MunchPak Review: Unique Global Snacks Delivered Monthly

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Are you craving the continental treat even once to evade dull meals? Here comes MunchPak brand with a well-curated and prepared monthly subscription savoy to save you time. Read our review and decide if you will snack away with this monthly plan.

Normal meals sometimes become boring. And if not, then you are here because you are working on a fixed schedule or are ever busy going shopping. Therefore, whenever you crave unique snacks and meals, you think of a reliable company with efficient services. Instead of visiting the local market, there are always options.

Today, people have found many business avenues and capitalized on them. As such, there has been a rise in meal delivery services not only in the US but also spreading across the world. Some give perfect continental treats, while others mainly focus on saving you time and money with any meal to kiss a day. There are many meals online from different companies depending on your location. While you might prefer means, some are going for monthly subscriptions for snack delivery.

We are here to make your life simpler by giving you relevant directions. There are snacks galore, but not all have a diverse collection. Until you try out MunchPak. We tried out their plans, and lol! Behold, here is all about MunchPak and what they have for you.

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MunchPak Review

To make your TV show hype and binge, you must have an excellent snack, and this is where MunchPak company comes in to save you. Therefore, MunchPak is a monthly subscription-based company that offers snacks to customers. They range from savoy to the best sweets, sourced from around the world from Japan. They get Hello Panda Cookies, while the Philippines source the Sweet Corn niblets.

MunchPak was founded by Andre Hawel alongside Michael Beletz, who had the vision to offer some of the best continental treats, especially from Asia, and supplied to the North American market. From history, this firm began as a mere potato couch, and with time, it developed to operate full-time. This was after the company was established and debuted online in 2013. These guys are passionate and want to explore continental treats and sweets.

They target to introduce multiple unique goods and snacks to the customers from the global coverage in the monthly subscription box. Providing you with the perfect approach to test bugs travel in this pandemic wake, the package comes alongside the guides to travel to each source region of every treatment you get.

Also, the founder left inspiring guidance online, which indicates their love for amazing food. They claim to be devoted snackers who wish to share their passion with the world and deliver exactly what they enjoy. Because of its unique operation and snacks, the company has recorded a weird online reputation and a huge audience base on social media platforms. They have been featured on popular media outlets such as Forbes m Delish, Instyle, etc.

However, you might still be asking if this online hype means you are guaranteed monthly delicious and surprise snacks. Then you need to read our honest review and find out what other customers had to say. We will delve into every aspect to make you understand, from the promotions to the customer feedback and valuation. Otherwise, today, the brand has headquarter facilities based in Glendale-Arizona. As part of helping make a decision, here is a summary of the pros and cons to expect from these MunchPak monthly delivery packages.

MunchPak Pros:

MunchPak Cons:

Why We Like MunchPak

MunchPak has made things simpler. In short, they have a monthly subscription plan to deliver continental treats. All sorts of unique snacks are sourced from around the world. This is the time to get the imaginary testing session like the Hi-Crew sourced from Japan and Mexico also offers favorable salt & lemon Fritos.

During summer, you might be operating on a fixed budget, and you might not be able to afford to fly overseas and have such a taste. MunchPak brings you a perfect and cost-effective alternative. All you need to do is sign up and select the plan which guarantees you pre-curated snacks in the box delivered monthly. The box comes with a unique savory and sweet selection packaged randomly.

As a customer, while subscribing, you can select from the 3 box options with different sizes, but each comes with particular treats from 5 to 10 and 15. you can never purchase these snacks on a one-time purchase plan besides a monthly plan. However, you can send your gifts under a one-time plan. Unfortunately, the brand does not offer box personification, as all the snacks are pre-selected. But you can select your flavor before ordering.

You can head to the FAQ section and access more information. But for now, we need to eat the most favorable snack we have ever tested from this brand.

Best-Selling Munchpak Snacks

If you have munchies, this is the time to get started with the perfect continental snacks delivered to your doorstep. You can select from 5 to 50 snack bundles and access regular delivery. Start your delicious monthly meal with these packages, and if you are amazed by a single snack, then this is your option, as the company promises you a complete surprise every month. The below might be your choice as they have recorded high ratings on the site.

Melona ranks above all, and most people know this snack bar. It is a Korean ice cream with a fruity flavor blended with melting and decadent cream. In Asian households, it has become a fridge necessity as it contains low-calorie alternative ingredients because it features 130 kcals. Perfect for summer and, when served, chilled to freshen that sweltering afternoon.

Zombie Takis come from Mexico with flavors sourced from spicy habanero and lime, and cucumber. For post-gaming munchies, these are game changers well known for quelling. To get an additional kick of thai spice, then match it with the Hot Cheetos. In most cases, Zombie Takis are soft, but keep checking.

Crujitos also feature on our list, and it's a good choice when you are thinking of going crazy about snacks. The snack is flavored with the spicy chill alongside funky cheese, and as such, the corn guarantees you bite satisfaction and creates heat to get a glass of water. The Mexicans recommend matching this snack with the Peko Peach Squash Soda sourced from Japan.

Lastly, here comes Apple Pie Kit Kat. This is one of the decadent chocolates and a homemade pastry or amazing candies. It is coated using flavored cream to provide you with crunch because of the presence of the wafers at the center. You pair this spin with a refreshing tea brew to establish sweetness counterbalancing candy. Though unavailable, you can go for the mini Shinshu Apple Kit Kat.

Therefore, once you place your order, the company ships the box within 24 hours, and they will send you subsequent packages after one month. But for international orders, delivery and processing are much longer.

There is also a unique month's crate, and based on the May bundle, this contained a 5 packs box. BigFoot Cheese Snack, Prince Chocolate Cookies, Bubblegum, Brownie, and Caramel Croissant. From the data, it is unfortunate that the firm doesn't have a vegetarian menu when you are after snacks. But you can locate a snack that doesn't contain animal products.

Therefore, before purchasing, research is vital. Different packs come at different monthly pricing. These range from mini boxes to MunchPak boxes, family pack boxes, Remote employees boxes, and workplace boxes. Try them depending on the target group you want to serve.

Customer Review

MunchPak is a popular company well known for its continental treats and snacks. For the complete surprise snackers, they have expressed their love for this company and the above data shows. However, this review also has to present the customer feedback and compliments what has been claimed online. We have researched online and managed to evaluate a few of the sites.

First, the brand has a reputable image on Amazon through the mini international snack subscription; it scores 4 stars after 180 global ratings. 55% of the customers loved the package and gave it 5 stars, while only 9% were disappointed.

On My Subscription Addiction, the company gets a global rating of 3.4, which is good. The blog highlights many aspects and presents a detailed report on what comprises this company. Among the subscribers left a comment on the site with a statement:-

"This is an excellent way to sample snacks from around the globe." It's been a terrific method for me to explore & explore new treats and snacks that I might not have tasted elsewhere. On their social media profiles, they are also highly social. This will become one of the more popular subscription boxes over time and is well justified."

Ask Men also presents an awesome review and overall rating of 5 stars. This is after evaluating the curation, packaging, product quality, retail value, and subscription management. Going ahead, we have the Trustpilot, and though it has a poor rating of 2.6 stars with 57 reviews, the brand is still hyped as the latest feedbacks are positive. One of them praised:-

"This is my first MunchPak experience, and I am thrilled to try them all." My daughter gave me this as a present."

On Top 10 Subscription Boxes, we have seen Munchpak getting a rating of 6.2 stars 3, which considered a few aspects, including the experience on the site, variety, value for your money, and many more. We can also see that the company gets a detailed review blog on the Subscriber. The author praises the firm for delivering to your doorstep regardless of our location. From many best-selling snacks, the editor evaluates looking at the texture, reviews, and taste.

The customer feedback online is overwhelming, and encouraging to give it a try. Diversity and complete surprise are one of the selling points that this brand has capitalized on, and customers have loved such.

Where to Buy MunchPak

MunchPak is a monthly snacks subscription brand based in the US; they also offer international shipping services. Because of the nature of their products and delivery terms, these products and packages are unavailable through online retailers.

This must mean that the only place you can order the MunchPak snacks subscription package is their official website at They have made signing up for their subscription much simpler for everyone. Through their homepage, navigate to the Get Munch, select your preferred plan, proceed to the checkout, and enter information to all the needed boxes. Then you are done.

Although they guarantee delivery of international orders within 3 days, local orders in the US are shipped within one day.

Is MunchPak Worth It?

The fact remains that shopping for groceries consistently is so time-consuming regardless of what you are purchasing. However, when you are overwhelmed with different continental treats, aisles of unique chocolate bars, savory crisps, and crunchy goods, MunchPak is worth checking out. Many brands are online, but not all outsmart this company and its monthly subscription packages.

MunchPak has made your hassle less stressful by giving you access to foreign snacks and serving you all these collections at an affordable price. This is a perfect real-time monthly subscription with a diverse collection of snacks. You can purchase rare snacks from Crunchy Zombie takes to the Apple Pie Kit Kats.

They provide you with a full surprise package to the users every month. Thus, you can purchase something completely new to you in-store to try. However, this is not an option for those people that prefer particular chp and candy. Although some customers have complained about their inability or lack of an option to personalize their packages, every box is solely pre-selected. It remains anonymous until it's delivered to you.

Therefore, if you prefer snacks and complete sup[rice], try the above online snacks subscription packages. MunchPak is a hype in that sector.

MunchPak Discounts

Like other brands online, MunchPak offers lucrative offers on its website. As part of this review, we highlighted some promotional dnc discounts currently active on the web page. Remember that these offers are only valid when writing the review and are subject to future changes.

Thus, the company promises to deliver the monthly packages to your doorstep. So, if you are based on the information, they offer free standard shipping services. Very soon, they will also extend their services to the UK regions. There are affiliate programs that you can join and earn passive income. Subscribe to their newsletter and get updated with current deals.

In our research, we never spotted any promo code. But their referral program gives you $5 on a friend referral using your link.

MunchPak Contact

So far, if you still have a query not addressed in the above review, seek support from the MunchPak support team. Our research indicates that you can contact the support team through multiple methods.

First, their website has a live chat functionality that efficiently gives you access to instant support. Still, they have a contact form on their site if you don't need an urgent reply. Otherwise, you can email them and send them to

And the data on the website still shows that you can collaborate with the support team on social media platforms. Thus, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to get in touch with the team and get updates and deals.


Q. Where is MunchPak headquartered?

The above review shows that this brand has its headquarters in Arizona, specifically in Glendale.

Q. Is it possible to cancel the MunchPak subscription plan?

As a customer, the company gives you the option to cancel your subscription plan anytime, but you must log in to the platform to proceed with the process. We recommend canceling the membership before the next billing renews to avoid being charged for the next delivery.

Q. What are the main shipping carriers of the MunchPak brand?

In our research and from many reviews online, there is no specific data to indicate the main carriers MunchPak uses to ship. But you can access them from the checkout point or through the mail confirmation before the order is dispatched.

Q. What is the shipping policy of the MunchPak brand?

First, you must understand that MunchPak provides free standard shipping for US-based deliveries. However, that does not limit your shipment; they also have other methods like international and expedited. Regarding delivery time, all subscription boxes in transit take about 4-8 business days to deliver. Once it dispatches the order, the company sends you the tracking code to monitor your box. This comes alongside the confirmation mail.

From the data, this company currently offers shipment to the US and Israel, Netherlands, France, Sweden, and Australia. But when you are based in a county not listed, this firm insists that you first connect them to evaluate for the exceptions, just in case.

Q. What is the return policy of the MunchPak brand?

Unfortunately, MunchPak does not accept returned orders. This is because of the nature of the package. Hence, it doesn't offer refunds on their returned boxes. But when you have issues with your order or package, call them instead of returning and find out how they can improve it next time or cancel your subscription before the next billing.


MunchPak is a brand that offers a monthly subscription box of diverse snacks worldwide. With its random selection of unique snacks and a complete surprise for customers, the company has a large customer base and recorded a robust online reputation. Although it does limit customers on customization of the box, it still delivers value for your money. Through their lucrative deals, you can have a lot of bucks. If you are an adventurous snacker, then MunchPak is here for you.

We have covered everything you need to know, from history to favorite snacks and related information on customer feedback. Try these continental treats for the next spicy snack purchase and guaranteed monthly delivery.

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