NewAir Review: The Specialty Compact Fridge You Deserve!

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Do you want to keep your beverage cool as well as insulated all day and night through the latest technology facilities? Newair offers multiple heating and cooling devices that vamps up your living space. Thus, before adding to the cart, here is a complete Newair review with all you must choose from.

Suppose you are looking for the latest technology to keep your beverages cool or insulated and ensure that your living spaces appear spiced up and cool. In that case, we have you covered with one of the alternative brands on the market. Whether from the drink fridge or the beer fridge, Newair has a wide option, including accessories.

You might have encountered numerous mixed reviews online; we wanted to verify if what the company promises is what they deliver and evaluate the customer feedback, which is relevant in making decisions. Before you start revamping the living space, let us go through the company's basic history, best-selling products, discounts, where to purchase these products and accessories, and customer ratings.

You can take advantage of multiple features of the brand. With a strong reputation, here is what you need to grasp first.

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Newair Review

Newair is a brand established to offer a huge collection of specialty fridges targeting artisanal beverages, soda cans, beers, etc., which aims to bring the living room den with the final touches in the long run. This company utilizes the latest advanced technology to keep these beverages insulated and cool alongside the cigar humidors, heating devices, and ice makers. So, if you want to refurbish your kitchen gear, it is the perfect alternative brand with everything you need.

The company, Newair, was founded in 2002 by Luke Petera as the founder. However, during its inception, the record highlights that it started as a firm offering portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers. Infact, in 2002, the founder rebranded the business. Through dedication and hard work, the company has managed to feature in the beverage cooler markets, and they are known for providing unique ice makers, heaters, and coolers. Due to the overflowing order, Peter decided to graduate the business in the Los Angeles warehouse from its small garage.

Infact, the company also engages in activities targeting giving back to society. The company has partnered with about 6 community charitable organizations, including Choc's Children, the American Red Cross, Lestonnac Free Clinic, The Salvation Army, etc. There is much to learn from this company that traces its history deeply. This ranges from its popular online establishment, which allowed it to feature in numerous online publications, not only Forbes but also on Business Wire.

A simple statement on their website claims that the company aims to offer high-quality products to meet their market's needs. These guys understand that the backbone of any reputable brand is customer service. We also confirm that the name is popular and trusted by many people based on its compact appliances.

Now, let us move to some of the best-selling products. Let us first go through the highlights of the pros and cons.

Newair Pros:

Newair Cons:

Why We Like Newair

Newair is a popular company and contains a large collection of products, which involves premium fridges perfect for wines as well as men living in a cave. These fridges are compatible with any beverage. On top of the advanced coolers, Newair also offers a collection such as AC Units, heaters, cigar humidors, fans, etc.

These devices use high-quality materials and incorporate the latest technology to offer all a customer's needs with trendy designs or not affordable pricing. There are multiple reasons why we love this company's products. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best-selling devices under the cash section. In this area, we will help you have an easy time making choices of ice makers, humidors, etc.

The Best-Selling Newair Ice Makers

These ice makers are perfect for summer cocktails, slushies, and punch bowls. A huge collection of these ice machines aims to keep your beverage fresh and cool.

These devices range from portable models to custom designs made for the countertop. So in this section, we have highlighted some of the favorites based on the customer ratings and our experience. Here we go.

The first one is Newair Countertop Clear Ice Maker. This machine can achieve crystal clear cubes, ideal for beer, scotch, and soda use. Thus, customers will always have a peaceful enjoyment with iced beverages as they are made to sit at the top of any countertop. The device tends to compliment the mini-fridge in your space and goes beyond to dispense up to 10 pounds of these ices daily. They can create ice cubes in the shortest time possible. It features an insulated cooler to attain the perfect temperature.

The second on our list is Newair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker in Stainless Steel. Though a tiny portion, the devices can easily dispense while pulverizing the blender swiftly. It is ideal for storage in the kitchen as it produces a high-quality ice cube within 5 minutes. If you have a large get-together meeting, get this machine and, as it promises, at least 40 lbs cubes in a single day. Since they are handy machines, they can be used in manufacturing lemon extracts as well as strawberry syrup.

Remanufactured Newair Countertop Clear Ice Maker is among the few refurbished ice makers in the collection. However, the company claims to have inspected the machine for efficiency and quality. It is designed to help in creating perfect crystal clear ice cubes. Although it's a kitchen gadget, it can produce up to 40 lbs daily. It is made using an insulated storage container; thus, do not worry about the melting tubs. Still, this device works well for keeping perishable fresh seafood.

The Best-Selling Newair Humidors

These devices store robustos, stogies, and vitality that remain fresh in the long run. There are numerous humidors open on the website to select from. The models vary depending on the size of the cigars they can accommodate. We have the top-selling Humidors here for ease of understanding and saving time.

We start with Newair 400 Count Cigar Humidor. These guys understand that the cigars need extra attention to keep them tasty and retain the aroma. This is the best alternative to the tin box. This storage tool features a pin-point digital thermostat, which enables it to control the temperature efficiently.

The devices are designed using Spanish cedar shelves, and to this presence, it tends to have a tobacco fragrance. In the finalization, the storage has the LED light appearing as key sets, which helps keep the noisy people far. Always check out the site when they restock the device because it was recently discontinued.

Up next is 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor, Built-in Humidification System. If you have cigar enthusiasts, this storage tool is an awesome gift. The device comes featuring a top-temperature control feature, which helps manage cold as well as hot spots. It also has the Spanish cedar wood that is found on the drawers while LED light ensures you have the jazz, and in most cases, it appears sleek, be it in the living space or inside the office.. flexing tobacco collection, here is your best friend but it's encased at the glass door.

Newair 250 Count Electric Cigar Humidor Wineador is the last humidor in Stainless Steel. It works as mini cellar storage but is ideal for keeping your vitality and features multiple characters. The tool comes with the precession temperature for operation, which ranges from 52-74 degrees. There is also an enhanced key and lock system which guarantees that your properties will be safer.

The Best-Selling Newair Misting Fans

Everyone is always prepared with the perfect cooling devices during the hot or summer season. Besides the portable air conditioners or units from the Newair, there also comes the Misting fans, which are an ideal addition to your backyard.

Infact, these fans are now trending and hence received as the upgraded fashion to typical fans. The unique feature is that Misting fans dispense some droplets of the tinny water working as a cool breeze. The fans are also reported to be the best for use outdoors by your family or even in the backyard to keep people cool during the summer.

Thus, we will only feature some best-selling and favorite Misting fans. First, we feature Frigidaire Outdoor Misting Fan and Pedestal Fan in Black. This is a powerful fan as it comes with the capability of 1600 CFM units, guaranteeing you the much-needed breeze when it oscillates.

You can still affix the garden hose to help dispense that tiny refreshing water. They are available in 3 unique speeds, but as a user, you have the control to sl; set and manage the speed for such a  super advanced unit to keep you cool in summer. GFCI plugs still provide a safeguard from any potential accidents.

The 18" High-Velocity Wall Mounted Fan is up next as the favorite Misting fan. It is ideal for offering daily relief. The device is encased through the wire mold, allowing it to withstand dust and debris with clogging challenges. It has 3 sharp blades, which provide a refreshing breeze as it cuts through the air. The customer has the control to modify the inclination angle as well as speed. Lastly, it is powered using a 3000 CFM battery, thus more powerful.

The last Mist fans resort to a 2-in-1 Freestanding or Ceiling/Wall Mounted 240v Electric Garage Heater. It keeps you not only insulated but also ensures that while sure works, they remain warm. You can even pair it with the 30-amp power outlet. It also features an advanced thermostat that fits in an area of about 500 sq ft. You can place this fan in the corner or any space, which means there is little needed to make it operational. It uses a remote control to manage the largest projects without the winter chill.

The above is our best-selling Newair products on the market; utilize them based on your needs and stay woke with the latest and advanced technological tools in your living space.

Customer Review

We want to take this Newair review into another approach for a clear understanding. Online testimonials are key to the brand's reputation online. Therefore, we took our precious time to evaluate multiple and thousands of customer reviews, and in general, we agree that most customers are positive about these Newair devices. Customers love the brand for its latest and advanced technology.

From Amazon, you can see that Newair Wine Cooler and refrigerator gets a 4.1-star rating after analyzing 1226 global reviews. These reviews are also complimented on their official website. Visit the website and find out. The reviews here are damped directly from multiple external sites as well.

From Trustpilot, there is 4.9 stars rating, and this considers about 2663 customer reviews. It's an excellent rating, and people are happy with their purchase.92% recommending 5 stars is not a joke of the day. An impressed customer left feedback after purchase praising the brand:-

"The Newair drink cooler is reasonably priced, and the firm provides excellent customer service!" My order arrived extremely swiftly. Shipping caused some minor damage. I promptly contacted the organization, and from the first conversation, I had the best customer service I have ever experienced! Customer service expert Lauellee Ashley was just that."

 And if you consider their Facebook page, there are 4.5-star ratings with 597 reviews, and it all sounds amazing. Most people here praise the customer support team and their impromptu response to the return or broken device. Here is a tip:-

"When my original ice maker broke, the customer service was excellent." "I replaced my machine without hesitation."

 Home Depot's excellent review applies to the Tools In Action site as well. The author reviews the features, the performance, and the value for the money. At the bottom line, the blog highly recommends the Newair device with a rating of 4 stars, where brand styles play a vital role, and it can free up your living room or kitchen by adding flair to the decor.

Underground Wine Merchants also details the Top 8 Newair Wine coolers on the market and highlights the pros and cons of each cooler. Best Buy finalizes the customer reviews with a 3.9-star rating and has 79 reviews. Customers are satisfied with the device and give their honest experience.

Based on our view, the majority have it. There are numerous positive Newair reviews and a few drawbacks we have identified. Still, the brand is worth your attention, and give us a review after your shot.

Where to Buy Newair1

If you have decided and are looking for a specific place to order the Newair devices, then we are happy to state that there are numerous stores online. Regardless of the Newair device you want to purchase, you can always place an order on, but the store choice depends on your location.

We encourage you to order the products from the official website Still, our research has highlighted numerous online retail stores. Thus order the devices from stores such as:-

Is Newair Worth It?

So, if you own a collection of sodas or have a hefty cigar and wine, we are obliged to recommend Newair devices. This brand offers you everything you need to keep your beverage cool and in perfect condition while ensuring your living room is in place. The products are worth spending on it. Many of these devices come to the market with more advanced features, including a temperature control unit, specialized LED lights, and a nighty lock with the primary details.

Besides offering the luxury experience, these devices utilize the latest technology on all their products, which range from fans to heaters and fridges. However, there are better options than this if you only want to keep your meal fresh with a  circle and a simple fridge. This Is because the brand targets to help a certain group of customers with particular needs in their storefronts, cigar aficionados, and wines.

Newair presents you with a fair game, and you can decide today to turn that typical oscillating fan into the advanced and first-class air conditioners from Newair. We are also here to tell you that the device has received a few drawbacks besides the numerous praises from the customers. Among them is the delayed return or reimbursement of the returned devices dues to the manufacturer issues or breakage while in transit. The delay might be for a reason, but we hope they work on it in the future.

Otherwise, Newair is the brand you need for the latest air conditioner and fridge needs. Head to the site and place an order with the guaranteed step in upgrading your lifestyle with multiple essentials. Give it a try.

Newair Discounts

Besides the official stores, our research has also found that Newair has numerous sales outlets, and from these sites, anyone can enjoy discounted prices on their devices. The study was specific to help customers save on their budget. Thus, from their website, we noted a few offers for you. When you are a new customer and register the account, you qualify for the 10% off on orders as a limited-time offer. All the products also come with a one-year warranty. The company guarantees fast and discounted shipping to your location on these orders.

They also insist that their loyal customers can save much through the Bumble purchase. Their lucrative return policy allows customers to utilize the 30-day money-back guarantee. Besides the affiliate programs, the company provides customers numerous payment plans or financing options. On top of the rewards programs, there is also an avenue where you can redeem the points and access the selected products for impressive perks and deals. Get updated and check out the latest deals in the future.

Newair Contact

The last resort to address you in our Newair review article is how to connect the support team. Thus, if you still have a burning question concerning Newair devices, you can address it to the technical team using preferred means.

We have identified at least four means to connect the Newair team. First, you can contact them at 1 (855) 963 9247. Also, you can engage with them through the live chat button on the website. Besides that, we also noted the email option, composed an email, and sent it to the team through

On top of the above methods, we encourage you to collaborate with the marketing and support team on social media platforms. These guys are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Q. Where are Newair fridge manufacturing facilities situated?

If you are caught up with such a question, we are here to settle it. Based on the data we analyzed online, it is unfortunate that the brand does not come out clearly to tell us where its manufacturing plants are established. There is no definitive data, but the brand has its headquarters office in California.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Newair company?

In this Newair review, we are delighted to state that the company guarantees all US-based customers free shipping services, which applies to most products. But for standard shipping, US orders take about 5 to 7 business days to receive their package. The shipping service is not limited to the standard, but Newair also has other means, which include overnight and expedited service. However, the shipping charges vary depending on your location.

Immediately the company processes your order; before dispatching, they send you a confirmation mail alongside the tracking code, which helps you trace the location of your order in transit. However, for people that live outside the US region, the company still has international shipping services, but they are only valid in a few selected countries. For the full list, visit their website and find out if your country qualifies for shipping.

Q. What is the return policy of the Newair company?

If you find issues with the Newair products, then you have up to 30 return periods to return the item and seek a full refund. However, for the product to be accepted for a refund, it must always remain unassembled and still in its original condition. Otherwise, it won't be regarded as eligible for a refund. Still, all products that fall under 80 lbs of weight are entitled to free return shipping services.

Additionally, the company also sells its products which come with a 1-year warranty. If you are interested in finding out more information about the Newair return policy, then visit their website right away.


In summary, Newair is a brand that offers the latest devices, from fridges to haters, air conditioners, and ice makers, which feature the latest and advanced technology to keep your beverage insulated and cool. Newair devices come in different unique designs making your living space impressive.

In the above article, we have covered the Newair brand in detail; going deeper into the best-selling devices based on customer ratings, we have evaluated and found that the brand is worth your penny when considering upgrading your air conditioner and fridges with the latest models. The company has recorded multiple positive customer reviews online.


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