling men's denim is the Tellis Cord, a corduroy modern slim, and more.

The Best-Selling AG Jeans For Women

In this section, we will pay attention to a few of the women's best-seller denim for you to choose from. It features multiple varieties of lengths, colors, and styles to match the needs of every woman.

The first on the list is Mari Extended. Though aged high rise, it is slim straight denim. They are available in store sizes 22 to 33. This popular denim is made with Opulent Stretch Velvet, cotton, and spandex to obtain rough, advanced stretch denim from 7.5 oz. They have a high-rise straight-leg silhouette, then upgraded with a longer inseam. They have an oceanic blue shade, and with their high-waisted style, they are ideal for any hips, while they come with a straight leg that slims downwards. It's one of the flattering denim that guarantees comfort and advanced recovery.

Second up is Mari. It's an impressive aged high rise as well as slim straight-leg denim on the website. Form 3 washes, you can select sizes from 22 to 33. Their 3-year dark wash promises customers a flattering high-rise waist, easily fitting any hips. On the finishing, it features a straight leg, while at the leg option, it's subtly slim. It's made using polyurethane and blended with cotton of 10 oz empower denim.

The third Saige 360° is also taking over the internet, while it is typically aged high-rise straight, it has a 360 stretch property. It is designed by blending the cotton and polyurethane of the 11 oz  Vintage-Bi-Stretch. They come in a light blue shade as well as a subtle distressing, while at the hem, you will find a touch of fraying. The materials offer clients comfortable fitting and are available with a zip fly to complete the women's outfit or angled yoke. Its slightly forward seam makes you stand out from the crowd again.

There are multiple other best-selling women's AG jeans on the website. Among them is the Saige Wide Leg Crop, though high rise, features wide legs; Farrah Boot is an aged high-rise denim with a bootcut, while Farrah Skinny Ankle is a profound skinny denim for women.

Many customers have complimented the brand for their denim, pants, and tops, staying true to size even with consistent and long wear. Shrinking is never an issue with AG Jeans. The company established this denim collection to serve men and women with the guaranteed comfortable option and stretch, targeting all ages for daily errands. The company remains sustainable through its operation.

Customer Review

While exploring the AG Jeans brand, finding the absolute truth based on testimonies and reputation is vital. Thus, we took time to analyze the customer feedback from numerous sites. Though we accept it is a long-standing company on the market, we present honest reviews here.

Looking at Amazon, AG Adriano Goldschmied Men's graduate Jeans scores 4.4 stars based on the 100 global reviews and authors which 74% are five stars which is impressive. However, when you analyze the Trustpilot, the brand gets 1.9 stars, considering 14 reviews. While it is poor, the support team responded to the complaints. On Thread Curve, the blog evaluates the AG Jeans for men and explains why the company is worth the investment. Still, Elizabeth Mcknight presents an honest review of history through their flattering jeans collection and the various FAQs. In an open verdict, the author concludes:-

"Yet again, this is dependent on your particular interests & wallet. While AG Jeans are priced higher than other denim manufacturers, their quality & durability make them a worthy investment for numerous individuals. If you want a pair of jeans that you can wear & wash on a daily basis and will last for years, they are ideal."

Heading to the Denim Blog, there is a detailed blog about AG Jeans for men. There are also ideal testimonies on the InStyle author praising the buttery nature of the jeans and soft with guaranteed fitting for any curvy body. Lastly, Zappos gives us excellent feedback, featuring 75% five stars out of 12 reviews. The rating is based on the comfort and style of the AG Jeans.

Generally, numerous positive feedbacks emphasize the brand's high quality, extensive collection, comfort, and longevity. The drawbacks are minimal and have been addressed.

Where to Buy AG Jeans

So far, if you want to grab one of the AG Jeans or collections, we remind you that multiple places sell this apparel. But firstly, you can get one authentic from their official store These guys are available in over 15 physical store locations, and you can visit them.

In addition, they have partnered with various retailers. You can use the search feature on their website and locate the nearest store with these AG Jeans. From our research, we noted the items available in online stores like:-

Is AG Jeans Worth It?

While we have seen that AG Jeans offers an extensive collection, the quality and guaranteed extra features match the price tag. Even on the website, there is a lot of positive feedback praising the brand for its impressive shipping and return policy, access to lucrative deals, and high-quality and durable apparel. We have never seen any customer raise a complaint against the quality.

Therefore, they are looking at the current trends with many other services like their customer support team. AG Jeans is worth the investment. It will give you access to the frequent sales of denim with lasting usage regardless. With the quality, we guarantee that the brand will empty your pocket and are mostly perfectly fitting. AG Jeans are made out of sustainable production and ethical materials sourcing.

Their website is perfect ready to give you a seamless shopping experience. Items are arranged in categories; locating your perfect denim is easy and a breeze. As long as the AG Jeans last long in the closet and are very expensive compared to the available competitors, we highly recommend it as a brand worth your penny.

AG Jeans Discounts

Every customer treasures access to lucrative deals. Like other reviews, we also dedicated this section to exploring the promotions AG Jeans guarantees their customers. Our research gave us fruits. Therefore, AG Jeans has frequent in-store sales and is also available online. Currently, the company gives customers free and fast 2-day shipping services to all US-based customers.

You can also grab the Holiday 23 collection and get ready for any occasion. Access the new year arrivals and shop all the latest with access to the free AG denim care guide. Still, to those who wish to work for the brand, they have the carrier section. On top of that, there are also semi-annual sales promotions, Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, as well as end-of-year sales promotions.

The AG Jeans website also features frequent sales, giving you a discounted pricing plan on women's as well as men's arrivals or denim. The best thing here is to subscribe to the email listing and get access to all future updates. Get it rolling.

AG Jeans Contact

Just as the review classified, AG Jeans band has a support team that understands the communication etiquette. Therefore, if you have a pending question we have not addressed enough in the above article, feel free to connect with the support team. We went ahead and researched multiple approaches on how to contact the brand. Results indicate numerous methods.

Their website lists the official phone number, which is a toll-free operation from 8 am to 5 pm PST Monday through Friday. The number is 844-693-3646. You can also email them and send them to their address at Equally, you can give them a visit. The apartment address is 2741 Seminole Ave, South Gate, CA,90280.

Lastly, these guys are very active on their social media platforms; thus, consider following them on their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even TikTok and interact, share, and exchange ideas. You will also have access to the latest updates and giveaways.


Q. Who is the founder of AG Jeans?

AG Jeans was founded by Yul Ku, who is still the brand's current owner.

Q. Where is AG Jeans' manufacturing facility situated?

Most AG jeans are advertised as made in the USA but are sourced from multiple countries worldwide. Although the brand is from California, the materials are international. Most often, they are reported to be sourced from Italy and Mexico.

Q. Do AG Jeans run small or large to size?

Based on numerous testimonies online,  the AG jeans fit true to size. You can grab anything from the store without having issues with the sizing. For more details, navigate to the website at the bottom for the detailed sizing chart.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the AG Jeans brand?

The company guarantees US customers free 2-day shipping when their orders surpass a set threshold.. though it applies to the continental US, customers based in the military address or PO Boxes are excluded. Both local and international orders are fulfilled through FedEx. Besides, the company also has standard and overnight shipping services. These options have different charges.

The 2-day shipping will cost you $10 when the order falls below the minimum and will take 2 working days to deliver. Overnight delivery the next working day costs you between $29 to $37, considering various factors. Lastly, ground shipping will cost you $10, which takes 5 to 7 working days to deliver.

Regarding international shipping, the cost will be calculated based on your state, and you can confirm the charges at the checkout. You also have the opportunity to track your orders through the portal. For international customers, the company sends you tracking details alongside the confirmation mail before putting the package in transit.

Q. What is the return policy of AG Jeans?

If you purchase AG jeans and realize they do not meet your minimum expectations, you have 14 days to return to the store. However, the item must remain unused and free from defects to be eligible. When you return after the 14 days have elapsed, you are only entitled to the store credit.

Still, the company will deduct the fixed $7 from the refund for restocking as well as the prepaid label. From the return policy, the online store doesn't take international returns or exchanges. Once the return has been submitted, the company will take 7 to 10 working days to process the request before refunding the customer. Refer to the official website for detailed information.


AG Jeans is a famous brand for designing comfortable and fitting denim for men and women. While the company is dedicated to sustainable production and operation with engagement with multiple initiatives, we have also seen it has a remarkable journey. The company blends comfort and style with innovation to offer timeless denim. The company has everything from the bottom to the tops and accessories and is ready to embrace your fashion legacy. The brand stands the test of time; it's worth the investment.

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