Monos Luggage Review: Does It the Most Premium Available At That Price?

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Do you want to travel in style for vacation with fashionable but functional luggage? Read on to learn about Monos luggage to know more about this brand and what they offer.

At a particular time, you might find yourself looking for traveling luggage for a long or short trip. Different brands all over the world are into the production of traveling luggage and bags. However, you will need to ask yourself, is this luggage of premium quality? There is a different kind of traveling bag that suits different trips. You don’t just buy luggage just because you want to travel, you need a specific bag to fit your trip.

You will need to patronize a brand that can help you identify your needs and provide the kind of quality you need. Either family vacation or just for your solo adventure, you need the right traveling luggage. Monos luggage is a brand that offers high-quality traveling luggage ranging from backpacks, check-in luggage, carry-on luggage, duffel bags, and other accessories.

If you do not know how to go about this brand, then you need to read this review to full knowledge about this brand and what they offer. This review will make you know if the brand is genuine or not.

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Monos Luggage Review

Monos luggage is a brand that is specialized in the production of premium traveling luggage. They have traveling luggage such as backpacks, check-in luggage, carry-on luggage, duffel bags, and other essential accessories. This brand has gotten international recognition by featuring on business insider and The Hollywood Reporter. The brand was founded in Canada in the year 2018.

The brand aims to produce beautiful, streamlined, and simple luggage to fit into any purpose of traveling from family vacation to personal solo adventure. They try to be unique by providing durable, trendy designs to their luggage. They source their high-quality material from Germany, Japan, and some other great countries' premium materials.

This review will look at the brand and the luggage they produce, the customer review of this brand, the reason why I like using this brand, the pros and cons to this brand, some discounts and promos you can find about this brand, frequently asked questions and some other essential information you need to know about this brand.

Monos Luggage Pros

Monos Luggage Cons

Why We Like Monos Luggage

Just looking at the appearance of their luggage, the brand has given them a fantastic look that is attractive, fashionable, and functional. The luggage is sleek, sturdy, and designed to fit the flight compartment. Some have great wheels that can turn 360 degrees and the handle can be adjusted. Their luggage is well designed to fit any kind of traveling need. Some of the best-sellers are Monos Carry-On, Monos Carry-On Plus, Monos Check-In Medium, Monos Check-In Large, Monos Metro Duffel, Monos Metro Backpack, Monos Luggage Cover, etc.

Customer Review

Part of the requirement of this brand is to find out what customers are saying about this brand. In the process of evaluating customer feedback, the positive reviews were overwhelming. This feedback was based on the satisfaction that most customers enjoyed while making use of this brand. This customer review was centered on the product, the brand, some promos you can enjoy while shopping with this brand. These traveling bags are very comfortable and convenient while going on a vacation. Verified customers of this brand did not waste time before showering this brand with praises and positive remarks.

In this review, I made use of the official website of Monos because they are all verified customers. The brand enjoys a very wide customer base at the moment which is why they have rich customer feedback and experience. There is a 4.8-star rating of which all are positive reviews given because of this brand. One good thing with this brand is that they also displayed the few negative reviews they had on their website which shows transparency and truth.

When I wanted to buy my suitcase, I thought I was making a mistake, it is very beautiful and spacious. It also has a special lock system which is good for privacy and security.

Where to Buy Monos Luggage

You can buy your luggage only at their website

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Is Monos Luggage Worth It?

Yes, the brand is worth it. If you have been thinking of traveling without any form of hassle, then you might as well be looking at the Monos for your traveling purpose. You have the chance to select great designs, quality materials, and travel in grand style. The brand also has excellent customer reviews, where over 90% of their customer's feedback are positive responses which is good for the validation of the brand. Even before buying their product, you will have an idea of the kind of experience you will have after making a purchase.

While buying from this brand, you stand a chance to enjoy free shipping within the US and Canada. Their return policy is fantastic, you can make a return within 100 days, this is more than 3 months. Most of the products are vegan that are fashionable but very functional. I will recommend this brand because it is legit based on the feedback from customers.

Monos Discounts

You can enjoy the following discounts while shopping with Monos

Monos Contact

If you have questions concerning this brand that is beyond the scope of this review, then you can contact them through the following


Q. What is the return policy of Monos luggage?

This brand has great confidence in what they are producing, this is why they offer a 100-day return policy. If for any reason you want to return the luggage, you can do so within 100 days after purchase. However, they have their returns requirement just like other companies.

Some of them are the person who made an order for the luggage to contact the brand for returns, it should show no sign that it has been used, it should be unused, keep how the luggage is packaged, email the customer support team for return, and you will have to pay for the return shipping.

Q. What is the shipping policy of Monos luggage?

When you order from the US and Canada, you enjoy free shipping. However, international customers will be given the cost of their shipping at the checkout point. You should keep in mind that making an order for items above $800 might require extra charges for international shipping based on your country's customs policy. US orders take around 14 days to arrive, the same thing with international shipping too. You will be sent tracking information to be able to monitor your shipment.

Q. Where is Monos luggage located?

The brand is a Canadian brand that has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, these products are manufactured in China to achieve high-quality output.


The brand aims to create simple, beautiful, and high-performance luggage that will suit a different kind of traveling need. Traveling in style and comfort is one of the core benefits of using this brand. They create a product that is durable, fashionable yet functional, and of premium quality. This review will help you make your decision.

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